Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thousand Foot Krutch - Set It Off Review

Thousand Foot Krutch released their first studio album "Set It Off" on March 27th, 2001. They re-released the album in 2004 with more songs from their independent album, this review is of the re-release.

The album starts off with the anthem sounding rock song "Everyone Like Me". Towards the end of the song Trevor explains that "This song is for anyone who ever took a chance, Who started at the bottom, to get to the top, And no matter what you face in this life, You gotta know what your up against in order to fight back". Then an intro builds your anticipation for the next song "Puppet". Puppet is a classic Thousand Foot Krutch song filled with electrifying guitars and a great beat! This song definitely has a lot more rap then most TFK songs, but I like the rap!

Speaking of rap, the next song "Supafly" is a total rap song, so much so that the song ends with Trevor saying "What!?!" typical to a lot of rappers. This song has so many different sounds, like rap, hard rock and even more of pop sound, really it sounds like there are three different singers. I really like the next song "When In Doubt". This song is a bit lighter and it sounds like something you would hear from Trevor and Steve's side project Fm Static. Bringing back the rock / rap sound, the next song is "Rhime Animal". This song has a funky and fun groove, a lot of the funkiness comes from the guitar.

The next song "Unbelievable" is one of my favorites because it has a lot of energy and the chorus is fun to sing along with. Fun fact for you, this song was used in the movie "Just Wright" starring Queen Latifah. The next song on the album is "Up Comes Down". This has a lot of the same rap / rock sounds as the previous songs, but there are also some parts that I don't like, they just don't seem to fit.
Bringing back the pop / rock sound comes the next song "Come Along". I love the chorus of this song, although with the vocals of the chorus it kind of sounds like Trevor is trying too hard.Slowing things down, the song "Small Town" comes next. The lyrics of this song talk about a girl who lives in a small town and feels invaluable. She later finds her true value through God.

Next is the self titled song "Set It Off". This song has a good and somewhat simple rap sound, with some hints of the rock influence. The lyrics however, are lacking in my opinion. I actually really love the next song "All The Way Live". This song also has some of the funky guitars, that I like. This song has a good message that is saying even if you have all the money in the world, you will still be wondering what else is there. The music slows down with the next song "Lift It". This song is a really good worship song, although it is quite repetitive. The next five songs are bonus songs from Thousand Foot Krutch's 1998 independent release "That's What People Do". These songs are pretty good, although you can tell they were recorded independently. The last song "The Alternate Song" is kind of funny and weird because it is a song about songs, you will have to hear it to understand.

To sum this album up it one word it would be funny. This album has so many different sounds and styles it is just funny. I really enjoyed the diversity of this album, some songs I really liked, and some were just okay. Musically this album was good, but lyrically it wasn't great. Most of the songs seem to talk about how TFK is gonna bring the rock, and it is gonna be a ton of fun. Although it may be true that TFK is gonna bring the rock, that isn't really what I want to hear about in every song. There were a couple songs that had more of a message, but over all it wasn't spectacular. One thing I am certain of though.....Thousand Foot Krutch has gotten a lot better over the years. I would give this album 3.5 stars.
  1. Everyone Like Me
  2. Intro
  3. Puppet
  4. Supafly
  5. When In Doubt
  6. Rhime Animal
  7. Unbelievable
  8. Up Comes Down
  9. Come Along
  10. Small Town
  11. Set It Off
  12. All The Way Live
  13. Lift It
  14. Brother John
  15. Breather
  16. Sweet Unknown
  17. Moment Of The Day
  18. The Alternative Song

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