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Thousand Foot Krutch - The Flame In All Of Us Review

Thousand Foot Krutch released their fourth studio album on September 18th, 2007. This album introduced TFK's signature flame logo found on the covers of their 2 newer albums.

The album starts off with the self titled track "The Flame In All Of Us". This song starts off with some sick guitar, which happens to be my favorite part! The chorus of the song is a little slow, but still very much a rock song. The next song "Falls Apart" is one of my favorites on the album, because of the timing and the killer drums. The best part of the song though, is towards the end when it is just guitar and almost like whispering, then some drums kick in and it just builds and then explodes! I love it! "Falls Apart" also has some good lyrics, for example: "It falls apart / Everything around me falls apart / When I walk away from you".

The next song "New Drug" continues with the high energy rock sound. What I got from "New Drug" was that we want God so much more than anything else, because the chorus says "I, I want it / I, I need it / I, I breathe it / You are the new drug / I, I want you / I, I need you / I, I believe it / You are the new drug". Things slow down for another one of my favorites "What Do We Know". This song isn't one of the most energetic songs on the album, and it doesn't have the same kind of rock feel as the previous songs and that's why I love it! This song mixes it up a little and the vocals are really, really good! Also at the end of the song a group of kids join in with Trevor singing the chorus, and it sounds incredible!

The next song "Favorite Disease" starts off slow, and slowly builds up to the chorus. The first time I heard this song was when I seen the music video, so now every time I hear the song I picture the video. This song has some deep lyrics as well. The music stays more mellow for the next song "My Home". I don't know who this song was written for, but the song basically says I'm not home until I'm with you. It is a very sweet song.

The hard rock picks back up with the next song "My Own Enemy". This song has a solid beat that I love! The guitars and vocals are great as well! As a whole this song is just awesome! I really wish TFK would play this song in concert! The next song "Learn To Breathe" starts of slow and sounds a lot like some of the earlier TFK stuff. The chorus picks things up a bit, but my favorite as at the end! That is one thing that I love about TFK, most of the time my favorite part is at the end of the song, so I have to keep listening to hear it. I tend to be music A.D.D. and I change songs part way through all the time, but it is more rare when listening to TFK.

The next song "Inhuman" starts off strong and just sucks you in with its infectious beats and wicked guitars! This song is one of the toughest songs on the album, in my opinion. I love the part of the song where it says "Let's turn it up! / Rip it down! / And burn it up!". The next song on the album is "Broken Wing". Starting off the vocals are a little odd and I'm not sure I like it. After a little bit though it gets better.

The next two songs "The Safest Place" and "Wish You Well" are my favorite songs on the album and they are totally different! "The Safest Place" has a hard rock sound that sounds more like current TFK songs. Once again though the best part of the song is at the end when Trevor starts off whispering and builds up until he is screaming! "Wish You Well" however is the opposite, with a light worshipful that really lets the vocals shine. Spoiler Alert: listen all the way to the end of this song because the song is technically almost 8 minutes long and you might hear something extra if you listen.

I must say Thousand Foot Krutch has got this music making down, with killer guitars, infectious beats and wicked (in a good way) vocals. Normally with a band or at least with a song I will have a favorite instrument normally vocals or drums but this album is pretty straight forward. If you can't tell already I am a fan of TFK! "The Flame In All Of Us" has a variety of music with the high energy rock songs, some other rock song that are more middle of the road as far as energy and then also some slower with more pop / worship sounds. With no hesitation I give this album a 5 stars, for me this album is a must have!
  1. The Flame in All of Us
  2. Falls Apart
  3. New Drug
  4. What Do We Know?
  5. Favorite Disease
  6. My Home
  7. My Own Enemy
  8. Learn to Breathe
  9. Inhuman
  10. Broken Wing
  11. The Safest Place
  12. Wish You Well
Here is a quick fact for you! I first heard Thousand Foot Krutch on a music video TV show, where I seen their video for the song "Favorite Disease". After hearing it I went out and got "The Flame In All Of Us" album. So the first TFK album I owned was "The Flame In All Of Us".

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