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Manafest - Fighter Review

With the success of Manafest's previous album The Chase, I have wondered what will he do next? Well I present to you Manafest's fifth label studio release "Fighter". The album is set to release on Tuesday, April 10th. How does this album compare to Manafest's previous album The Chase? Read my review below to find out!

The album starts with the rock influenced rap song "Come Alive". This song takes a powerful stand telling listeners to give it your everything and unleash the hero within you. The title track "Fighter" continues with the theme of not giving up, with the chorus saying "I'm not afraid of death / You ain't seen nothing yet!". Listening to this song you can just hear the confidence in the vocals, which just adds to the power of the lyrics.

The next song "Heart Attack" has a sound that is similar to the song "Avalanche" from Manafest's previous album The Chase, although personally I liked "Avalanche" better. Things slow down with the next song "Human". This song is one of my favorites on the album because it is admitting that none of us are perfect and we are all human. I also really enjoyed the vocals on this song, with more singing and less rapping it was a a good way.

Continuing the slower sound the next song "Never Let You Go" is what I have been waiting for from Manafest! Although this song isn't an insanely awesome rap song, the lyrics of this song are awesome though! I really liked Manafest's previous album The Chase, my only complaint was that I would have appreciated more worship influenced songs. This song nails it for me! The next song "Not Alone" picks the rock / rap sound back up, and gets you tapping your feet along with the beat. Also the lyrics of this song are very encouraging and hopeful.

Starting off I knew I would love the next song "Prison Break". This song leans a lot more to the rock sound with thunderous guitar riffs and a solid beat throughout the entire song! I absolutely love "Prison Break" and I think you will too! Coming up next "Pushover" is yet another one of my favorite songs on the album. This song is full great beats and the energy that this song has is infectious. I would love to see Manafest perform this song in concert! Plus the message is good as well, talking about standing up for what you believe and letting people know that your not a pushover.

The next song "Throw It Away" is probably my favorite song on the album! I was thinking that my favorite song would be "Prison Break", that is until I heard "Throw It Away". This has a lot of energy and more of a hip hop sound with electronic effects that I absolutely love!!! The next song on the album is "Will You Catch Me". This song has a typical Manafest rock / rap sound which I enjoy. The lyrics of the song talk about a kid who got into some trouble when he was younger and he is asking God "will you catch me if  fall down?". The last song is a bonus acoustic mix of the song "Never Let You Go". I actually like this remix better than the original version, so I am glad it was included in the album.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this album! It had a lot of great rap / rock songs and also some more mellow songs with just singing. To me though, the lyrics were the best! The entire album seemed to have a common theme which was hopeful but also challenging listeners to stand up for what they believe, and not give up. To compare "Fighter" to Manafest's previous album "The Chase" is somewhat difficult. Both albums have good music, some songs on The Chase were really good and hard to beat. Lyrically though I would say that Fighter is better. Either way fans of Manafest will enjoy this album! I would give "Fighter"  4.5 stars.

  1. Come Alive
  2. Fighter
  3. Heart Attack
  4. Human
  5. Never Let You Go
  6. Not Alone
  7. Prison Break
  8. Pushover
  9. Throw It Away
  10. Will You Catch Me
  11. Never Let You Go (Joel Bruyere Acoustic Mix)

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