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Hawk Nelson Confirms New Lead Singer Plus They Are Working On New Music

Well it has been officially announced, Jonathan Steingard will be stepping up as the new lead singer of Hawk Nelson. Below is the official press release.

Media Contact:
Lori Mahon |@lorimahon



Nashville, Tenn – April 26, 2012 –Hawk Nelson enters a different chapter in the band’s history as they announce their new lead singer Jon Steingard. No stranger to their fans, Steingard has been the guitarist for the past eight years. Hawk Nelson will continue with members Daniel Biro (bass), Justin Benner (drums) and Steingard (guitar, vocals).

"I am blessed to announce that Hawk Nelson will be fronted by none other than the talented Mr. Jonathan A. Steingard,” states co-founder and bassist Daniel Biro. “The chemistry we share as a band cannot be fabricated. In other words, we know we have something special here. We're very excited to be working on a bunch of new songs for everybody. It's a new day, and we want to make the most of it."

“Moving forward, I couldn't be more excited to step into the role of lead singer,” shares Steingard on his new role.

Hawk Nelson is currently working on writing new music and preparing to introduce the new line-up to their fans. The upcoming music will showcase a fresh direction combined with the signature Hawk Nelson sound their fans love.

“We are knee-deep in writing a new record at the moment, and these are some of the most inspiring songs we've ever worked on,” says Steingard.  “As a band, we've had our fair share of highs and lows, and through it all we've become a family. A further blessing has been the incredible amount of support we've received, particularly over the past few months of growing pains, from family, friends, other bands, industry folks, and especially the wonderful hawk-listeners that have stuck with us on our journey. The future is bright.”

Former frontman Jason Dunn announced his departure from Hawk Nelson earlier this year to pursue his solo project, Lights Go Down (  Hawk Nelson wishes him the best of luck in his new venture.

The Rend Collective Experiment - Homemade Worship By Handmade People Review

Honestly I never thought I would like a band like The Rend Collective Experiment, because it's not the kind of music I am normally into. At least I thought I wasn't into this kind of music, that is until I seen The Rend Collective Experiment in concert. Honestly they are one of the best bands I have seen live and not because of all the lights and pyrotechnics, but because of their energy and their accent is pretty sweet! Below is my review for their sophomore album "Homemade Worship By Handmade People".

The album starts off with the energetic and catchy song "Praise Like Fireworks". To accurately describe this music would be hard because there are SO many different sounds and instruments, yet its not overwhelming...some how it works. With "Praise Like Fireworks" being the first song on the album, it introduces listeners to the amazing Irish vocals you will hear throughout the album. I am a huge fan of accents, so I really appreciate the singing on this entire album!

Moving on...The next song on the album is "You Are My Vision". This song is also upbeat, but yet very much a worship song with the lyrics saying "I don't want riches or man's empty praise / You're my inheritance now and always / You and only You, the first in my heart". The next song "The Cost" is probably my favorite song on the album, mostly because of the infectious beat. This song is an absolute blast in concert! It is easy to sing and clap along with and it has a lot of energy.

The next song on the album is "Second Chance". This song has a good sound, maybe not quite as much energy as the previous songs, but the lyrics are great. The chorus of "Second Chance" says " Oh Your cross it changes everything / There my world begins again with You / Oh Your cross it's where my hope restarts / A second chance is Heaven's heart". Coming next is the first song with lead Female vocals,"True Intimacy". Listening to some beautiful female vocals helps to mix up the album, which I like.

Bringing back the Irish accent and male vocals is another one of my favorite songs "Build Your Kingdom Here". Warning: This song can easily make you want to move, with its Irish jig sound, this song is packed full of energy. The next song "Desert Soul" is a little slower but doesn't lack in power. Although there aren't a bunch of lyrics in this song, the ones that are in it are very powerful. My favorite line is "I'm desperate, for a desperate heart".The next song on the album is "Christ Has Set Me Free". This song starts off simple with just an acoustic guitar, then it picks back up all the other instruments including the drums! :)

Continuing with the easy going sound is the next song "Keep Me Near". This song is a beautiful and long, worship song. The next song on the album is "Alabaster". This song is also more of a slow song, but one thing I like about The Rend Collective Experiment, is whether the song has a fast pace or a slow pace they are all very powerful. Finishing out the album is the song "Shining Star". This song has an interesting sound with all of the strings starting it off and the different instruments throughout the entire song. This a grand way to end the album!

This album is probably the most unique album I have ever reviewed....with all the different sounds and vocals, but somehow it all works into something beautiful. I would describe this album as a beautiful mess, it is not the most polished album, but it is very honest and real. I would give this album 5 stars.
  1. Praise Like Fireworks
  2. You Are My Vision
  3. The Cost
  4. Second Chance
  5. True Intimacy
  6. Build Your Kingdom Here
  7. Desert Soul
  8. Christ Has Set Me Free
  9. Keep Me Near
  10. Alabaster
  11. Shining Star

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jeremy Horn - Sound Of The Broken Giveaway

I just reviewed the album "Sound Of The Broken" by one of Ardent Records' newer members Jeremy Horn. You can read my review here. Now I have the pleasure of giving away a copy of his album!

To Enter: All you have to do to enter, is send me an email at with your full name and address (that way I can get the CD mailed right out to you if you win).

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For each of the extra entries you do, you will get 1 extra entry. If you do any extra entries please include how many in your email. These extra entries are on the honor system, so don't say you did something that you didn't. :)

This giveaway ends two weeks from now at 8pm EST on Tuesday May 8th. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email, then the CD will be sent out. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States and Canada, sorry. If you have any questions you can leave a comment below or send me an email at

*Giveaway has ended*

Jeremy Horn - Sound Of The Broken Review

New to Ardent Records, Jeremy Horn just recently released his debut album "Sound Of The Broken" on March 6th.

The album starts with the title track "Sound Of The Broken". This song introduces listeners to the rock sound and vocals that Jeremy Horn has to offer. With the catchy lyrics and upbeat music, this is great way to start off the album. When I hear the next song "Now Is The Time" I can't help but think that this song would probably be really good live. This song seems to have a lot of energy that would be great at a concert.

The next song "Only God Who Saves" is a little slower than the previous songs, but it still has an upbeat sound....if that makes sense! The vocals on the entire album are unique and really good, but with this song especially I love the vocals. The next song on the album is "Sons And Daughters". Although pretty much all of the lyrics have a good message, the lyrics of this song in particular really shine. The chorus of the song says "You are a Father to the orphan / You are Sustainer to the poor / Lord You give good gifts to Your children / All because You are good my Lord / You are good".

I really like the next song "Surrender" it might even be my favorite song on the album. I just love the feel this song has, the vocals seem to be better on this song than on any other and the lyrics are also very good. The next song on the album is "Emptied". This song is definitely a great worship song, which talks about how we have nothing to give God except ourselves. Continuing with the powerful worship is the song "Where You Are". This song is enjoyable to listen to and not too complicated, as the chorus simply says "Take me where You are / Where You are Lord / Where You are".

Bringing back more of a rock sound is the next song "Faithful". This song is a good reminder that God is faithful and to not give up hope. The next song on the album is "Father Of Lights". This song has an upbeat and fun sound, but it is more than that, it also has an encouraging message. Finishing out the album is the song "This Reflection". The lyrics of this song are also really good, but musically I didn't care for this song as much. I am not sure just isn't what I was hoping for.

For the most part "Sound Of The Broken" was all around a good album. There were some parts that were a little rough, and a few of the songs blurred together, but I still enjoyed the album. Jeremy's unique vocals were a treat to listen to and lyrically this album was encouraging. I think Jeremy is someone to keep your eyes on because I think he could go far. I would probably give this album 4 stars.
  1. Sound Of The Broken
  2. Now Is The Time
  3. Only God Who Saves
  4. Sons And Daughters
  5. Surrender
  6. Emptied
  7. Where You Are
  8. Faithful
  9. Father Of Lights
  10. This Reflection

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ashes Remain - Unbroken Music Video

I recently got a recommendation of a band I should check out, the band was Ashes Remain. I have heard of Ashes Remain, but I had never heard their music, so I thought I would check them out! After doing so I realized I already knew a couple of their songs, and I really liked them. I wanted to share one of the songs with you guys, in case you have never heard Ashes Remain's music. This video is for the song "Unbroken".

Didn't you love that! The vocals are awesome and the drums are killer! I might have to get a CD by these guys! If anyone else has suggestions of bands I should check out, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at

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Thousand Foot Krutch Week Comes To An End

First off I would like to say thank you to everyone who entered the giveaways, read the reviews and put up with all things Thousand Foot Krutch. It was a blast getting to review some of my favorite albums and talk about one of my favorite bands all week! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!

The giveaway for "The End Is Where We Begin" ended a few minutes ago and I just emailed the winner! Congratulations Melanie! Out of the dozens and dozens of entries, you won! To everyone else who entered, thank you for entering and I am sorry that you didn't win, maybe next time! Which speaking of next time....there is still another TFK giveaway going on! The giveaway for the "Deja Vu" 3-CD pack doesn't end until Friday at 8PM EST. So make sure you enter that one, here. Although Thousand Foot Krutch week is done....*sniff....sniff*.....there are still a lot more giveaways and interviews to come, so keep an eye out and have a great night!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Thousand Foot Krutch - The End Is Where We Begin Review

Now the moment you have all been waiting for....okay maybe not all of you....but some of you! Thousand Foot Krutch releases their brand new album "The End Is Where We Begin" tomorrow! Below is my review of the album.

The album starts off with "The Introduction" which is quite theatrical with suspenseful music and an electronic sounding voice, which tells listeners that they have activated the album, deactivation is not an option. In a way this intro serves as a mission briefing for listeners. Starting off with a bang, or more like TFK's signature guitar riffs is the song "We Are". This song has a n awesome sound with aggressive vocals and guitars. The drums are also great with some cowbell thrown in to top it off. The lyrics however can be taken a couple different ways, with the pre-chorus of the song saying "But I can’t just sit here and watch it / If we don’t stop it, no one will".

The next song "Light Up The Sky" has an older TFK vibe, with more of a rap sound that is similar to something you would hear on "Set It Off" or "Phenomenon". I like how this song is kind of kickin' it old school with the rap, but yet it is still very much rock. The title track "The End Is Where We Begin" is the next song. Musically this song is good, maybe a little more mellow than the previous songs. Listening to the lyrics of this song I seem to get something different out of it each time, which I actually happen to love. Next is one of my favorite songs on the album "Let The Sparks Fly". Starting off with some wicked sounding laughs, this song turns into an adrenaline rock anthem. "Let The Sparks Fly" is kind of like the song "Fire It Up" from the previous album, but even better in my opinion.
The next song "I Get Wicked" may cause some controversy because normally people think of wicked as something bad or evil, but lead singer Trevor explains that for him saying something is wicked, is like saying something is awesome. This song simply talks about just because someone is a Christian, that doesn't mean that they are a wimp or that you can push them around. The sound of this song reminds me of Rawkfist in a lot of ways, and I would definitely describe this song as having a wicked sound. The transition between "I Get Wicked" and the next song "Be Somebody" is a little odd, because you go from a high energy rock sound to a slower worship song. Although the transition may be rough it is worth it because "Be Somebody" is a very honest and vulnerable song, and you don't hear a lot of those from TFK.

Next there is a song intro called "This Is A Warning (Intro)" which has a similar sound to the album intro, with some of the same theatrical strings. Then comes the next song "Courtesy Call" which is a rock based, call to action. This song has a great sound with all the different elements that the song has. I would say of the songs on this album, I am most excited to hear this song live! The next song on the album is "War Of Change". This song has a great beat with what sounds like clapping during different parts of the song. "War Of Change" is yet another one of my favorites, because of the lyrics and sound and well pretty much everything! The next song "DOWN" has more of a rock/rap sound similar to previous albums. This song is about not letting people put you down, even the pre-chorus says "People used to tell me that I’m on my own / They said I’d never make a difference on this Microphone / ‘Cause there’s a million other people who could / Sing this song / I said well thanks, for the push / ‘cause you all were wrong".

Things slow down with the next song "All I Need To Know". This song has more of a FM Static sound that is lighter and nice. I really enjoyed the sound of this song and it is a nice change to slow things down a little. I would also love to see this song live, although I doubt TFK will play it at a show because it is slower. Starting with strings and not as much of rock sound is the next song "Fly On The Wall". This song is different then all the other songs musically, but lyrically it similar to the other with the deep lyrics. "Fly On The Wall" also has a catchy chorus, which easily gets stuck in your head.
The last full song on the album is "So Far Gone". This song is beautiful, that is the best word to describe it. The music is soft and acoustic similar to "Wish You Well" or "Already Home". The lyrics are also beautiful with the message they share with listeners, about wanting to be lost in God. Then there is a small outroduction similar to the introduction at the beginning of the album. The outroduction states "This is the mainframe.... / From here, survival is up to you... / Choose your decisions wisely... / Change starts with us... / Remember, if you don’t stand for something / You might fall for anything... / Because, the end is where we begin". I think that "So Far Gone" and "Outroduction" leave things in the right perspective as the album ends.

I thought that "The End Is Where We Begin" was a well thought out album with a strong message. The album calls listeners to stand up and fight for what they believe. Filled with insane guitars, aggressive vocals and killers beats, this album is a must have for all TFK fans. I would say that this is TFK's best work yet! I would easily give this album 5 stars or more!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thousand Foot Krutch - Bring Me To Life (Live)

Since I reviewed the Live At The Masquerade CD/DVD today I thought I would share a couple videos from it. So below is one of the best songs to see live, "Bring Me To Life" by Thousand Foot Krutch. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this song live!

Steve Augustine Of Thousand Foot Krutch Interview

I am REALLY excited about this interview. I had the incredible honor to interview the drummer of Thousand Foot Krutch and FM Static, Steve Augustine. Although I didn't get to interview Steve in person, this interview is my favorite so far, because Steve happens to be my favorite drummer!!

My questions are in white and Steve's answers are in orange.

 Who has been the biggest influence in your life, and why?

My Mom has definitely been the biggest influence in my life... she encouraged me to work hard, love life, and treat people with respect. She's an incredible women.

What is one of the strangest things that has happened while on tour?

We once had a bus drive back the bus awkwardly into a basketball net... the net actually went right through the back window of the bus, and was set up perfectly in the back lounge! haha... we shot hoops in the back lounge of our bus that day. haha.

Will you give us a couple of examples of how God has shown up in your life, when times were dark or you were discouraged?

God has always been a constant sounding board for me through life.. I've felt His hand in so many areas. I talk to him every day like he's a regular guy... He gives me peace in decision making, and guides my steps every day.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be a musician?

Practice everyday! And take EVERY opportunity that comes along to further your abilities.

 If you had one day where you could do anything, anywhere, what would you do?

If it was really down to one day, I think I'd have to say outer space .... I've always been curious of what it would be like to see the galaxy from there!

 So you are working on recording a new TFK record, tilted "The End Is Where We Begin". What can we expect on this new record?

The new record is now complete... we are so excited about it! It's the best mix of all the different styles of music that have been TFK to date... we've got everything on this one! The songs are strongest yet, the performances, and the overall sound too... We are so amped to get it out to you guys to hear!

Do you have any advice for the readers on how to keep things in perspective, and keep God your main focus?

Keeping things in perspective is easy! Just have to remember we are ALL here with a purpose ordained by God... none of us have a calling that is more valuable than the next... if God calls you to be president, then do it humbly... if God calls you to be a janitor do it with joy. 

We all have a part in God's plan to reach the lost. The sooner we accept it and make the most of it the sooner we will have a greater impact on this world. 

Who have you always wanted to perform for?

I'd love to play on the late night shows.. it's a personal goal! We're being pitched for Jimmy Fallon and Conan on this record already! Stoked!

 What is your favorite Bible verse and why?

Over the years I have had different verses that pop out at me at different times for sure, and challenge me to change and grow closer to God. I don't have a favorite right now, but I do have a favorite book... I love the book of John.. I love reading Johns account of Jesus life and the journey they all had together.

 Random Bonus Question 

When you were little did you have something that you took with you everywhere? (like a blanket, bear, toy, etc.)

I really didn't! haha. But I spent ALL my spare time playing hockey from ages 6-18!

 Anything else you want to add?

Thousand Foot Krutch - Live At The Masquerade Review

Thousand Foot Krutch released their very first live CD/DVD "Live At The Masquerade" on June 7th, 2011. Below is my review.

This review is mostly of the DVD because the CD is the same thing just without picture. The video starts off playing the Welcome To The Masquerade intro, while showing the band getting ready to head on stage. As most of the band enters the crowd starts cheering and then Trevor (singer) comes out waving the Thousand Foot Krutch flag. Then they start playing "Welcome To The Masquerade", which is expected, but it still doesn't disappoint.

Next comes one of my favorite live songs "Bring Me To Life". This song is awesome live, with all the energy and lights. However the best part is towards the end when Trevor says "I want you to think of every obstacle you've ever faced in this life, and when I point this mic at you, I want you to yell SHUT IT!!!". Then as explained Trevor points the mic at the crowd and they scream SHUT IT!!! They do this a few times and then the song picks back up.

Then comes the songs "Move" and "Absolute". Both of these songs are high energy, getting the crowd jumping up and down. Then comes the song "The Flame In All Of Us", which sounds a lot better live in my opinion. Then there is a bit of talking where Trevor tells the audience that there are history makers in the room, and it not just people in other countries or other cities. Then comes the songs "E For Extinction" and "Scream".

When the next song "What Do We Know" starts the camera searches the audience and then you see Trevor walking through the audience waving the Thousand Foot Krutch flag. When I have seen TFK in concert they haven't played this song which is a bummer considering it is one of my favorites! Then comes three of the best songs to hear live, "Falls Apart", "Rawkfist" and "Fire It Up". If I could only see TFK play 3 songs live it would be these! The songs are a blast in concert and are awesome just to watch on DVD.

Then there is a long pause as the audience thinks that the band is finished because they all exited the stage, but surprise! They come back with "Already Home" which is a little slower, and the room is dark except for people holding up their phones, which actually looks really cool! Then to finish out the DVD, TFK plays their classic song "Puppet".

All in all I love this live DVD, it is packed full of awesome songs and an incredible performance. My only complaint is that I wish the other band members would interact with the audience more. It seems like Trevor is the only one moving around connecting with the audience, and in some ways it looks like he is stealing the show. I understand that it is the lead singers job to be the front man of the band, I just wish there were a little more back up. Anyway I highly recommend "Live At The Masquerade" to any TFK fan!

1. Welcome To The Masquerade
2. Bring Me To Life
3. Move 
4. Absolute 
5. The Flame In All Of Us
6. Trevor Talks To Crowd 
7. E For Extinction 
8. Scream
9. What Do We Know
10. Falls Apart
11. Rawkfist
12. Fire It Up
13. Already Home
14. Puppet

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thousand Foot Krutch Interview On TVU

Here is another Thousand Foot Krutch interview for you guys! This one is by Jared from TVU, which if you haven't seen TVU you need to check it out! They have awesome interviews and music videos.

Thousand Foot Krutch - Welcome To The Masquerade Review

Released on September 8th 2009, "Welcome To The Masquerade" is Thousand Foot Krutch's fifth studio album. Although "Welcome To The Masquerade" can no longer be called Thousand Foot Krutch's newest album, it is still one of my favorites.

The album starts with the album starts off with "The Introduction" which adds more of a theatrical edge, building your suspense for the rest of the album. When the the title track "Welcome To The Masquerade" starts you can that the song is going to be great. With killer guitars and a strong beat, this song is a great way to start the album. The next song "Fire It Up" kicks the album up a couple notches with the aggressive vocals and TFK's signature guitar riffs, this song is a highlight of the album. This song is also incredible live!

Keeping the momentum going the next song "Bring Me To Life" happens to be one of my favorites. Although this song doesn't have as much of the aggressive vocals it does include some hard rock screams towards the end, which actually happens to be my favorite part of the song! Starting off slower and then exploding into the chorus, the next song "E For Extinction" adds a bit of mystery to the album. The lyrics don't have a definitive meaning and they can be perceived many different ways, as the chorus says "When we move / We camouflage ourselves / We stand in the shadows waiting / We live for this and nothing more / We are what You created".

The next song "Watching Over Me" slows the album down a bit, with more of a worshipful sound. The lyrics of this song say "I know your out there, and I know you care / I feel you like an angel, watching over me". This song has a nice sound but it isn't my favorite on the album. The next song "The Part That Hurts The Most" is a little bit slower and has more of a pop/rock sound. Towards the end of the song it goes back to hard rock for a little bit with edgier guitars and screaming vocals. The highlight of this song for is the drums, there are some really cool beats in this song if you listen for them.

The message of the next song "Scream" is pretty straight forward, the lyrics talk about being pushed to the edge or being at the end of your rope and instead of giving up or losing hope, just SCREAM! This song really is a good song when you are having a bad day because it is very therapeutic if you yell SCREAM along with the song! The next song "Look Away" is possibly my favorite song on the album. Although slow, this song is incredibly encouraging and the vocals are beautiful. I have gotten so many different things out of this song, so it is hard for me to say that it is about just one thing.

Continuing the encouraging lyric theme, the next song is "Forward Motion". This song still has more of a pop/rock sound, which isn't bad there is just a big block of songs similar in sound to this. The chorus of this is the best part saying "I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life... But / Let's keep it moving in a forward motion / If we can hold on, we can cross this ocean / There's no sense in lettin' our emotions / Get in the way, until the door keeps closin". Getting back more of the hard rock sound the next song is "Outta Control". This song has the pounding drums and tough sounding guitars that I have come to love. This song also has some great lyrics that you can get different messages from.

The next song "Smack Down" is probably the most underestimated song on the album, in my opinion. I love this song so much, but I haven't heard many other people even talk about. I don't know if they haven't listened all the way through the album to find this song or what! This song has a strong anthem sound with an absolutely amazing beat! I really wish that TFK would play this song live, because it would be EPIC!!! Seriously if you haven't heard this song you need to check it out! The next song "Already Home" slows things down with some violins and piano. This song is one of the deepest songs on the album. Although I really like the sound of this song, I kind of wish that "Smack Down" would have been the last song and "Already Home" could be the second to the last. The message of this song is a good way to end the album though.
Welcome To The Masquerade is incredible and one of my all time favorite albums. The music is very diverse which I love, it is sometimes the edgy rock sound that gets you pumped up and other time the beautiful and more mellow pop kind of sound. Lyrically this album is very encouraging and thought provoking. I would happily give this album 5 stars!
  1. The Introduction
  2. Welcome To The Masquerade
  3. Fire It Up
  4. Bring Me To Life
  5. E For Extinction
  6. Watching Over Me
  7. The Part That Hurts The Most (Is Me)
  8. Scream
  9. Look Away
  10. Forward Motion
  11. Smack Down
  12. Already Home

Friday, April 13, 2012

TV One Life Interview's Thousand Foot Krutch

I love interviews! So I wanted to share with you one of my favorite Thousand Foot Krutch interviews. Obviously this isn't my interview, but if you like it make sure you check out TV One Life's website for even more cool stuff!

Thousand Foot Krutch - Falls Apart

Below is the music video for the song "Falls Apart" by Thousand Foot Krutch. This video is very creative and interesting, if you haven't seen it. This song is from their album "The Flame In All Of Us".

Thousand Foot Krutch - Favorite Disease Music Video

Below is the music video for Thousand Foot Krutch's song "Favorite Disease". This song is from their album "The Flame In All Of Us". This is one of my all time favorite music videos, so I hope you like it!

Thousand Foot Krutch - The Flame In All Of Us Review

Thousand Foot Krutch released their fourth studio album on September 18th, 2007. This album introduced TFK's signature flame logo found on the covers of their 2 newer albums.

The album starts off with the self titled track "The Flame In All Of Us". This song starts off with some sick guitar, which happens to be my favorite part! The chorus of the song is a little slow, but still very much a rock song. The next song "Falls Apart" is one of my favorites on the album, because of the timing and the killer drums. The best part of the song though, is towards the end when it is just guitar and almost like whispering, then some drums kick in and it just builds and then explodes! I love it! "Falls Apart" also has some good lyrics, for example: "It falls apart / Everything around me falls apart / When I walk away from you".

The next song "New Drug" continues with the high energy rock sound. What I got from "New Drug" was that we want God so much more than anything else, because the chorus says "I, I want it / I, I need it / I, I breathe it / You are the new drug / I, I want you / I, I need you / I, I believe it / You are the new drug". Things slow down for another one of my favorites "What Do We Know". This song isn't one of the most energetic songs on the album, and it doesn't have the same kind of rock feel as the previous songs and that's why I love it! This song mixes it up a little and the vocals are really, really good! Also at the end of the song a group of kids join in with Trevor singing the chorus, and it sounds incredible!

The next song "Favorite Disease" starts off slow, and slowly builds up to the chorus. The first time I heard this song was when I seen the music video, so now every time I hear the song I picture the video. This song has some deep lyrics as well. The music stays more mellow for the next song "My Home". I don't know who this song was written for, but the song basically says I'm not home until I'm with you. It is a very sweet song.

The hard rock picks back up with the next song "My Own Enemy". This song has a solid beat that I love! The guitars and vocals are great as well! As a whole this song is just awesome! I really wish TFK would play this song in concert! The next song "Learn To Breathe" starts of slow and sounds a lot like some of the earlier TFK stuff. The chorus picks things up a bit, but my favorite as at the end! That is one thing that I love about TFK, most of the time my favorite part is at the end of the song, so I have to keep listening to hear it. I tend to be music A.D.D. and I change songs part way through all the time, but it is more rare when listening to TFK.

The next song "Inhuman" starts off strong and just sucks you in with its infectious beats and wicked guitars! This song is one of the toughest songs on the album, in my opinion. I love the part of the song where it says "Let's turn it up! / Rip it down! / And burn it up!". The next song on the album is "Broken Wing". Starting off the vocals are a little odd and I'm not sure I like it. After a little bit though it gets better.

The next two songs "The Safest Place" and "Wish You Well" are my favorite songs on the album and they are totally different! "The Safest Place" has a hard rock sound that sounds more like current TFK songs. Once again though the best part of the song is at the end when Trevor starts off whispering and builds up until he is screaming! "Wish You Well" however is the opposite, with a light worshipful that really lets the vocals shine. Spoiler Alert: listen all the way to the end of this song because the song is technically almost 8 minutes long and you might hear something extra if you listen.

I must say Thousand Foot Krutch has got this music making down, with killer guitars, infectious beats and wicked (in a good way) vocals. Normally with a band or at least with a song I will have a favorite instrument normally vocals or drums but this album is pretty straight forward. If you can't tell already I am a fan of TFK! "The Flame In All Of Us" has a variety of music with the high energy rock songs, some other rock song that are more middle of the road as far as energy and then also some slower with more pop / worship sounds. With no hesitation I give this album a 5 stars, for me this album is a must have!
  1. The Flame in All of Us
  2. Falls Apart
  3. New Drug
  4. What Do We Know?
  5. Favorite Disease
  6. My Home
  7. My Own Enemy
  8. Learn to Breathe
  9. Inhuman
  10. Broken Wing
  11. The Safest Place
  12. Wish You Well
Here is a quick fact for you! I first heard Thousand Foot Krutch on a music video TV show, where I seen their video for the song "Favorite Disease". After hearing it I went out and got "The Flame In All Of Us" album. So the first TFK album I owned was "The Flame In All Of Us".

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thousand Foot Krutch - Deja Vu GIVEAWAY

*Giveaway Ended*

Are you excited? It is time for another Thousand Foot Krutch giveaway!!! This time I am giving away "Deja Vu" the Thousand Foot Krutch anthology. This contains three classic TFK CD's all in one package! With "Deja Vu" you get the CD's "Phenomenon", "The Art Of Breaking" and "The Flame In All Of Us". Entering this giveaway is very similar to the "The End Is Where We Begin" giveaway.

To Enter: All you have to do to enter, is send me an email at with your full name and address (that way I can get the CD mailed right out to you if you win). Please put in the subject of the email Giveaway #2.

Extra Entries: To get some extra entries you can:

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Please include a link to this blog in your posts and tweets. Here is a shortened link you can use:

For each of the extra entries you do, you will get 1 extra entry. If you do any extra entries please include how many in your email. These extra entries are on the honor system, so don't say you did something that you didn't. :)

This giveaway ends at 8pm EST on Firday April 20th. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email, then the CD's will be sent out. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States and Canada, sorry. If you have any questions you can leave a comment below or send me an email at

Thousand Foot Krutch - Move

Below is Thousand Foot Krutch's music video for their song "Move" from their album "The Art Of Breaking". Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the video!

Thousand Foot Krutch - The Art Of Breaking Review

Thousand Foot Krutch released their third studio album "The Art Of Breaking" on July 19th, 2005.

The album starts with the rock anthem "Absolute". This song is a blast in concert, with its infectious beats, powerful guitars and a chorus that is easy to sing along with. This song is a highlight on the album for me. The next song "Slow Bleed" also has some cool guitars, although the drums are the best part! The drums carry the entire song in my opinion. Next is the self titled song "The Art Of Breaking". This songs definitely steps things up and rawks out on guitar! The lyrics of this song seems to talk about a someone trying to help their hurting friend, but their friend doesn't want to open up and let them in. Although this song could easily be taken many different ways.

The next song "Stranger"sounds a little slower, because it doesn't have the same rock anthem sound as the previous songs. "Stranger" does have some sick guitar towards the end though! The song talks about being a stranger to this world. The next song "Hurt" is a little odd sounding, but for some reason I love it! I can't really explain why though, so in a way its indescribable.....or something like that! Now the next song "Hand Grenade" I have a love / hate relationship with (yes you can have a relationship with a song). When I first heard "Hand Grenade" I really didn't like was too weird. Some where along the way though, I fell in love with this song, and it is now one of my favorites!

The next song "Move" is a Thousand Foot Krutch classic. I mean seriously, if you haven't heard this song you are missing out! This song in incredible live with its killer guitars and vocals, plus the lyrics just seem to promote jumping at a concert! The next song "Hit The Floor" starts off slower and then explodes at the chorus. Also this song kind of acts as a part 2 to the previous song "Move" because the first line on this song says "I'm too scared to move". I would say that the next song "Go" is my least favorite song on the album. There isn't a real good reason why I don't like it, the song just doesn't hit the spot for me.

The next song on the album is "Make Me A Believer". This song starts strong with the wicked guitars, and it continues through the entire song. This song sounds similar to the others on the album, but I like this one better than the others! The last song on the album and also the most mellow song is "Breathe You In". Personally I love when TFK throws some slower and more mellow songs into their album, so I really enjoyed this song.

I am a big fan of Thousand Foot Krutch so I really enjoyed this album. I did wish there were more diversity in the songs, but I still liked the songs. Also I am not yet sure if it is good or bad, but the message wasn't always clear through the album, just thought I would throw that out there. I would give this album 4.5 stars.
  1. Absolute
  2. Slow Bleed
  3. The Art of Breaking
  4. Stranger
  5. Hurt
  6. Hand Grenade
  7. Move
  8. Hit the Floor
  9. Go
  10. Make Me a Believer
  11. Breathe You In

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    Thousand Foot Krutch - Heat Miser

    I love Christmas music esspecially Heat Miser and Snow Miser, and what is better than Christmas music? How about Christmas music by Thousand Foot Krutch! Below is "Heat Miser" by Thousand Foot Krutch. I didn't make the video, but it is pretty sweet!

    Thousand Foot Krutch - Rawkfist Music Video

    This is one of my all time favorite songs and therefor one of my favorite videos! Below is the music video for Thousand Foot Krutch's song "Rawkfist". Enjoy!

    Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon Review

    Thousand Foot released their second studio album " Phenomenon" on September 30th, 2003. This album was also the first project released under the record label Tooth and Nail.

    The album starts off with the self titled rock song "Phenomenon". This song starts off slower building your anticipation for the chorus, where it rawks out! This whole album is filled with a lot of awesome beats, but this particular song is exceptionally awesome! The next song on the album is "Step To Me". This song is another rock song with great guitars. Although it is a little odd to me with the kind of creepy sound and lyrics. For example one part of the song says "Haunt Me, If You Want Me".
    The next song "Last Words" happens to be one of my favorites on the album. I am not sure why I like this song so much, I just do! As the name suggests "Last Words" is about the last words or advice you would tell someone you care about.

    Things slow down with the next song "This Is A Call". This is my favorite song on the album because of the lyrics, which are really powerful and talk about calling out to God for help. "This Is A Call" has a nice and somewhat simple sound, more like a worship song. The next song, "Rawkfist" is yet another one of my favorites, because of all of its energy! I also love the mix of rap and rock! This song is a great song to listen to when your working out, because it just gets you pumped up! Also if you go to a Thousand Foot Krutch concert they will most likely play "Rawkfist", and it is probably their most fun song at a concert.

    The momentum continues with the next song "Faith, Love And Happiness". I will let the lyrics do the talking on this one "Every which way I turn I've got the option of a million choices / Every single word I say is judged by a million critics / Every which way you turn you've got the sound of a million voices / Every single move you make is torn by a million cynics / when will we all see the light of day / .... Wish everyone could just see your face / Faith, love and happiness". Things slow down a bit with the next song "I Climb". This song sounds a little odd kind of like the second song "Step To Me", but this is a slower version.

    The next song "Quicken" has more of a rap sound, with some rock during the chorus. Although the sound of this song isn't my favorite I really like the lyrics. My favorite part is towards the end when it says "It's coming to that point / I'm down on my knees / I'm praying you can change my life and change me / I'll follow you there / Got nothing to lose". The next song on the album is "New Design". This song is so random and all over the place, and I kind of love that. There are parts that a rock, rap, pop and even some screaming! "Bounce" is next and it is another energetic rock/rap song. The song has the same kind of sound as "Rawkfist" with more of a rap sound until you hit the chorus and then it turns into a rock anthem.

    The next song on the album is "Ordinary". This song is a little odd, but in a good way. The music is a little slower at the beginning and then the rock kicks in and you are expecting a rock song, then all of a sudden Trevor busts out with some real rapping. It is awesomely weird! Last but not least comes the solid rock song "Break The Silence". This song is good but somewhat normal compared to some of the other songs on this album. The best part of "Break The Silence" in my opinion is the end, I am not saying it like I'm glad its over....I actually like the end! :D

    This album is a unique rock album with some rap and other styles thrown in there. This album seemed to be all over the place, which in a lot of ways I liked because its different and most of the songs sound different. Although maybe to some people the fourth song "This Is A Call" doesn't exactly fit in the album, I thought it added a lot to the album. For the most part I really enjoyed this album, the only negative I have to say is about the lyrics. Although I don't expect every song to have some deep meaning, I would have appreciated just a couple more! I would still give this album 5 stars!
    1. Phenomenon
    2. Step To Me
    3. Last Words
    4. This Is a Call
    5. Rawkfist
    6. Faith, Love and Happiness
    7. I Climb
    8. Quicken
    9. New Design
    10. Bounce
    11. Ordinary
    12. Break the Silence

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    Trevor's Tranquility Room - Funny Video

    I found a video on Hear It First of the band members of Thousand Foot Krutch setting up a tranquility room for Trevor, and I thought it was really funny. The video isn't on Youtube though, so I can't put it on the blog. However if you go here you can watch it! Enjoy!

    Thousand Foot Krutch - Puppet Music Video

    Below is a music video for Thousand Foot Krutch's song "Puppet". I couldn't find a good quaility video that didn't have a logo at the bottom, sorry about that!

    Thousand Foot Krutch - Set It Off Review

    Thousand Foot Krutch released their first studio album "Set It Off" on March 27th, 2001. They re-released the album in 2004 with more songs from their independent album, this review is of the re-release.

    The album starts off with the anthem sounding rock song "Everyone Like Me". Towards the end of the song Trevor explains that "This song is for anyone who ever took a chance, Who started at the bottom, to get to the top, And no matter what you face in this life, You gotta know what your up against in order to fight back". Then an intro builds your anticipation for the next song "Puppet". Puppet is a classic Thousand Foot Krutch song filled with electrifying guitars and a great beat! This song definitely has a lot more rap then most TFK songs, but I like the rap!

    Speaking of rap, the next song "Supafly" is a total rap song, so much so that the song ends with Trevor saying "What!?!" typical to a lot of rappers. This song has so many different sounds, like rap, hard rock and even more of pop sound, really it sounds like there are three different singers. I really like the next song "When In Doubt". This song is a bit lighter and it sounds like something you would hear from Trevor and Steve's side project Fm Static. Bringing back the rock / rap sound, the next song is "Rhime Animal". This song has a funky and fun groove, a lot of the funkiness comes from the guitar.

    The next song "Unbelievable" is one of my favorites because it has a lot of energy and the chorus is fun to sing along with. Fun fact for you, this song was used in the movie "Just Wright" starring Queen Latifah. The next song on the album is "Up Comes Down". This has a lot of the same rap / rock sounds as the previous songs, but there are also some parts that I don't like, they just don't seem to fit.
    Bringing back the pop / rock sound comes the next song "Come Along". I love the chorus of this song, although with the vocals of the chorus it kind of sounds like Trevor is trying too hard.Slowing things down, the song "Small Town" comes next. The lyrics of this song talk about a girl who lives in a small town and feels invaluable. She later finds her true value through God.

    Next is the self titled song "Set It Off". This song has a good and somewhat simple rap sound, with some hints of the rock influence. The lyrics however, are lacking in my opinion. I actually really love the next song "All The Way Live". This song also has some of the funky guitars, that I like. This song has a good message that is saying even if you have all the money in the world, you will still be wondering what else is there. The music slows down with the next song "Lift It". This song is a really good worship song, although it is quite repetitive. The next five songs are bonus songs from Thousand Foot Krutch's 1998 independent release "That's What People Do". These songs are pretty good, although you can tell they were recorded independently. The last song "The Alternate Song" is kind of funny and weird because it is a song about songs, you will have to hear it to understand.

    To sum this album up it one word it would be funny. This album has so many different sounds and styles it is just funny. I really enjoyed the diversity of this album, some songs I really liked, and some were just okay. Musically this album was good, but lyrically it wasn't great. Most of the songs seem to talk about how TFK is gonna bring the rock, and it is gonna be a ton of fun. Although it may be true that TFK is gonna bring the rock, that isn't really what I want to hear about in every song. There were a couple songs that had more of a message, but over all it wasn't spectacular. One thing I am certain of though.....Thousand Foot Krutch has gotten a lot better over the years. I would give this album 3.5 stars.
    1. Everyone Like Me
    2. Intro
    3. Puppet
    4. Supafly
    5. When In Doubt
    6. Rhime Animal
    7. Unbelievable
    8. Up Comes Down
    9. Come Along
    10. Small Town
    11. Set It Off
    12. All The Way Live
    13. Lift It
    14. Brother John
    15. Breather
    16. Sweet Unknown
    17. Moment Of The Day
    18. The Alternative Song

    Thousand Foot Krutch The End Is Where We Begin Giveaway!

    *Giveaway Ended*

    To kick off the Thousand Foot Krutch week, what is better than a GIVEAWAY!?!? So I am giving away a copy of TFK's brand new album "The End Is Where We Begin".

    To Enter: All you have to do to enter, is send me an email at with your full name and address (that way I can get the CD mailed right out to you if you win).

    Extra Entries: To get some extra entries you can:

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    For each of the extra entries you do, you will get 1 extra entry. If you do any extra entries please include how many in your email. These extra entries are on the honor system, so don't say you did something that you didn't. :)

    This giveaway ends at 8pm EST on Tuesday April 17th. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email, then the CD will be sent out. This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States and Canada, sorry. If you have any questions you can leave a comment below or send me an email at

    Sunday, April 8, 2012

    Manafest - Fighter Review

    With the success of Manafest's previous album The Chase, I have wondered what will he do next? Well I present to you Manafest's fifth label studio release "Fighter". The album is set to release on Tuesday, April 10th. How does this album compare to Manafest's previous album The Chase? Read my review below to find out!

    The album starts with the rock influenced rap song "Come Alive". This song takes a powerful stand telling listeners to give it your everything and unleash the hero within you. The title track "Fighter" continues with the theme of not giving up, with the chorus saying "I'm not afraid of death / You ain't seen nothing yet!". Listening to this song you can just hear the confidence in the vocals, which just adds to the power of the lyrics.

    The next song "Heart Attack" has a sound that is similar to the song "Avalanche" from Manafest's previous album The Chase, although personally I liked "Avalanche" better. Things slow down with the next song "Human". This song is one of my favorites on the album because it is admitting that none of us are perfect and we are all human. I also really enjoyed the vocals on this song, with more singing and less rapping it was a a good way.

    Continuing the slower sound the next song "Never Let You Go" is what I have been waiting for from Manafest! Although this song isn't an insanely awesome rap song, the lyrics of this song are awesome though! I really liked Manafest's previous album The Chase, my only complaint was that I would have appreciated more worship influenced songs. This song nails it for me! The next song "Not Alone" picks the rock / rap sound back up, and gets you tapping your feet along with the beat. Also the lyrics of this song are very encouraging and hopeful.

    Starting off I knew I would love the next song "Prison Break". This song leans a lot more to the rock sound with thunderous guitar riffs and a solid beat throughout the entire song! I absolutely love "Prison Break" and I think you will too! Coming up next "Pushover" is yet another one of my favorite songs on the album. This song is full great beats and the energy that this song has is infectious. I would love to see Manafest perform this song in concert! Plus the message is good as well, talking about standing up for what you believe and letting people know that your not a pushover.

    The next song "Throw It Away" is probably my favorite song on the album! I was thinking that my favorite song would be "Prison Break", that is until I heard "Throw It Away". This has a lot of energy and more of a hip hop sound with electronic effects that I absolutely love!!! The next song on the album is "Will You Catch Me". This song has a typical Manafest rock / rap sound which I enjoy. The lyrics of the song talk about a kid who got into some trouble when he was younger and he is asking God "will you catch me if  fall down?". The last song is a bonus acoustic mix of the song "Never Let You Go". I actually like this remix better than the original version, so I am glad it was included in the album.

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by this album! It had a lot of great rap / rock songs and also some more mellow songs with just singing. To me though, the lyrics were the best! The entire album seemed to have a common theme which was hopeful but also challenging listeners to stand up for what they believe, and not give up. To compare "Fighter" to Manafest's previous album "The Chase" is somewhat difficult. Both albums have good music, some songs on The Chase were really good and hard to beat. Lyrically though I would say that Fighter is better. Either way fans of Manafest will enjoy this album! I would give "Fighter"  4.5 stars.

    1. Come Alive
    2. Fighter
    3. Heart Attack
    4. Human
    5. Never Let You Go
    6. Not Alone
    7. Prison Break
    8. Pushover
    9. Throw It Away
    10. Will You Catch Me
    11. Never Let You Go (Joel Bruyere Acoustic Mix)

    Thousand Foot Krutch Week Starts Tuesday

    I am very excited for the new Thousand Foot Krutch album "The End Is Where We Begin", as I am sure most of you are. So I decided to dedicate the entire week before the release to all things Thousand Foot Krutch on my blog.

    There will be album reviews, interviews, music videos and even GIVEAWAYS!!!! So check back here on Tuesday for the start of TFK week, and don't forget to tell all your friends! If you have anything Thousand Foot Krutch related that you would like to see posted during the week shoot me an email at

    Friday, April 6, 2012

    Independent Artist Of The Week: Lightswitch

    This weeks Independent Artist Of The Week is "Lightswitch". I actually didn't find "Lightswitch", they kind of found me. They followed me on twitter and so I checked out their music, and I really liked it. If you want to know more about the band you can read their bio which I posted below.

    "In most cases out in the country things tend to be rather quiet, but in the small town of Wilson Wisconsin, that’s not exactly the case. On most farms you may hear an occasional moo, or the crow of a rooster, but rarely do you hear the beat of drums or the sound of the electric guitar. However on this little ranch just about the time when things start to quiet down for the evening, and the neighbors “hit the hay” for the night, windows start to rattle and the animals begin to wake to the blasts of music sounding out across the plain. A group of four brothers with sleep as the last thing on their minds begin to revise the atmosphere with a new energy. 

     Their humble beginnings as a band started with the blare of old beat up guitar amps, and the sounds of a piano, and the beat of an old rusty drum set, marking the start of a new era, the infant stages of a band now known as Lightswitch. In the year 2001 they played their first gig in a local theater in the small town of Spring Valley WI, From there, they went on to play for churches, youth groups, and many local events, steadily gaining popularity.

     In their more recent years they have expanded their borders and are now performing nation-wide for events both large and small. The four brothers come from a large family of nine children. Abraham, the oldest of the nine and the leader of the band, had the desire to play music at a very young age. He was the first to step into the world of music, and soon after his brothers followed him. When Abraham was 12 years old he started playing the keyboard for church services, from there he took it to the next level and began singing and writing his own music.

     Gabe was 14 when he started playing electric guitar. In his early years he would spend hours at a time with his guitar, going up and down scales, learning new bar chords, and creating new sounds. Gabe’s enjoyment for music and his passion for God is the fuel behind his talented guitar playing.
    When Moises was 7 he started playing drums on an old beat up drum set in a corner of the basement where his creativity inspired a new beat almost every time he picked up the sticks. Even when he was away from his set, the rhythms in his head would come out on spoons, kettles, pencils or what ever he had in his hands at the time. His unique and skilled beats are a major contributing factor to the bands originality.

     Sam being the youngest in the band, picked up the bass when he was 8 years old, and hasn’t set it down since. With his outstanding ability to learn at such a young age, he quickly developed the skills it took to become a phenomenal bass player. The brothers worked hard at their music, and after much time and dedication, they came out with their first album, released in the year of 2007. The band has progressed over the years, and their desire to serve God through their music continually grows stronger each time they take the stage.
     Known and loved by many people for being accessible and personable with fans, Their goal is to help people of all ages realize that God loves them and has a plan for them, while encouraging them to live an uncompromising life for God, in a compromising world. The band’s trend setting style of music and their gentle, yet uncompromising message of faith explains why this band has captured the ears and hearts of all ages, ethnic, and social statuses, playing to one of the most diverse audiences of as independent band."
    Now it is time for the music!!! Below is the official music video for "You Are The Way" by Lightswitch.

    Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Tenth Avenue North's New Album

    Tenth Avenue North recently announced that they are releasing a brand new album this summer titled "The Struggle". Below is the official message from Tenth Avenue North's very own Jeff Owen.

    It’s been a long time coming.  

    The title of our next album will be “The Struggle.”
    We’ve sent the final mixes off to get mastered, then we pick the wrapping paper, bundle her up and send her off to your local record store. Expect a release on August 21st.
    We called this project “The Struggle” from the like-titled track because we felt this best represented the collection as a whole. From life to death, birth to final rest, this life is a struggle. We have a disposition to trials and tribulations in this world, but the one thing we don’t have to work to earn is grace. Most of the songs come from: coming to reconciliation, dealing with how God drawing you to himself can bring hurt and pain, and prayers of deliverance. 
    “Hallelujah we are free to struggle. But we’re not struggling to be free. Your blood bought and makes us children- so children drop your chains and sing.”

    We began working on this album last January. We spent countless hours writing and demoing in my house, and in various locker rooms wherever we played on the road. We recorded the voices of over 750 fans in 12 cities while on tour to really bring a tangible reality to what we were writing. We toiled over recording the right parts and mixing the songs perfectly so our fans would hear the best music we could produce. There’s been tears, arguments, leaps of joy, countless emails, and everything in between.

    What we have is what I think is the best work this band has done since I’ve been graced by their presence 8 years ago in a field by the water is South Florida. Since the release of "The Light Meets The Dark," we’ve lost a member, but gained two. We’ve grown more than we ever have in the past. We’ve learned so much and come so far. God willing we’ll continue to make music. 
    I just want to say thank you to everyone who believes in this band. Thank you for seeing Christ in us rather than a band of struggling misfits. 
    Looking forward to the future, my friends.