Monday, April 16, 2012

Thousand Foot Krutch - The End Is Where We Begin Review

Now the moment you have all been waiting for....okay maybe not all of you....but some of you! Thousand Foot Krutch releases their brand new album "The End Is Where We Begin" tomorrow! Below is my review of the album.

The album starts off with "The Introduction" which is quite theatrical with suspenseful music and an electronic sounding voice, which tells listeners that they have activated the album, deactivation is not an option. In a way this intro serves as a mission briefing for listeners. Starting off with a bang, or more like TFK's signature guitar riffs is the song "We Are". This song has a n awesome sound with aggressive vocals and guitars. The drums are also great with some cowbell thrown in to top it off. The lyrics however can be taken a couple different ways, with the pre-chorus of the song saying "But I can’t just sit here and watch it / If we don’t stop it, no one will".

The next song "Light Up The Sky" has an older TFK vibe, with more of a rap sound that is similar to something you would hear on "Set It Off" or "Phenomenon". I like how this song is kind of kickin' it old school with the rap, but yet it is still very much rock. The title track "The End Is Where We Begin" is the next song. Musically this song is good, maybe a little more mellow than the previous songs. Listening to the lyrics of this song I seem to get something different out of it each time, which I actually happen to love. Next is one of my favorite songs on the album "Let The Sparks Fly". Starting off with some wicked sounding laughs, this song turns into an adrenaline rock anthem. "Let The Sparks Fly" is kind of like the song "Fire It Up" from the previous album, but even better in my opinion.
The next song "I Get Wicked" may cause some controversy because normally people think of wicked as something bad or evil, but lead singer Trevor explains that for him saying something is wicked, is like saying something is awesome. This song simply talks about just because someone is a Christian, that doesn't mean that they are a wimp or that you can push them around. The sound of this song reminds me of Rawkfist in a lot of ways, and I would definitely describe this song as having a wicked sound. The transition between "I Get Wicked" and the next song "Be Somebody" is a little odd, because you go from a high energy rock sound to a slower worship song. Although the transition may be rough it is worth it because "Be Somebody" is a very honest and vulnerable song, and you don't hear a lot of those from TFK.

Next there is a song intro called "This Is A Warning (Intro)" which has a similar sound to the album intro, with some of the same theatrical strings. Then comes the next song "Courtesy Call" which is a rock based, call to action. This song has a great sound with all the different elements that the song has. I would say of the songs on this album, I am most excited to hear this song live! The next song on the album is "War Of Change". This song has a great beat with what sounds like clapping during different parts of the song. "War Of Change" is yet another one of my favorites, because of the lyrics and sound and well pretty much everything! The next song "DOWN" has more of a rock/rap sound similar to previous albums. This song is about not letting people put you down, even the pre-chorus says "People used to tell me that I’m on my own / They said I’d never make a difference on this Microphone / ‘Cause there’s a million other people who could / Sing this song / I said well thanks, for the push / ‘cause you all were wrong".

Things slow down with the next song "All I Need To Know". This song has more of a FM Static sound that is lighter and nice. I really enjoyed the sound of this song and it is a nice change to slow things down a little. I would also love to see this song live, although I doubt TFK will play it at a show because it is slower. Starting with strings and not as much of rock sound is the next song "Fly On The Wall". This song is different then all the other songs musically, but lyrically it similar to the other with the deep lyrics. "Fly On The Wall" also has a catchy chorus, which easily gets stuck in your head.
The last full song on the album is "So Far Gone". This song is beautiful, that is the best word to describe it. The music is soft and acoustic similar to "Wish You Well" or "Already Home". The lyrics are also beautiful with the message they share with listeners, about wanting to be lost in God. Then there is a small outroduction similar to the introduction at the beginning of the album. The outroduction states "This is the mainframe.... / From here, survival is up to you... / Choose your decisions wisely... / Change starts with us... / Remember, if you don’t stand for something / You might fall for anything... / Because, the end is where we begin". I think that "So Far Gone" and "Outroduction" leave things in the right perspective as the album ends.

I thought that "The End Is Where We Begin" was a well thought out album with a strong message. The album calls listeners to stand up and fight for what they believe. Filled with insane guitars, aggressive vocals and killers beats, this album is a must have for all TFK fans. I would say that this is TFK's best work yet! I would easily give this album 5 stars or more!

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Justin Morden said...

Been reading all the TFK reviews you've been posting the past week. It was awesome going over each album all the way up to this latest one. That five-star rating sure gets me excited to hear the album for myself!