Monday, April 2, 2012

KJ-52 - Dangerous Review

Although I don't really like to call KJ-52 a Hip Hop veteran, in some ways he is. Considering tomorrow, April 3rd, KJ is going to be releasing his 7th studio album "Dangerous". Now a quick warning before I start the review....I am a fan of KJ-52, but I will do my best to not be biased.

The album starts off with the fun dance song "It's Goin Down", featuring Canton Jones. After seeing KJ-52 in concert a couple times I can easily say he has the most fun show I have ever been to, and this song was made for an energetic and fun concert experience! With an electrifying sound that makes you want to dance, this song will be a hit at concerts! Next up is the song that I am sure a lot of people are excited for, "They Like Me" featuring Lecrae. This song is really good, although I was hoping for more of a dance sound similar to the previous song, I still loved this song! This song deals with the racial issues in the church, with different perspectives from KJ and Lecrae.

The next song "Superhero" talks about the ultimate superhero, who helps us when we need Him. KJ uses references of other superhero's and their powers, to and a comic twist to this song. Next is the self titled song "Dangerous". This song is a bit slower with more singing, which helps to make the song even more powerful. This song has the typical rapping of KJ-52, but it also features some singing by KJ and I was slightly surprised at how good it sounds.The next song "Facemelt" has more of a rock sound with some rap mixed in. I love rock anthem kind of sound that this song has, and the beat that is running through this song is killer!

The next song on the album is "Shake Em Up" featuring Thi'sl. The chorus of this song is quite catchy, after hearing once it was stuck in my head! The lyrics of this song talk about God shaking you up and reminding you to live dangerously for him. The message of this song is the common theme through out the album. Also I think the mix of vocals with KJ and Thi'sl added a lot to this track, and I really enjoyed it. The next song "Do The Bill Cosby" featuring George Moss has the same kind of vibe as KJ's song "Tweezy Dance". Although this song doesn't exactly have a message, I still love it! Once again I know this song would be awesome in concert. This song is funny and funky, just what I was looking for. Plus George Moss and KJ are awesome rapping together.

When the next song "So Far Apart" starts who hear the voice of Emily from "Shine Bright Baby", and it actually threw me off a little. This song has a lot of singing on both parts so its not quite as much rap but I like it, not my favorite on the album but still good. The next song "Brand New Day" brings an exciting electronic sound to the album. I would say that this song is one of my top songs on the album. This song is a very hopeful and encouraging song. The next song is "Speed That Light" and it features Rhema Soul. This song is a thrilling techno infused song, that talks about how we as Christians are suppose to be the light of the world.

The next song "That Was My Life" features Dre Murray. This song has some cool effects but the main focus is the lyrics which talk about KJ's life before he was saved by the grace of God. Also a little side note towards the end of the song there are some killer guitars! The last song on the album is "Go". This song is another exhilarating dance song, with an awesome beat! This song has more singing, but that definitely doesn't mean its slow!

I was pleasantly surprised by this album, I expected it to be pretty good considering it's KJ-52, but it was better than I expected. Although I haven't heard all of KJ's albums, of the ones I have heard I would say that this is the best. I thought that "Dangerous" had the perfect mix of  meaningful songs and then just fun songs. The over all sound of the album is better than previous albums in my opinion. I really enjoyed this album and I think you will too! I would easily give "Dangerous" 5 stars!

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