Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jeremy Horn - Sound Of The Broken Review

New to Ardent Records, Jeremy Horn just recently released his debut album "Sound Of The Broken" on March 6th.

The album starts with the title track "Sound Of The Broken". This song introduces listeners to the rock sound and vocals that Jeremy Horn has to offer. With the catchy lyrics and upbeat music, this is great way to start off the album. When I hear the next song "Now Is The Time" I can't help but think that this song would probably be really good live. This song seems to have a lot of energy that would be great at a concert.

The next song "Only God Who Saves" is a little slower than the previous songs, but it still has an upbeat sound....if that makes sense! The vocals on the entire album are unique and really good, but with this song especially I love the vocals. The next song on the album is "Sons And Daughters". Although pretty much all of the lyrics have a good message, the lyrics of this song in particular really shine. The chorus of the song says "You are a Father to the orphan / You are Sustainer to the poor / Lord You give good gifts to Your children / All because You are good my Lord / You are good".

I really like the next song "Surrender" it might even be my favorite song on the album. I just love the feel this song has, the vocals seem to be better on this song than on any other and the lyrics are also very good. The next song on the album is "Emptied". This song is definitely a great worship song, which talks about how we have nothing to give God except ourselves. Continuing with the powerful worship is the song "Where You Are". This song is enjoyable to listen to and not too complicated, as the chorus simply says "Take me where You are / Where You are Lord / Where You are".

Bringing back more of a rock sound is the next song "Faithful". This song is a good reminder that God is faithful and to not give up hope. The next song on the album is "Father Of Lights". This song has an upbeat and fun sound, but it is more than that, it also has an encouraging message. Finishing out the album is the song "This Reflection". The lyrics of this song are also really good, but musically I didn't care for this song as much. I am not sure why...it just isn't what I was hoping for.

For the most part "Sound Of The Broken" was all around a good album. There were some parts that were a little rough, and a few of the songs blurred together, but I still enjoyed the album. Jeremy's unique vocals were a treat to listen to and lyrically this album was encouraging. I think Jeremy is someone to keep your eyes on because I think he could go far. I would probably give this album 4 stars.
  1. Sound Of The Broken
  2. Now Is The Time
  3. Only God Who Saves
  4. Sons And Daughters
  5. Surrender
  6. Emptied
  7. Where You Are
  8. Faithful
  9. Father Of Lights
  10. This Reflection

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