Friday, April 6, 2012

Independent Artist Of The Week: Lightswitch

This weeks Independent Artist Of The Week is "Lightswitch". I actually didn't find "Lightswitch", they kind of found me. They followed me on twitter and so I checked out their music, and I really liked it. If you want to know more about the band you can read their bio which I posted below.

"In most cases out in the country things tend to be rather quiet, but in the small town of Wilson Wisconsin, that’s not exactly the case. On most farms you may hear an occasional moo, or the crow of a rooster, but rarely do you hear the beat of drums or the sound of the electric guitar. However on this little ranch just about the time when things start to quiet down for the evening, and the neighbors “hit the hay” for the night, windows start to rattle and the animals begin to wake to the blasts of music sounding out across the plain. A group of four brothers with sleep as the last thing on their minds begin to revise the atmosphere with a new energy. 

 Their humble beginnings as a band started with the blare of old beat up guitar amps, and the sounds of a piano, and the beat of an old rusty drum set, marking the start of a new era, the infant stages of a band now known as Lightswitch. In the year 2001 they played their first gig in a local theater in the small town of Spring Valley WI, From there, they went on to play for churches, youth groups, and many local events, steadily gaining popularity.

 In their more recent years they have expanded their borders and are now performing nation-wide for events both large and small. The four brothers come from a large family of nine children. Abraham, the oldest of the nine and the leader of the band, had the desire to play music at a very young age. He was the first to step into the world of music, and soon after his brothers followed him. When Abraham was 12 years old he started playing the keyboard for church services, from there he took it to the next level and began singing and writing his own music.

 Gabe was 14 when he started playing electric guitar. In his early years he would spend hours at a time with his guitar, going up and down scales, learning new bar chords, and creating new sounds. Gabe’s enjoyment for music and his passion for God is the fuel behind his talented guitar playing.
When Moises was 7 he started playing drums on an old beat up drum set in a corner of the basement where his creativity inspired a new beat almost every time he picked up the sticks. Even when he was away from his set, the rhythms in his head would come out on spoons, kettles, pencils or what ever he had in his hands at the time. His unique and skilled beats are a major contributing factor to the bands originality.

 Sam being the youngest in the band, picked up the bass when he was 8 years old, and hasn’t set it down since. With his outstanding ability to learn at such a young age, he quickly developed the skills it took to become a phenomenal bass player. The brothers worked hard at their music, and after much time and dedication, they came out with their first album, released in the year of 2007. The band has progressed over the years, and their desire to serve God through their music continually grows stronger each time they take the stage.
 Known and loved by many people for being accessible and personable with fans, Their goal is to help people of all ages realize that God loves them and has a plan for them, while encouraging them to live an uncompromising life for God, in a compromising world. The band’s trend setting style of music and their gentle, yet uncompromising message of faith explains why this band has captured the ears and hearts of all ages, ethnic, and social statuses, playing to one of the most diverse audiences of as independent band."
Now it is time for the music!!! Below is the official music video for "You Are The Way" by Lightswitch.

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