Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thousand Foot Krutch - Live At The Masquerade Review

Thousand Foot Krutch released their very first live CD/DVD "Live At The Masquerade" on June 7th, 2011. Below is my review.

This review is mostly of the DVD because the CD is the same thing just without picture. The video starts off playing the Welcome To The Masquerade intro, while showing the band getting ready to head on stage. As most of the band enters the crowd starts cheering and then Trevor (singer) comes out waving the Thousand Foot Krutch flag. Then they start playing "Welcome To The Masquerade", which is expected, but it still doesn't disappoint.

Next comes one of my favorite live songs "Bring Me To Life". This song is awesome live, with all the energy and lights. However the best part is towards the end when Trevor says "I want you to think of every obstacle you've ever faced in this life, and when I point this mic at you, I want you to yell SHUT IT!!!". Then as explained Trevor points the mic at the crowd and they scream SHUT IT!!! They do this a few times and then the song picks back up.

Then comes the songs "Move" and "Absolute". Both of these songs are high energy, getting the crowd jumping up and down. Then comes the song "The Flame In All Of Us", which sounds a lot better live in my opinion. Then there is a bit of talking where Trevor tells the audience that there are history makers in the room, and it not just people in other countries or other cities. Then comes the songs "E For Extinction" and "Scream".

When the next song "What Do We Know" starts the camera searches the audience and then you see Trevor walking through the audience waving the Thousand Foot Krutch flag. When I have seen TFK in concert they haven't played this song which is a bummer considering it is one of my favorites! Then comes three of the best songs to hear live, "Falls Apart", "Rawkfist" and "Fire It Up". If I could only see TFK play 3 songs live it would be these! The songs are a blast in concert and are awesome just to watch on DVD.

Then there is a long pause as the audience thinks that the band is finished because they all exited the stage, but surprise! They come back with "Already Home" which is a little slower, and the room is dark except for people holding up their phones, which actually looks really cool! Then to finish out the DVD, TFK plays their classic song "Puppet".

All in all I love this live DVD, it is packed full of awesome songs and an incredible performance. My only complaint is that I wish the other band members would interact with the audience more. It seems like Trevor is the only one moving around connecting with the audience, and in some ways it looks like he is stealing the show. I understand that it is the lead singers job to be the front man of the band, I just wish there were a little more back up. Anyway I highly recommend "Live At The Masquerade" to any TFK fan!

1. Welcome To The Masquerade
2. Bring Me To Life
3. Move 
4. Absolute 
5. The Flame In All Of Us
6. Trevor Talks To Crowd 
7. E For Extinction 
8. Scream
9. What Do We Know
10. Falls Apart
11. Rawkfist
12. Fire It Up
13. Already Home
14. Puppet

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