Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 Albums Of 2011

There were quite a few good albums this year so it was hard to choose the best, but I did. Out of the CD's that I have that released in 2011, these are my favorite.

My favorite albums of 2011

10. World Anthem - Press Play

9.  Christmas - Hawk Nelson

8. Hello - We Are Leo

7. Epic - Manic Drive

6. The Break Up - Benjah

5. Crazy Love - Hawk Nelson

4. Anthem Lights - Anthem Lights

3. Weights and Measures - Hyland

2. My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go - Fm Static

1. Alive In You - 7eventh Time Down

The 2011 albums I didn't get yet...

Scripted - Icon For Hire

Vice Verses - Switchfoot


Love Riot - Worth Dying For

 What were your favorite albums of 2011? Are there any that aren't on my list? Leave a comment and let me know. Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Song By Thousand Foot Krutch Free This Weekend Only

Thousand Foot Krutch has been in the studio working hard on their new album "The End Is Where We Begin". They announced that they will be releasing this album independently, and they said that they need our help. Sadly I came across this a couple days too late because Thousand Foot Krutch needed $40,000 so that they can release this CD and by the time I found out people had already donated over $50,000. Since TFK reached their goal in less than 24 hours they said they were going to release a brand new song to thank their fans.

The song is called "War Of Change" and it is only available this weekend so hurry and download it! To download the song click here and to pre-order TFK's new album "The End Is Where We Begin" click here. Also make sure you spread the word so that everyone can enjoy this song.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brigitte Donoho Interview

Brigitte Donoho is a really great worship artist that I had the honor to review her EP "Restored" (you can read the review here) and now I have the pleasure to interview her. My questions are in Purple and Brigitte's answers are in Blue.

How did God call you into this ministry? 

- I have been singing for as long as I remember but never dreamed that God would want to use someone like me in ministry. It was a gradual process of surrendering what my expectations were and what I wanted to see accomplished through my music and a realization that it was not my music but God's. I needed to use it to serve Him. Originally I wanted to go into secular music but the Lord kept shutting all of the doors. I had to let go and give it all to Him.

What is one thing that you wish you would have known before becoming a musician?
-I'm a mom and musician and it often becomes challenging to balance it all. Thankfully I am blessed to have a great support system. I have a very ministry minded husband and church family who support me every step of the way.  

What is your favorite verse and why?
-There are so many verses that are my favorites but this particular verse has been speaking to me lately. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,"declares the Lord "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to bring you hope and a future. Life is often unexpected and just knowing that the Lord is in control really puts my mind at ease. His ways are so far beyond what I could ever comprehend and just knowing that He holds my future is the most comforting thing.

Will you give us a couple of examples of how God has shown up in your life, when times were maybe dark or you were discouraged?
-God always knows what He is doing even when we don't see it. When I was pregnant with my son (Isaiah) I ran into alot of complications. I was rushed to the emergency room at 27 weeks because my placenta had ruptured sending me into preterm labor. It was really scary and all of my friends and family were praying. I was told I was told my womb had become a hostile environment and that I would probably have to have a C section because my placenta had moved so far down I could not have natural childbirth. Having him that early was very risky and I was told he would probably have a number of health problems. We kept praying and God in all His faithfulness turned the situation completely around. I was sent home and put on strict bedrest for the next few months. Two weeks later I had a checkup and was told they had no idea what had happened but my placenta had moved back to where it was supposed to be and everything was back on track. I knew how it happened, God! There was no other explanation! Isaiah was born at 39 weeks and is completely healthy and wonderful. Thank you Jesus!!

If you had one day where you could do anything, anywhere, what would you do?
-Hmmm...I have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon. It would be incredible to take a hot air balloon around the world, but that would take more than one day:)

What is your favorite song on your album "Restored"?

-My favorite song would have to be "Blood Stained Tears"

How would you describe God to someone who has never heard of him?
 -As a best friend who loves you unconditionally. We have all done things that are wrong in our lives and yet Jesus chose to take our place and willingly die for each and everyone of us. There is no greater sacrifice.

Who have you always wanted to perform for?
 -When I get to heaven to be able to see Jesus face to face and sing His praises.

What is the message that you are trying to convey to your listeners?
-A message of Hope and Restoration. That no matter what you've done or how far from God you think you are you are never too far for God to forgive you. Often people think that they have to be perfect before they can come to God but God sees exactly where you are at and can move in your life. No matter what!

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
-I would have to say my husband. He has really pushed me to pursue my music ministry and has been so supportive through it all.

  5 Random Bonus Questions!

1. What is your favorite color?

2. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
 -the roadrunner from Looney Tunes...hey my parents said I could be whatever I wanted ;)

3. What is your favorite food?


4. What is something that is odd that you are afraid of?

 -Clowns, they are super creepy...

5. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
a giraffe, I think their long necks are very elegant

Is there anything else you would like to add?

-Well I would like to thank you for the opportunity of having this interview. It is wonderful that you would take the time to interview a new artist like myself and I greatly appreciate it. Also if anyone would like to connect with me you can reach me through my website or on facebook Thank you again!

Brigitte Donoho - Restored Review

Brigitte Donoho released her first EP "Restored" on June 4th.

The album starts off with a fun and energetic song, with beautiful vocals. One of my favorite parts in this song is towards the end because of the lyrics. I love the lines "Everything I've ever hoped for, Oh and so much more, Everything I've ever needed, Is right here in your presence". The next song on the album is "Your Name". This song has a good worship sound but the lyrics are what I really enjoy, because they describe how awesome God is. The next song "Blood-Stained Tears" is a very powerful and beautiful song. This song talks about all that Jesus went through just to save you. This is one of my favorite songs on the album because it reminds you of how much you are loved. The next song on the album is "Restored". My favorite part of this song would be the vocals, but it also has great lyrics that talk about God restoring you. The next song is "Mention Of Your Name". Just like the name says it talks about how powerful God is and how much better you feel after you hear His name. The next song on the album is "Save Me". This song is my favorite song on the album because of the lyrics. This song also has an energetic sound that is just enjoyable to listen to.

I was actually surprised when I listened to this album. I am not normally a big fan of female vocalists especially with slower worship music, but I actually really loved this album. I think one of the reasons might be that Brigitte doesn't have a really high voice like some female vocalists. The sound of Brigitte's voice on some of these songs reminds me of Alyssa from Barlow Girl. All in all this album is very powerful, and it is beautiful, but the lyrics are my favorite part. I would give this album a 4/5 stars.

I also had the opportunity to interview Brigitte you can read the interview here.

You can also check out Brigitte's

7eventh Time Down - Alive In You Review

I recently discovered 7eventh Time Down and after hearing a couple of their songs I was hooked. They released their album "Alive In You" on Sempteber 13th. I just bought a copy a couple of weeks ago and so I decided that I would review it.

The first song on the album is "I Need Someone". This song is one of my favorites, because of the lyrics. I love the part in the chorus where it says "I need someone to carry me, Someone who believes in me, Your everything I ever wanted, You alone can make me beautiful." Plus with this being the first song on the album you get a taste of the sound of the album. The second song is the self-titled track "Alive In You". This song is more of a rock song than the previous one. I am a big fan of the vocals and lyrics that are in this song. I also love the guitar riffs. I can't get enough of this song, "Alive In You" is the most played song on my iPod, if that tells you anything! The third song is "What About Tonight". This song is another really great rock song that talks about not wasting a moment. The fourth song on the album is "Get Me To You". This song is more of a worship song but it still rocks! It talks about being willing to do anything just to get to God. The fifth song is "World Changer". This song is another one of my favorites, wow I have a lot of favorites! :D This song talks about wanting to change the world for God, and how one life can change the world.

The sixth song on the album is "Do You Believe". As far as vocals this is my favorite song on the album. I think I like the vocals so much because the sound of the music is pretty simple so the vocals and lyrics really shine. The seventh song is "Jesus Machine". This song really rocks out and so it is yet another one of my favorites. While listening to it I have been asked if it is Family Force 5, so it has a energetic rock sound like that, but in my opinion the lyrics are WAY better. The eighth song on the album is "Love Parade". This almost has a country vibe to it, I like how this song changes up the sound a bit. The song says how we are the love parade and basically how we have to spread that love. The ninth song is "Worship Jesus". This song is truly amazing, I mean we should sing it in church. The chorus is my favorite because it says "I will worship Jesus with every breath I take, I will follow Jesus with every step I take, I believe in Jesus creator of all things, The whole worlds about to change, Your bigger than a name". The final song on the album is "Rusty Nails". This song starts off with just singing, and then some guitar, then some piano then finally after the powerful chorus the drums kick in. This song is a beautiful worship song and a perfect way to end the album.

Alive In You is a really fantastic album that I think a lot of different people will like, if not love. Being honest I would say that this is my favorite album of 2011 and that is saying alot considering how many great albums have come out this year. I just love everything about Alive In You, there isn't one song that I don't like. The lyrics on every song actually talk about something and something very important and powerful at that. The album changes as far as the sound with rock, country and worship sounds, you never get bored. I enjoyed this album so much I would buy it again. I would easily give this album 5/5 stars if not more. Make sure you check out 7eventh Time Down on Facebook.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

V. Rose Album Review

V. Rose released her self titled album "V. Rose" on August 16th of this year (2011).

The album starts out with the song "Not So Average". The song has a nice combination of imaginative beats mixed with pop, R&B, and rock, a sound that is common through the entire album. I also really enjoy listening to the high pitched beautiful vocals on this track. The next song "Christian Girl" has more of an upbeat dance sound that makes you want to move. The third song "Battery" featuring FLAME has an electrifying sound that is really a blast to listen to. Plus having the FLAME rap on this song it adds a whole other element that really makes the song a lot better in my opinion. The next song "Hater" starts off with piano but not a slow piano sound, a fun one. During most of this song there is a really cool beat that you just want to tap your feet to. The next song "Run That Way" definitely has a mainstream sound that absolutely rocks. The sweet techno sound effects mixed with the vocals makes this my favorite song on the whole album.

The next song "Dear Adam" is a slower song that is about God writing a letter to mankind (Adam) and telling us that He died so that we don't have to run away and hide in shame. We can come back home and let Christ live in us. Then "In Dependence" picks up the pace from the previous song with a more energetic beat. This song talks about how depending on God is a good thing and it shouldn't be looked down on. The next song "Girl What U Lookin At" is another song that could easily be mainstream. It is also another one of my favorites on the album as far as the sound of the vocals and beat. The next song "Let's Go Home" slows things down a bit with a beautiful mix of piano and vocals. Then "Love Pursuit" featuring John Katina comes in and it is slightly more upbeat than the previous song. The vocals on the song are good with the mix of guy and girl vocals it definitely adds a lot. The next song "Forgive Me' is a slower R&B song. This song talks about God forgiving you even though you do wrong. The last song on the album is "Cry Holy". This song is a powerful song that reminds us of everything that Jesus went through for us. It is really a great way to end the album.

This album is a fun and energetic album, yet it is powerful and encouraging. V. Rose has an amazing voice that is like a Christian version of Rhianna. I really loved some of the songs on this album and then there were a couple that were just good but not great. All in all this is a very good album that would be perfect for fans of Beckah Shae, or pretty much any young teenage girl.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seventh Day Slumber - The Anthem Of Angels Review

Seventh Day Slumber released their newest album "The Anthem Of The Angels" yesterday (11/15/11).  

The album starts off with the classic Seventh Day Slumber rock/worship sound on the first song "Wasted Life". Then they slow things down with the next song "Love Came Down", this is definitely more of a worship song. The next song "One Mistake" is another slower song that talks about how sometimes you feel like if you make one more mistake that God will leave you. The next song "Addicted To My Pain" starts off with piano which makes you think that it is going to be slower like the previous song, but it turns out to be more of a rock song. Then "Never Too Far Gone" keeps up the momentum of the previous song with a rock/worship sound. This song talks about not buying into the lies that say that you are too far gone. Things slow down just a tad for the next song "Pieces". Then comes "Crash" which sounds a lot like the previous song. The next song "Back Where I Began" talks about not wanting to end up where you started. Then "Knows My Name" talks about how God knows you by name. One of the highlights of the album for me is "My Life". I like the lyrics and the sound of this song. The final song is a cover of  "How He Loves". I absolutely love this song so I was excited to see how Seventh Day Slumber would do with the song. I enjoyed most of it although the chorus didn't quite do it for me.

To be honest this album was okay, their were a couple songs I really liked but the rest just blurred together. I think after you hear a couple of songs on the album you have heard the album. That sounds bad because the message of the album is very powerful, but it is a lot like Seventh Day Slumber's previous albums. I would have to give this album a 2.5/5 stars.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Benjah - The Break Up Review

"The Break Up" by Benjah is what I would call a Rap/ Hip Hop/ Jamaican album. It has a lot going on, in a good way.

The album starts off with an intro that gives you a taste of what the album will be like. The second song is "Sinking Ship". This song has a very sweet Jamaican kind of sound mixed with the rap that I absolutely love. The lyrics on this song talk about being in a relationship with a girl and it is a sinking ship. I really wish this song had better lyrics that applied to something other than dating because the sound of this song is just plain awesome. The third song on the album is "Not Alone".This song has a good beat mixed with some techno effects that groove. This song also has some amazing vocals with male vocals by Benjah and female vocals by Rachael Lampa, that really compliment each other. This song also has a strong message that says you are not alone. The fourth song is "Jezebel". This song has a good groove and good vocals, but the lyrics talk about a girl who stole his heart. The fifth song on the album is "Keep Ridin'". The vocals and groove of this song are a fantastic combo that sounds like a Jamaican rap thing. The lyrics in this song don't talk about a girl, so that is nice. The one part of this song says "You Can't Serve Two God's So Who Is Your King?". The sixth song is "Third World Fam". This song is one of the best on the album. It has a really Jamaican sound, so much that it is a little hard to understand some parts, I love it though! This song talks about how Christians in other countries get sent to jail and killed just for worshiping God. Some of my favorite lyrics are "Have you ever seen a grown man beaten, Cause he tried to worship out in the streets, Have you ever seen kids become orphans, Daddy murdered by strong armed forces, Have you ever been arrested lately, Just for going church not nothing crazy, Have you ever seen a church burn in flames, Because they dare and say Jehovah's name, If you call yourself a Christian, You got family world wide, I'm saying that our mission, Is to hold them when they cry."

The seventh song on the album is "Walkn' Out". This song doesn't have as much Jamaican as the previous song "3rd World Fam". This song is enjoyable to listen to and it is very encouraging. The eighth song is "On Grace I Stand". This song starts a little different than the other because starts with piano. This song is more of a worship/rap which is nice, it helps to change the sound so the whole album doesn't sound the same. Plus the lyrics in this song are really good talking about how picks you up when you fall down. The ninth song on the album is "My Angel". This song features Group 1 Crew and they are one of my favorite bands so I was looking forward to hearing this song because I thought it would be a really great mix of vocals. This song didn't disappoint, with the Jamaican groove from Benjah mixed with the rapping and female vocals from Group 1 Crew it made a very catchy and powerful song that is one of my all time favorite songs. The tenth song is "Read Me". This song features C-Lite & Ron Kenoly Jr. The rapping in this song is really good but the lyrics are the highlight of this song. The lyrics talk about following God's plan for your life and finding your true purpose, at least that is what I got out of it. The eleventh song on the album is "CNLYG". This song isn't quite as much of a Jamaican song, it is more of a Hip Hop or Pop kind of sound. This song has a really good beat that I love to tap my foot to. The twelfth song is "Orphan". This song brings it back to a little bit more of Jamaican vibe. This song is a bit slower but grooves well with its Jamaican twist. There is also a bonus song called "The Break Up".

This album has a very unique sound that I really enjoyed. I have said that I have a soft spot for Techno music, well I also have a soft spot for this Jamaican sound. I can't get enough of it. The lyrics on this album varied some songs I really like the lyrics and other songs not so much. I would give this album a 4.5/5 stars, I really enjoyed listening to the whole album.

Favorite song on the album: "3rd World"

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rachael Lampa - All We Need Review

Rachael Lampa released her 8th album "All We Need" on September 27th.

The first song on the album is the self-titled "All We Need". This song is fun pop song with beautiful vocals. The lyrics in this song are very hopeful and they say that "Love is all we need". The second song is "Remedy". This song has a great groove to it and it has really encouraging lyrics. Some of my favorite lines are "Every time time I cry and I want to hide, Feel like I'm damaged on the inside, You know just what to do, You got what I need.....Your my remedy". The third song on the album is "Savior's Face". This song says that we are all the same, we all mess up, and the only way we can change is with God. This song is a Pop/Worship song with absolutely beautiful vocals. The fourth song is "Beauty's Just A Word". This song is a very powerful song filled with lyrics that really speak to the listeners. This also has a really solid beat through out the whole song. The fifth song "No Escape" picks thing up a bit with a more energetic beat that will get you tapping your feet. The sixth song "Uncharted Territory" starts off a little slower but it builds to an upbeat chorus that is easy to sing along with.

The seventh song on the album is "Elevate". This song is very enjoyable to listen to lyrically and musically it just flows well. This song also has a beat that makes you want to clap along with it. The eighth song is "My One And Only". When this song started I could tell it was going to be my favorite because it is energetic, and it has some techno sound too! I would say that this is the most fun song on the album, it would definitely be awesome in concert! The ninth song on the album is "Run To You". This one slows things back down as far as the energy. It is a bit more of a worship song, but has a good clapping beat like "Elevate". The tenth song is "Feel". This song is a slower one, that is also more of a worship song. The eleventh song on the album is "Human feat. Jonny Lang". The mix of the female and the male vocals in this song are really beautiful together, it adds a lot to the song. In this song Rachael sings about how she is not perfect and she says "I'm human too". Last but not least is the twelfth song "Live For You". This picks things up a little and ends the album in a really smart way. This song talks about living your life for God and it is a very good mindset to be in at the end of the album.

"All We Need" is really fantastic lyrically. If I could I would just put the the lyrics to all the songs as my review, because they speak for themselves. As far as the sound musically it is a Pop album and with Rachael's vocals it mixes in a beautiful way. The only thing that I didn't like is that a lot of the songs on the album sound the same to me. Me and my brother play this game where he picks a random song and then I have to guess the artist and the title of the album and song. With these songs I would be able to tell that it is Rachael Lampa but as far as knowing the difference between the songs it would be quite difficult because they sound the same to me. I think listening to this album in piece's is better so you can appreciate each song. Other than that though the album is good, I would give it a 3.5/5 stars.

Track Listing01. All We Need
02. Remedy
03. Savior's Face
04. Beauty's Just A Word
05. No Escape
06. Run To You
07. Elevate
08. My One And Only
09. Feel
10. Uncharted Territory
(Bonus Tracks)
11. Human (Feat. Jonny Lang)
12. Live For You (2011)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Press Play - World Anthem Review

Press Play released their newest album "World Anthem" on September 27th. This album is their third album following "NY2LA" which is one of my favorite albums.

The first song on the album is the self-titled "World anthem". This song talks about starting a love revolution. This song has a techno/pop sound that is very catchy and enjoyable to listen to. The second song on the album is "F-I-R-E". This song has an awesome beat that makes you want to move. This song reminds me a lot of the song "NY2LA" on Press Play's previous album as far as the fun and energetic sound. Manwell Reyes from Group 1 Crew also helps out on this song with a sweet rap part towards the end that just adds to the epic-ness of this song. The third song is "Let It Out". This song is another one that makes you want to move and dance, this song would be a blast in concert. This song also has some cool techno parts that I really love. The fourth song on the album is "Just Like Lightning". This song is slightly less energetic, but it still has a cool almost disco sound. This song also has a very hopeful message, that is basically saying that although storms may come you will be alright because God is there for you. The fifth song is "Walking On Air". This song is a little slower but it has a good groove. The female vocals mixed with Manwell Reyes vocals are great together and it makes the song flow very well.

The sixth song on the album is "Three Little Worlds". This song isn't as energetic and as dance driven, but it still has a solid beat. This song has more of a pop influence that is nice to help change up the sound a little. This song talks about the three little words that everyone needs to hear "I LOVE YOU". The seventh song is "Raise It Up". Right when this song starts you can tell it is going to be an energetic dance song. This song is a great one to blast in your stereo because it sounds great and because one of the lines says "Turn up Loud"! This song is a blast of fun. Which if you look that up in the dictionary blast means an explosion and fun means excited activity, So this song is an explosion of excited activity! :D The eighth song on the album is "Truth Be Told". This song seems to have more of a Hip Hop influence. "Truth Be Told" talks about just that, making sure that people known the truth about God and heaven. The ninth song is "Change The World". WARNING: the chorus of this song gets stuck in your head REALLY easy. :D This song sounds a lot like the other songs but the chorus is even more catchy because during part of it they repeat "We're gonna change, change, change the world". The song talks about changing the world and making a difference for God. The tenth song on the album is "Save My Life". When this song starts it is like a different band is playing. The song is slower and the vocals sound different. Then when the female vocals start in it sounds more like Press Play. This song is about calling out to God to save you. The eleventh song is "Give It All". This song isn't the dance kind of sound from the beginning of the album but it is more upbeat that the previous song. This song is an amazing worship song, I wouldn't be surprised if Church's start to sing it. The twelfth and final song on the album is "Angels Sing". This song is another great worship song with amazing vocals. I really love the sound of this song, it sounds like one you would hear at church and during the chorus everyone starts singing together. It is a very beautiful and enjoyable song to listen to.

To wrap up this albums message with one word it would be LOVE. "World Anthem" is full of catchy songs and LOVEly lyrics that are a joy to listen to. Most of this album would be great on some kind of dancing show or game, I think that would be amazing. But then towards the end of the album it is more of a worship album. Press Play could have made two different albums with these songs. The only negative thing I have to say is that this album kind of sounds the same, there wasn't a whole lot of differences in the sound. I mean they have the dance songs in the beginning and the worship ones at the end so they have different sounds, but if they would have mixed the songs together I think it would have been more interesting. Other than that it is a very good album. I like how the album ended with a song aimed toward worshiping God to put things in perspective. I really enjoyed listening to this album and I would give it a 4.5/5 stars.

Make sure you "Like" Press Play on Facebook. You can also check out my friend's interview with Dave Hanley of Press Play here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Manic Drive - Epic Review

The title of this post is funny "Manic Drive - Epic Review" , but that is exactly how I would describe this album EPIC.

The album starts off with an intro to build up he anticipation, then it moves into "Count Of 1-2-3". This is a very fun song that gets you pumped up. The song is just about rocking out on the count of 1-2-3. I am sure this song would be a blast in concert. The second song on the album is "Halo". This song talks about rocking your Halo in a super fun way. The next song is "Epic". I love the sound of this song. This song has a lot of sounds that remind me of Family Force 5. Basically this song rocks out! It is one of my favorites on the album.cThe fourth song is "Good Times". This song is another fun one it has a great groove to it. This song reminds of summer, I know that isn't a very good description but its true. The fifth song is "Save A Life". This song slows things down as far as beat but not lyrics. This song asks you the question would you treat people different if you thought of them as a life to save. This song is very powerful and because of that it is one of my favorites on the album.

The next song on the album is "Microphone". When this song starts you can tell it is going to be great. This song rocks out and has some awesome sound effects! I really liked listening to this song it is probably the one on the album that I have played the most. The seventh song is "Money". This song has some cool TECHNO!!! Did I mention I like techno? I DO! This song is another one that would great in concert! It is just so fun! Plus it has good lyrics about not letting money be the main focus of life. This song could easily go sounds like something you would stop on when you hear it while flipping through the radio stations. I just love this song!!!! The next song is "Mountains". This song slows things down a little but it is a very good slow. This song talks about if you have faith you can move mountains. This is a very encouraging song, and it is more of a worship song. The ninth song is "Go Big Or Go Home". This song picks things back up with a fun techno sound. This song talks about taking a chance and going all in or in other words GO BIG OR GO HOME! The last song is "Positive Radio". I love the beat in this song. This song is saying thanks to positive radio and telling us to turn it up! It is another fun song!

Well I can honestly say this is one of my favorite albums I have ever reviewed. It is super fun and encouraging. I didn't want it to end!  I wasn't a fan of Manic Drive before this album and not because I didn't like their music but because I didn't know it. I am a fan now! I like all  kinds of music from Country to Rap to Gospel, but I have a special spot in me that loves Techno/Dance/Rock stuff. This album totally hit the spot! I would easily give this album a 5/5 stars! Great job Manic Drive! You can pick up your own copy of "Epic" here. You can also check out this awesome sound activated t-shirt! It is Shaweet!

Epic Track List
  1. Intro
  2. Count Of 1-2-3
  3. Halo
  4. Epic
  5. Good Times
  6. Save A Life
  7. Microphone
  8. Money
  9. Mountains
  10. Go Big Or Go Home
  11. Positive Radio

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

B. Reith - How The Story Ends Review

B.Reith just released his highly anticipated full-length album “How the Story Ends”, today (11-1-11). What a great day to release an album, I mean how can this album not hit number one on the charts! ;) On this album B. Reith teamed up with some very talented people including Lecrae, Lisa Gungor, Dave Barnes, and PJ Morton, an R&B star who is a touring member of Maroon 5.

The first song on the album is "Next Move". This song is fun sounding it makes you either want to clap along or dance.....or BOTH! I love the beat and groove of this song. In this song B. Reith is talking about not knowing his next move. The second song "Simple Days" slows things down a bit. This song is nice and simple. I know that isn't a good way to describe a song but this song is a song that you can easily sing along to. After hearing it twice I had the chorus stuck in my head. Saying that, this song is quite repetitive. The third song on the album is "Lonely Hearts Club". This song has a bit of a techno sound that is cool. I like the rapping parts of this song, but the chorus isn't really my style. This song also gets a little boring after awhile it doesn't change sound much.

The fourth song is "Two Steps Forward". This song is rap and techno. I must say I tend to favor rap more than pop, so I liked this song a whole lot more than the one before it (Lonely Hearts Club). This song is one of my favorites on the album I love the sound of B. Reith's voice when he raps and on this song  it is all rap. The fifth song "Made For More" features Lecrae and Lisa Gungor. This song is the most powerful song on the album in my opinion. It is a anthem and during the chorus you can tell. This song talks about not giving up and giving in but realizing that you were made for more than this world. It is very powerful. Lisa Gungor did a great job on singing the chorus and Lecrae rocked the rhyming with B. Reith. If they made a video for this song I could see people gearing up for battle against the enemy. Then they go marching into battle and win! That's just my idea!

The sixth song is "Moments Like This". This song has rapping and singing in just the right mixture. There is the chorus that is easily to sing along to and then the deeper parts that are rapping. In this B. Reith raps about how hard it is to be a musician, but he is not going to give up. The seventh song is "Drawing Board (Interlude)". This is just a short interlude about a minute long that talks about going back to the drawing board. It has a very nice sound with the piano and B. Reith's voice. The eighth song is "For Once In My Life" featuring PJ Morton. This is a slower song but yet is has a good groove. This is more of a pop song but I still liked it. It talks about not taking the easy way and looking for excuses. The ninth song is "New Found Love". This song has a really cool sound, it just grooves really well.

The tenth song is "I'll Get By". This song has an awesome sound with piano, rap and techno. That sounds like too much, right? Well it has the right blend were it just sounds really cool! It is a fun song that I love and I love singing along with the chorus. This song also has good and hopeful lyrics, this is probably my favorite song on the album. The eleventh song is "How The Story Ends". This song is a little slower and it is about knowing how the story ends. It is a hopeful song, and very encouraging. The last song is "Not Who I Am" featuring Dave Barnes. This song sounds pretty simple at first until you really start listening and then you hear all kinds of different stuff. It all comes together quite beautifully though. This is a great ending to the album, it is like when everything turns out good at the end of a movie, that is what this song portrays.

This album is really odd, in a good way. There are like two different albums in this one. There is a rap album (which is my favorite) and a pop album that is just sweet. I really enjoyed the diversity of the album although the songs didn't change sounds the album did. I would give this album a 4/5 stars.

Hawk Nelson Christmas EP Review

Hawk Nelson released their first Christmas EP today (November 1st). Now that it is November it is time to start getting into the holiday season, right? Well what better way to than listening to your favorite Christmas classics revamped.

The EP starts off with the popular song "Hark The Herald Angels Sing". This song is a perfect way to start off the album. I thought that Hawk Nelson did a great job of making the song upbeat and fun but yet they didn't mess with it too much because you can still sing along to the song. They keep the momentum up through the whole song and then towards the end of the song they slow it down to an original pace that is a very nice way to relate it to the original. The second song on the EP is "The Wassail Song". I had never heard this song before hearing Hawk Nelson's version, but I still loved it. It is fast paced and upbeat and all together a fun song. Not hearing the original version before I would have guessed that Hawk Nelson wrote it. I looked up the original after hearing Hawk Nelson's version and I must say Hawk Nelson totally rocked it! They made it WAY better in my opinion. The third song is "Up On The Housetop". This song just makes you want to get up and start dancing! It is so fun and fast! I Love it! The fourth song is "The Holly And The Ivy". This song isn't as fast as the others ones but it is very good. I hadn't heard this song either, but like the other one I looked it up and in my opinion Hawk Nelson made it better. The fifth song is "Joy To The World". This song is a classic and I already had in my mind what Hawk Nelson was going to do. I figured they would speed it up and drums just like the other songs. I was wrong and I admit I am glad I was wrong. Instead they went acapella! Surprised me but it is awesome sounding and maybe even my favorite song on the album! At the end of the song the singing turns into more of a yelling that is absolutely hilarious! The sixth song is "I Saw Three Ships". This song is another fast paced song that rocks out. I wasn't real familiar with this song but I had heard the original song. The last song which would be the seventh is "Silent Night". With this one they stayed pretty much original, it was still very good though. A good way to end the EP.

I don't know if I should call this a Christmas album or if I should just call it Hawk Nelson's newest album. Either way it is a very and enjoyable album that is a must have for fans of Hawk Nelson. On a Christmas album when bands cover music it can be either done just right where you can still appreciate the original but it is just upgraded, or it can be done way too much where you can't even tell what song it is because it makes no sense. I think Hawk Nelson nailed this one with a perfect mixture. Some songs on this album remind me of the movie Alvin and the Chimpmunks (the new ones). On the first movie when the chipmunks are in the recording studio and they drink some kind of frozen coffee. The chimpmunks go nuts and start bouncing off the walls. I can imagine that is what it was like recording this album with Hawk Nelson. There is just so much energy! For a Christmas album I would give this a 5/5 stars. Must have for Hawk Nelson fans. You can get your own copy for only $5 here.

            Track List
1. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
2. The Wassail Song
3. Up On The Housetop
4. The Holly And The Ivy
5. Joy To The World
6. I Saw Three Ships
7. Silent Night

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Music Video Flame ft. V. Rose - Surrender

Someone recently suggested some bands for me to listen to and among those bands was FLAME and V. Rose. I loved the sound and lyrics of this song. I will let you check it out, the music speaks for itself.

If you liked that sound leave a comment and let me know. Also I am always open to band suggestions so if you know of a good Christian band or if you are in a band leave a comment and let me know or send me an email to and I will check it out! :)

Stellar Kart Announces Changes In The Band

Last night the lead singer of Stellar Kart (Adam Agee) announced on his Tumblr that the drummer Jordan Messer and one of the guitarists Brian, are going to be leaving the band. Here is Adam's Tumblr post.


I know a lot of you have been asking about changes in SK over the last couple months. I will try to clear a few things up for you. :) The biggest news is that my bros Jordan and Brian have decided to leave the road and spend more time with their families. Brian, his wife Sarah, and baby girl Fiona have decided to move to Oklahoma City, go back to school and start a new chapter in their lives. Jordan, his wife Lauren, and their brand new baby girl Layla are back in sunny Phoenix where they can be close to family and friends. Lauren owns a hair salon and Jordan is still rocking Scarliet Clothing. We wish them all the best of luck and hope you all will too! Please continue to follow them on twitter and encourage them in their new ventures. :) Jo and Brian dedicated their lives to this band and that will never be forgotten.

I want you all to know that Stellar Kart has no plans of giving up, just moving forward. As many of you know, Nick Baumhardt has been playing guitar for us for over a year and produced the “A Whole New World EP.” Some of you also may recognize Jeremi Hough. He filled in on drums for us while Jordan was having his baby and is now taking over as our drummer. We are all getting into the studio next week to start working on the next Stellar Kart record! Please welcome these guys and show them love. :)
We’re excited about this new chapter in the life of Stellar Kart and hope that you guys love the new music that you’ll be hearing soon. :) Hope to see you soon out on the road!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Practicing Affirmation Book Review

Practicing Affirmation by Sam Crabtree is a great book to help you appreciate others and what they do. It also teaches you how to truly appreciate others.

Everyone likes to hear that they did something right or praise worthy. In Practicing Affirmation Sam approaches praising someone from a Christian perspective. He talks about praising the Christ-like qualities
in people, so that God gets the credit for creating the person. Sam also covers issues like, the right way to affirm people, the difference between affirmation and encouragement, and affirming people who don't return the kind words. This book is a good book for everyone. We can all use a little help with affirming the good qualities in our family, friends and even strangers. Sometimes we tend to take people for granted without even realizing it. This book is a great way to get you on the right track to a loving and affirming relationship with others.

All in all I thought this book was good. It had a lot of good and useful information. The first chapter was a little harder for me to get into, but the rest of the book is great. I would recommend it to people who want to have a good relationship with others, and people who want to be a blessing to others. I would give this book a 3.5/5 stars.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winter Jam 2012 Line Up and Tour Dates

Winter Jam has announced the line up and tour dates for the 2012 tour!!!!

 I must say it is a good line up this year and for $10 you can't beat it. Ready............................................. *drum roll please* ...............................................................

Awesome line up, right? I am very excited about this tour, I can't wait to go! Here is the list of the tour dates.

For more info and updates "like" the Winter Jam Facebook Page. Also don't forget Winter Jam is heading out to the west coast this fall with Newsboys, Kutless, RED, Fireflight, Matthew West, and many more. For more info on that you can go here.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thicker Than Water

This spring I went to a concert and saw this band, Thicker Than Water. They put on a really great and energetic show (You can read the concert review here). Plus they are from Michigan!!!!! (If you couldn't tell I am from Michigan as well.) Anyway they released a brand new album titled "Proclaim" in September.

 The album is ten tracks filled with great music and an even greater message. Now get can get their album for only $5.00. That is insane right? Ten songs for five bucks!!! Still not convinced, Eh? (That is my Canadian accent by the way). Well check out this song and then see if your convinced!

Well.....what did I say....good right? If you liked it then make sure you pick up their new album you can order the real deal "Physical" CD here, or you can buy the album on iTunes. The choice is yours! Also make sure you "Like" these guys on Facebook!

P.S. This would make a great Christmas gift! that too soon, sorry! It is coming! :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tim Hawkins - Cletus Take The Reel

I found this video on YouTube the other day and I thought it was hilarious. I figured everyone could use a good laugh, so here you go. This is "Cletus Take The Reel" by Tim Hawkins.

I told you it was funny! Leave a comment and let me know what you thought.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Music With A Mission Tour Review

I was able to attend the Music With A Mission Tour a few days ago. I was very excited about the line up which featured Hawk Nelson, Fireflight, Superchick, MIKESCHAIR, Manafest, Hyland, Kiros and Samestate.

The first band that played was Samestate. I thought that they were definitely the perfect band to get the show started. They had a very good sound and they did good as far as performing on stage. In alot of ways the first band that plays sets the tone for the rest of the show and I thought that Samestate set an excellent tone. The second band in the line up was a Canadian band called Kiros. They had more of a energetic sound that would appeal to a younger crowd. They had a pretty good show I liked the sound of their music, but the stage presence wasn't as good. They were energetic and dancing around and that is awesome the only thing is that they seemed to all be trying to out do each other. There was just a little too much going on. Kiros also said that the tour had been changed from "Music With A Mission Tour" to "Music With A Mustache Tour". It was funny and there were alot of bands sporting mustaches.

 The next band that played (which surprised me a little) was Manafest. Manafest was the only rapper on the tour so in a way he was the odd one out, but he did a great job. He had a very energetic show, filled with songs that I love like "Fire In The Kitchen", "Avalanche" and then a little bit slower song but one of my favorites, "Everytime You Run". The only thing that I didn't like as much about Manafest show was that in certain songs like "Everytime You Run" for example, he would have back singing playing even though there were no back up singers. It is understandable but still that is one thing that I noticed. Also Jonathan from Hawk Nelson, was playing guitar for Manafest which I thought was very cool. The next band to play (which surprised me even more) was Superchick. I was most excited to see Superchick, and they didn't disappoint as far as the show. They put on a great show that was energetic and plus I knew all the songs! Superchick was also sporting the coolest outfits. The only sad part was that Matt (one of the guitar players/singers) wasn't at the show. Since this was the second to the last show on the tour, they bands started pranking each other. So during one of Superchick's songs a bunch of the other bands came running out and dancing, it was hilarious. 

Towards the end of Superchick's set they played two of Tricia's (the lead singer) songs off of her new worship album. It was very cool to see Superchick go from dancing and singing "Rock What You Got" to playing amazing worship. The next band that played was Hyland. I was also looking forward to watching them play, since I like their music. I would say that Hyland had the best sound of the night. Alot of times when you go to concerts the bands don't sound like the CD, but Hyland did. They put on a very good show, probably even my favorite of the night. They were energetic at times and worshiping at times and it just seemed to be a perfect balance. The next band that played was MIKESCHAIR. I was really surprised by how many of their songs I knew. I had heard almost all of their songs on the radio. MIKESCHAIR had a very good worship sound that I enjoyed. They played their hit songs "Someone Worth Dying For" and "Keep Changing The World".

The next band to play was Fireflight. Now don't get mad at me but I am not a big fan of Fireflight. But they did put on a very good show and  actually enjoyed it. They are making a fan out of me. Fireflight was more energetic and they definitely had alot of fans in the crowd. I thought that all in all they put on a good show. Then last but certainly not least Hawk Nelson took the stage playing "Your Love Is A Mystery". They had huge letters behind them that lit up spelling "Hawk".

You could tell by the crowds reaction that Hawk Nelson was the favorite and it wasn't hard to tell why. They put on a very fun and energetic show. They were all jumping around and having the fans clap and jump. Jason (the lead singer) also came through the crowd singing and the fans went nuts. It took Jason a while to make it back up on the stage. Then after a couple of songs I noticed that people behind me and beside me were starting to sit down. So I looked over and read the screen and it said for everyone to sit down because we were going to prank Hawk Nelson. It didn't take long for everyone to catch on. When everyone was sitting the band started laughing and Jason (the lead singer) said "I get it we suck!". It was hilarious! Later Jason admitted that he had also read the screen so he knew what was going on but he said it was a good try. Either way it was a blast. After Hawk Nelson finished their set and said goodbye fans started yelling "One More Song". So after a few minutes of persuading Hawk Nelson came back on stage wearing hilarious wigs and playing "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

All in all it was a great show and a great tour, it was very organized and there wasn't much time between bands which was appreciated. I would definitely recommend this tour, the lead singer of Hawk Nelson said it was a pleasure to be part of the first annual music with a mission tour so there will be more to come. For more info check out the Music With A Mission Facebook page.