Saturday, November 12, 2011

Benjah - The Break Up Review

"The Break Up" by Benjah is what I would call a Rap/ Hip Hop/ Jamaican album. It has a lot going on, in a good way.

The album starts off with an intro that gives you a taste of what the album will be like. The second song is "Sinking Ship". This song has a very sweet Jamaican kind of sound mixed with the rap that I absolutely love. The lyrics on this song talk about being in a relationship with a girl and it is a sinking ship. I really wish this song had better lyrics that applied to something other than dating because the sound of this song is just plain awesome. The third song on the album is "Not Alone".This song has a good beat mixed with some techno effects that groove. This song also has some amazing vocals with male vocals by Benjah and female vocals by Rachael Lampa, that really compliment each other. This song also has a strong message that says you are not alone. The fourth song is "Jezebel". This song has a good groove and good vocals, but the lyrics talk about a girl who stole his heart. The fifth song on the album is "Keep Ridin'". The vocals and groove of this song are a fantastic combo that sounds like a Jamaican rap thing. The lyrics in this song don't talk about a girl, so that is nice. The one part of this song says "You Can't Serve Two God's So Who Is Your King?". The sixth song is "Third World Fam". This song is one of the best on the album. It has a really Jamaican sound, so much that it is a little hard to understand some parts, I love it though! This song talks about how Christians in other countries get sent to jail and killed just for worshiping God. Some of my favorite lyrics are "Have you ever seen a grown man beaten, Cause he tried to worship out in the streets, Have you ever seen kids become orphans, Daddy murdered by strong armed forces, Have you ever been arrested lately, Just for going church not nothing crazy, Have you ever seen a church burn in flames, Because they dare and say Jehovah's name, If you call yourself a Christian, You got family world wide, I'm saying that our mission, Is to hold them when they cry."

The seventh song on the album is "Walkn' Out". This song doesn't have as much Jamaican as the previous song "3rd World Fam". This song is enjoyable to listen to and it is very encouraging. The eighth song is "On Grace I Stand". This song starts a little different than the other because starts with piano. This song is more of a worship/rap which is nice, it helps to change the sound so the whole album doesn't sound the same. Plus the lyrics in this song are really good talking about how picks you up when you fall down. The ninth song on the album is "My Angel". This song features Group 1 Crew and they are one of my favorite bands so I was looking forward to hearing this song because I thought it would be a really great mix of vocals. This song didn't disappoint, with the Jamaican groove from Benjah mixed with the rapping and female vocals from Group 1 Crew it made a very catchy and powerful song that is one of my all time favorite songs. The tenth song is "Read Me". This song features C-Lite & Ron Kenoly Jr. The rapping in this song is really good but the lyrics are the highlight of this song. The lyrics talk about following God's plan for your life and finding your true purpose, at least that is what I got out of it. The eleventh song on the album is "CNLYG". This song isn't quite as much of a Jamaican song, it is more of a Hip Hop or Pop kind of sound. This song has a really good beat that I love to tap my foot to. The twelfth song is "Orphan". This song brings it back to a little bit more of Jamaican vibe. This song is a bit slower but grooves well with its Jamaican twist. There is also a bonus song called "The Break Up".

This album has a very unique sound that I really enjoyed. I have said that I have a soft spot for Techno music, well I also have a soft spot for this Jamaican sound. I can't get enough of it. The lyrics on this album varied some songs I really like the lyrics and other songs not so much. I would give this album a 4.5/5 stars, I really enjoyed listening to the whole album.

Favorite song on the album: "3rd World"

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