Tuesday, November 29, 2011

7eventh Time Down - Alive In You Review

I recently discovered 7eventh Time Down and after hearing a couple of their songs I was hooked. They released their album "Alive In You" on Sempteber 13th. I just bought a copy a couple of weeks ago and so I decided that I would review it.

The first song on the album is "I Need Someone". This song is one of my favorites, because of the lyrics. I love the part in the chorus where it says "I need someone to carry me, Someone who believes in me, Your everything I ever wanted, You alone can make me beautiful." Plus with this being the first song on the album you get a taste of the sound of the album. The second song is the self-titled track "Alive In You". This song is more of a rock song than the previous one. I am a big fan of the vocals and lyrics that are in this song. I also love the guitar riffs. I can't get enough of this song, "Alive In You" is the most played song on my iPod, if that tells you anything! The third song is "What About Tonight". This song is another really great rock song that talks about not wasting a moment. The fourth song on the album is "Get Me To You". This song is more of a worship song but it still rocks! It talks about being willing to do anything just to get to God. The fifth song is "World Changer". This song is another one of my favorites, wow I have a lot of favorites! :D This song talks about wanting to change the world for God, and how one life can change the world.

The sixth song on the album is "Do You Believe". As far as vocals this is my favorite song on the album. I think I like the vocals so much because the sound of the music is pretty simple so the vocals and lyrics really shine. The seventh song is "Jesus Machine". This song really rocks out and so it is yet another one of my favorites. While listening to it I have been asked if it is Family Force 5, so it has a energetic rock sound like that, but in my opinion the lyrics are WAY better. The eighth song on the album is "Love Parade". This almost has a country vibe to it, I like how this song changes up the sound a bit. The song says how we are the love parade and basically how we have to spread that love. The ninth song is "Worship Jesus". This song is truly amazing, I mean we should sing it in church. The chorus is my favorite because it says "I will worship Jesus with every breath I take, I will follow Jesus with every step I take, I believe in Jesus creator of all things, The whole worlds about to change, Your bigger than a name". The final song on the album is "Rusty Nails". This song starts off with just singing, and then some guitar, then some piano then finally after the powerful chorus the drums kick in. This song is a beautiful worship song and a perfect way to end the album.

Alive In You is a really fantastic album that I think a lot of different people will like, if not love. Being honest I would say that this is my favorite album of 2011 and that is saying alot considering how many great albums have come out this year. I just love everything about Alive In You, there isn't one song that I don't like. The lyrics on every song actually talk about something and something very important and powerful at that. The album changes as far as the sound with rock, country and worship sounds, you never get bored. I enjoyed this album so much I would buy it again. I would easily give this album 5/5 stars if not more. Make sure you check out 7eventh Time Down on Facebook.

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