Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rachael Lampa - All We Need Review

Rachael Lampa released her 8th album "All We Need" on September 27th.

The first song on the album is the self-titled "All We Need". This song is fun pop song with beautiful vocals. The lyrics in this song are very hopeful and they say that "Love is all we need". The second song is "Remedy". This song has a great groove to it and it has really encouraging lyrics. Some of my favorite lines are "Every time time I cry and I want to hide, Feel like I'm damaged on the inside, You know just what to do, You got what I need.....Your my remedy". The third song on the album is "Savior's Face". This song says that we are all the same, we all mess up, and the only way we can change is with God. This song is a Pop/Worship song with absolutely beautiful vocals. The fourth song is "Beauty's Just A Word". This song is a very powerful song filled with lyrics that really speak to the listeners. This also has a really solid beat through out the whole song. The fifth song "No Escape" picks thing up a bit with a more energetic beat that will get you tapping your feet. The sixth song "Uncharted Territory" starts off a little slower but it builds to an upbeat chorus that is easy to sing along with.

The seventh song on the album is "Elevate". This song is very enjoyable to listen to lyrically and musically it just flows well. This song also has a beat that makes you want to clap along with it. The eighth song is "My One And Only". When this song started I could tell it was going to be my favorite because it is energetic, and it has some techno sound too! I would say that this is the most fun song on the album, it would definitely be awesome in concert! The ninth song on the album is "Run To You". This one slows things back down as far as the energy. It is a bit more of a worship song, but has a good clapping beat like "Elevate". The tenth song is "Feel". This song is a slower one, that is also more of a worship song. The eleventh song on the album is "Human feat. Jonny Lang". The mix of the female and the male vocals in this song are really beautiful together, it adds a lot to the song. In this song Rachael sings about how she is not perfect and she says "I'm human too". Last but not least is the twelfth song "Live For You". This picks things up a little and ends the album in a really smart way. This song talks about living your life for God and it is a very good mindset to be in at the end of the album.

"All We Need" is really fantastic lyrically. If I could I would just put the the lyrics to all the songs as my review, because they speak for themselves. As far as the sound musically it is a Pop album and with Rachael's vocals it mixes in a beautiful way. The only thing that I didn't like is that a lot of the songs on the album sound the same to me. Me and my brother play this game where he picks a random song and then I have to guess the artist and the title of the album and song. With these songs I would be able to tell that it is Rachael Lampa but as far as knowing the difference between the songs it would be quite difficult because they sound the same to me. I think listening to this album in piece's is better so you can appreciate each song. Other than that though the album is good, I would give it a 3.5/5 stars.

Track Listing01. All We Need
02. Remedy
03. Savior's Face
04. Beauty's Just A Word
05. No Escape
06. Run To You
07. Elevate
08. My One And Only
09. Feel
10. Uncharted Territory
(Bonus Tracks)
11. Human (Feat. Jonny Lang)
12. Live For You (2011)

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