Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Press Play - World Anthem Review

Press Play released their newest album "World Anthem" on September 27th. This album is their third album following "NY2LA" which is one of my favorite albums.

The first song on the album is the self-titled "World anthem". This song talks about starting a love revolution. This song has a techno/pop sound that is very catchy and enjoyable to listen to. The second song on the album is "F-I-R-E". This song has an awesome beat that makes you want to move. This song reminds me a lot of the song "NY2LA" on Press Play's previous album as far as the fun and energetic sound. Manwell Reyes from Group 1 Crew also helps out on this song with a sweet rap part towards the end that just adds to the epic-ness of this song. The third song is "Let It Out". This song is another one that makes you want to move and dance, this song would be a blast in concert. This song also has some cool techno parts that I really love. The fourth song on the album is "Just Like Lightning". This song is slightly less energetic, but it still has a cool almost disco sound. This song also has a very hopeful message, that is basically saying that although storms may come you will be alright because God is there for you. The fifth song is "Walking On Air". This song is a little slower but it has a good groove. The female vocals mixed with Manwell Reyes vocals are great together and it makes the song flow very well.

The sixth song on the album is "Three Little Worlds". This song isn't as energetic and as dance driven, but it still has a solid beat. This song has more of a pop influence that is nice to help change up the sound a little. This song talks about the three little words that everyone needs to hear "I LOVE YOU". The seventh song is "Raise It Up". Right when this song starts you can tell it is going to be an energetic dance song. This song is a great one to blast in your stereo because it sounds great and because one of the lines says "Turn up Loud"! This song is a blast of fun. Which if you look that up in the dictionary blast means an explosion and fun means excited activity, So this song is an explosion of excited activity! :D The eighth song on the album is "Truth Be Told". This song seems to have more of a Hip Hop influence. "Truth Be Told" talks about just that, making sure that people known the truth about God and heaven. The ninth song is "Change The World". WARNING: the chorus of this song gets stuck in your head REALLY easy. :D This song sounds a lot like the other songs but the chorus is even more catchy because during part of it they repeat "We're gonna change, change, change the world". The song talks about changing the world and making a difference for God. The tenth song on the album is "Save My Life". When this song starts it is like a different band is playing. The song is slower and the vocals sound different. Then when the female vocals start in it sounds more like Press Play. This song is about calling out to God to save you. The eleventh song is "Give It All". This song isn't the dance kind of sound from the beginning of the album but it is more upbeat that the previous song. This song is an amazing worship song, I wouldn't be surprised if Church's start to sing it. The twelfth and final song on the album is "Angels Sing". This song is another great worship song with amazing vocals. I really love the sound of this song, it sounds like one you would hear at church and during the chorus everyone starts singing together. It is a very beautiful and enjoyable song to listen to.

To wrap up this albums message with one word it would be LOVE. "World Anthem" is full of catchy songs and LOVEly lyrics that are a joy to listen to. Most of this album would be great on some kind of dancing show or game, I think that would be amazing. But then towards the end of the album it is more of a worship album. Press Play could have made two different albums with these songs. The only negative thing I have to say is that this album kind of sounds the same, there wasn't a whole lot of differences in the sound. I mean they have the dance songs in the beginning and the worship ones at the end so they have different sounds, but if they would have mixed the songs together I think it would have been more interesting. Other than that it is a very good album. I like how the album ended with a song aimed toward worshiping God to put things in perspective. I really enjoyed listening to this album and I would give it a 4.5/5 stars.

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