Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hawk Nelson Christmas EP Review

Hawk Nelson released their first Christmas EP today (November 1st). Now that it is November it is time to start getting into the holiday season, right? Well what better way to than listening to your favorite Christmas classics revamped.

The EP starts off with the popular song "Hark The Herald Angels Sing". This song is a perfect way to start off the album. I thought that Hawk Nelson did a great job of making the song upbeat and fun but yet they didn't mess with it too much because you can still sing along to the song. They keep the momentum up through the whole song and then towards the end of the song they slow it down to an original pace that is a very nice way to relate it to the original. The second song on the EP is "The Wassail Song". I had never heard this song before hearing Hawk Nelson's version, but I still loved it. It is fast paced and upbeat and all together a fun song. Not hearing the original version before I would have guessed that Hawk Nelson wrote it. I looked up the original after hearing Hawk Nelson's version and I must say Hawk Nelson totally rocked it! They made it WAY better in my opinion. The third song is "Up On The Housetop". This song just makes you want to get up and start dancing! It is so fun and fast! I Love it! The fourth song is "The Holly And The Ivy". This song isn't as fast as the others ones but it is very good. I hadn't heard this song either, but like the other one I looked it up and in my opinion Hawk Nelson made it better. The fifth song is "Joy To The World". This song is a classic and I already had in my mind what Hawk Nelson was going to do. I figured they would speed it up and drums just like the other songs. I was wrong and I admit I am glad I was wrong. Instead they went acapella! Surprised me but it is awesome sounding and maybe even my favorite song on the album! At the end of the song the singing turns into more of a yelling that is absolutely hilarious! The sixth song is "I Saw Three Ships". This song is another fast paced song that rocks out. I wasn't real familiar with this song but I had heard the original song. The last song which would be the seventh is "Silent Night". With this one they stayed pretty much original, it was still very good though. A good way to end the EP.

I don't know if I should call this a Christmas album or if I should just call it Hawk Nelson's newest album. Either way it is a very and enjoyable album that is a must have for fans of Hawk Nelson. On a Christmas album when bands cover music it can be either done just right where you can still appreciate the original but it is just upgraded, or it can be done way too much where you can't even tell what song it is because it makes no sense. I think Hawk Nelson nailed this one with a perfect mixture. Some songs on this album remind me of the movie Alvin and the Chimpmunks (the new ones). On the first movie when the chipmunks are in the recording studio and they drink some kind of frozen coffee. The chimpmunks go nuts and start bouncing off the walls. I can imagine that is what it was like recording this album with Hawk Nelson. There is just so much energy! For a Christmas album I would give this a 5/5 stars. Must have for Hawk Nelson fans. You can get your own copy for only $5 here.

            Track List
1. Hark The Herald Angels Sing
2. The Wassail Song
3. Up On The Housetop
4. The Holly And The Ivy
5. Joy To The World
6. I Saw Three Ships
7. Silent Night

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