Tuesday, November 1, 2011

B. Reith - How The Story Ends Review

B.Reith just released his highly anticipated full-length album “How the Story Ends”, today (11-1-11). What a great day to release an album, I mean how can this album not hit number one on the charts! ;) On this album B. Reith teamed up with some very talented people including Lecrae, Lisa Gungor, Dave Barnes, and PJ Morton, an R&B star who is a touring member of Maroon 5.

The first song on the album is "Next Move". This song is fun sounding it makes you either want to clap along or dance.....or BOTH! I love the beat and groove of this song. In this song B. Reith is talking about not knowing his next move. The second song "Simple Days" slows things down a bit. This song is nice and simple. I know that isn't a good way to describe a song but this song is a song that you can easily sing along to. After hearing it twice I had the chorus stuck in my head. Saying that, this song is quite repetitive. The third song on the album is "Lonely Hearts Club". This song has a bit of a techno sound that is cool. I like the rapping parts of this song, but the chorus isn't really my style. This song also gets a little boring after awhile it doesn't change sound much.

The fourth song is "Two Steps Forward". This song is rap and techno. I must say I tend to favor rap more than pop, so I liked this song a whole lot more than the one before it (Lonely Hearts Club). This song is one of my favorites on the album I love the sound of B. Reith's voice when he raps and on this song  it is all rap. The fifth song "Made For More" features Lecrae and Lisa Gungor. This song is the most powerful song on the album in my opinion. It is a anthem and during the chorus you can tell. This song talks about not giving up and giving in but realizing that you were made for more than this world. It is very powerful. Lisa Gungor did a great job on singing the chorus and Lecrae rocked the rhyming with B. Reith. If they made a video for this song I could see people gearing up for battle against the enemy. Then they go marching into battle and win! That's just my idea!

The sixth song is "Moments Like This". This song has rapping and singing in just the right mixture. There is the chorus that is easily to sing along to and then the deeper parts that are rapping. In this B. Reith raps about how hard it is to be a musician, but he is not going to give up. The seventh song is "Drawing Board (Interlude)". This is just a short interlude about a minute long that talks about going back to the drawing board. It has a very nice sound with the piano and B. Reith's voice. The eighth song is "For Once In My Life" featuring PJ Morton. This is a slower song but yet is has a good groove. This is more of a pop song but I still liked it. It talks about not taking the easy way and looking for excuses. The ninth song is "New Found Love". This song has a really cool sound, it just grooves really well.

The tenth song is "I'll Get By". This song has an awesome sound with piano, rap and techno. That sounds like too much, right? Well it has the right blend were it just sounds really cool! It is a fun song that I love and I love singing along with the chorus. This song also has good and hopeful lyrics, this is probably my favorite song on the album. The eleventh song is "How The Story Ends". This song is a little slower and it is about knowing how the story ends. It is a hopeful song, and very encouraging. The last song is "Not Who I Am" featuring Dave Barnes. This song sounds pretty simple at first until you really start listening and then you hear all kinds of different stuff. It all comes together quite beautifully though. This is a great ending to the album, it is like when everything turns out good at the end of a movie, that is what this song portrays.

This album is really odd, in a good way. There are like two different albums in this one. There is a rap album (which is my favorite) and a pop album that is just sweet. I really enjoyed the diversity of the album although the songs didn't change sounds the album did. I would give this album a 4/5 stars.

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