Tuesday, November 22, 2011

V. Rose Album Review

V. Rose released her self titled album "V. Rose" on August 16th of this year (2011).

The album starts out with the song "Not So Average". The song has a nice combination of imaginative beats mixed with pop, R&B, and rock, a sound that is common through the entire album. I also really enjoy listening to the high pitched beautiful vocals on this track. The next song "Christian Girl" has more of an upbeat dance sound that makes you want to move. The third song "Battery" featuring FLAME has an electrifying sound that is really a blast to listen to. Plus having the FLAME rap on this song it adds a whole other element that really makes the song a lot better in my opinion. The next song "Hater" starts off with piano but not a slow piano sound, a fun one. During most of this song there is a really cool beat that you just want to tap your feet to. The next song "Run That Way" definitely has a mainstream sound that absolutely rocks. The sweet techno sound effects mixed with the vocals makes this my favorite song on the whole album.

The next song "Dear Adam" is a slower song that is about God writing a letter to mankind (Adam) and telling us that He died so that we don't have to run away and hide in shame. We can come back home and let Christ live in us. Then "In Dependence" picks up the pace from the previous song with a more energetic beat. This song talks about how depending on God is a good thing and it shouldn't be looked down on. The next song "Girl What U Lookin At" is another song that could easily be mainstream. It is also another one of my favorites on the album as far as the sound of the vocals and beat. The next song "Let's Go Home" slows things down a bit with a beautiful mix of piano and vocals. Then "Love Pursuit" featuring John Katina comes in and it is slightly more upbeat than the previous song. The vocals on the song are good with the mix of guy and girl vocals it definitely adds a lot. The next song "Forgive Me' is a slower R&B song. This song talks about God forgiving you even though you do wrong. The last song on the album is "Cry Holy". This song is a powerful song that reminds us of everything that Jesus went through for us. It is really a great way to end the album.

This album is a fun and energetic album, yet it is powerful and encouraging. V. Rose has an amazing voice that is like a Christian version of Rhianna. I really loved some of the songs on this album and then there were a couple that were just good but not great. All in all this is a very good album that would be perfect for fans of Beckah Shae, or pretty much any young teenage girl.

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