Thursday, June 30, 2011

Winner of the Hyland Weights & Measures Giveaway

It is my pleasure to announce the winner of the Hyland Weights & Measures album.

 So here you go I have randomly selected a winner who will receive a brand new copy of Hyland's album and the winner is...................................Matt. Congratulations Matt I have sent you a winning tweet with more info. I hope that you will enjoy Hyland's album. Now if you aren't Matt and you didn't win, don't be sad, I have TWO OTHER GIVEAWAYS that will be up very soon so be on the lookout.

Peter Furler On Fire Review

You might have known him as the former front man for Newsboys, but Peter Furler has even more to come. On June 21st Peter released his brand new solo album titled "On Fire".

This album reminds me alot of the "old" Newsboys sound. In a way it kind of made me miss the old Newsboys, don't get me wrong Tait does a good job, it's just not the same. Peter's Australian voice was one of my favorite parts to the Newsboys. If you were listening to the radio and one of Peter Furler's songs came on you would think it was an old Newsboys song. So if you are a fan of the "old" Newsboys I highly recommend this album.

I don't know about you guys but I sometimes get tired of reading a long review so I have decided to try something new, I am going to use ONE WORD to describe each song. This is just an experiment, so let me know what you think.

Track list with one word description
  1. I'm Alive --- Life
  2. Reach --- Powerful
  3. Glory To The King --- Amazing
  4. Never Ending Love Song --- Techno-ish (I know it's not a word, but it works)
  5. Matter Of Faith --- Believing
  6. All In Your Head --- Motivational
  7. Closer --- Futuristic
  8. Faster and Louder --- Favorite
  9. Psalm 23 --- Classic
  10. Hold On --- Encouraging
  11. Greater Is He --- Worship
Please comment and let me know what you thought of the one word song description. Thanks for reading.

I received this album free to review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cities And Saints - Into The Deep - Music Video

I recently discovered this awesome band called Cities and Saints, actually they found me on twitter. Anyway they are an awesome alternative rock band from Grand Rapids Michigan. I have NO IDEA how I didn't know about these guys, because their music and message is really good. So I wanted to share their music video "Into The Deep" with you guys, let me know what you think.

If you liked their music video make sure you check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Manafest Interview

I told you I would post an Interview with Manafest and here it is, 5 questions with Mr. Manafest (a.k.a. Chris Greenwood). My questions are in white and Manafest's answers are following them  in orange. Enjoy!

1. How did God call you into this ministry?

        I’ve always enjoy music as a kid but didn’t start performing it until I hurt myself skateboarding.  I didn’t a lot of soul searching then and that’s when God called me into the music.  It didn’t become a ministry until years later when we started to see people give their lives to Jesus at the shows

2. When you aren't playing a show or traveling, what do you enjoy doing?

        I enjoy skateboarding with my friends, watching movies, and reading inspirational books

3. Who have you always wanted to perform for, and why?

       I’ve always wanted to tour California because it always seemed like this fantasy type place to live and now I tour there all the time and love it!!!

4. If you had one day where you could do anything, anywhere, what would you do?

        Fly to Space, and do a concert on the moon televised to the world...

5. What are some things that you do to keep yourself humble, and focused on God?

    I do a devotion every day/morning, I pray and listening to a lot of messages whether at home or on the road.

Manafest Live In Concert CD/DVD Review

Manafest released his very first live CD/DVD on June 7th called "Manafest Live In Concert".

If you own all of Manafest's albums, or if you don't have any of his stuff, this is the perfect CD/DVD combo for you. Manafest Live In Concert features a CD with 11 songs and a DVD of his live concert with 3 bonus music videos and an interview. The live DVD starts off with the radio single "Avalanche". Then the next song is a fun song that I had never heard before called "4-3-2-1". This song was definitely a party starter and during the song Manafest had the audience jumping and dancing. The next song is "Top Of The World", this is another song that I hadn't heard but really enjoyed it on the DVD. After that is a song called "No Plan B" off of Manafest album The Chase. The fifth song is "Bounce" and this song was very energetic and looked like it would be a blast in concert.

The next song is one of my absolute favorites, "Impossible". On the original version Trevor McNevan (Lead Singer Of Thousand Foot Krutch) does alot of the singing, so for the live version they have that playing and Manafest sings along which is one thing that I didn't like as much. The next song is "Bring The Ruckus" another one off of Manafest's album The Chase. Then Manafest talks a little bit about Fear and how he used to be insecure and shy, but he realized that Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real. The next song is "Every Time You Run", this song is also suppose to feature Trevor McNevan but instead just has a recording. The next song is another one of my favorites called "Renegade" once again Trevor is substituted by a recording that Manafest sings along with. After that is an upbeat song that really rocks out called "Fire In The Kitchen" and yeah you guessed it, it also originally features Trevor McNevan. Last but not least is a song called "The Chase", this song is a great way to end the DVD. All in all Manafest's Live In Concert CD/DVD is a great album and great show, I would give it a 4/5 star rating.
Be sure to check back here soon because I will be posting an Interview with Manafest and I will be posting a Giveaway after my other one ends!!!

Track List
  1. Avalanche
  2. 4-3-2-1
  3. Top Of The World
  4. No Plan B
  5. Bounce
  6. Impossible
  7. Bring The Ruckus
  8. Fear
  9. Everytime You Run
  10. Renegade
  11. Fire In The Kitchen
  12. The Chase
Bonus DVD Features
  1. Japan Interview
  2. Impossible Video
  3. Avalanche Video
  4. No Plan B Video

I received this CD/DVD free to review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Attaboy Being Remade Review

I have the great pleasure to review Attaboy's album Being Remade. First off I must say that I was suprised by how many of these songs I already knew.

The first song on the album is "We Sing" I wasn't a very big fan of this song, I'm not sure why I just didn't like it as much. The second song on the album is called "More Like You" and as the title is saying, the song is about wanting to be more like God. The third song and one of my favorites is "Everything Matters" it has a great sound. I love the lyrics in this song because it saying "I want to live like everything matters, I want to love like people last forever, Every word we speak, Every breath we breathe, Everything matters". The fourth song on the album is "California" this song is a little bit slower, but has a good sound and great lyrics. This song was one of the ones that I had heard before, but I had no clue that it was Attaboy's song. The fifth song is "This Is Love" and this song seems a little slower but yet it has a good beat. This song would probably be great in concert. The sixth song on the album is "The Only One" and this song has a cool upbeat sound that I really like. This would be another one of my favorites on the album. I love the lyrics and I love the sound of it especially the guitar. This song would also be fun in concert. The seventh song is called "For A Rainy Day" and this one has a little different sound, but its a fun song. This song is the kind of song the just makes you happy. This is another one of my favorites because it is just a fun song......I don't know how else to describe it. The eighth song is "Wait On You" this is a song that I have heard before and I really liked but I had no clue it was Attaboy. I know I have had quite a few favorite songs, but I would have to say that out of all the songs on the album this would be my favorite. The song has a great sound, but alot of the reason I like it is because I have good memories attached to this song. I have a song memory, for example when I hear the song "Voyage Of Beliefs" by FM Static I can't help but think of my mom, not because the song is even about her but because she has made her own version of the song. Anyway.....the ninth song on the album is "Whose You Are" this song like almost every song on the album has a good sound and great lyrics. The last song on the album or song number ten is "I'm Sorry" and I know I have said it on alot of songs but this is another one of my favorites. I just love the beat and I love singing along with this song. So all in all I really like Attaboy's album Being Remade. It seems to get better everytime I listen to it. I would rate this album a 4/5.

 I received this album free to review on my blog, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Christian Music Sampler Downloads

You can download 2 different samplers from 2 different record labels for FREE. BEC Recordings has a Free sampler download. They are home to many Christian bands like Hawk Nelson, Manafest, Kutless, KJ-52 and more.

You can get BEC Recording's FREE 14 song sampler Here. The other FREE download is from Solid State Records. Solid State is home to the bands Demon Hunter, Underoath & Becoming The Archetype. You can get Solid State Record's sampler Here. All you have to do to get these samplers is "like" the record label's Facebook page, Easy, right? I hope you enjoy the songs from the different artists. If you download the samplers, make sure you tell me what song you like the most.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hyland Weights & Measures Giveaway

*Giveaway Ended*

I told you not to worry if you didn't win the last giveaway and this is why, I am giving away a brand new copy of Hyland's debut album Weights & Measures. You can read my review of the album to see what I thought of it.

To enter all you have to do is read and comment on my review of Weights & Measures.

For extra entries you can do the following:
  1. Like Hyland and The Christian Music Junkie on Facebook
  2. Comment on any of my posts (Make sure that you leave a comment here saying that you commented on another post.)
  3. Blog about the giveaway (this gives you 3 extra entries, but make sure that you leave 3 separate comments)
  4. Tweet about this giveaway (you may do this daily, but make sure that you leave a comment each time you do.)
Sample Tweet:

YOU can enter to #WIN a brand new copy of Hyland's CD Weights & Measures from @Drummin_4_Jesus Ends 6/30

Also make sure that you put some form of contact in your comments that way I can contact you if you win. This giveaway ends at 9pm EST on Thursday June 30th. The winner will be randomly selected and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be randomly selected. (This giveaway is only open to people that live in United States or Canada please.) If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Courageous Movie Trailer

Sherwood Pictures has a new movie coming out in September called Courageous. Now if you are not familiar with Sherwood Pictures they make family friendly Christian movies. They were the ones that made the movies Fireproof, Facing The Giants and Flywheel. I am very excited for their new movie Courageous and I hope that you will be too after you watch the trailer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Winner Of The Hurt Healer Book Giveaway

So now the moment you have all been waiting for............the winner of Tony Nolan's book Hurt Healer.

It was a pleasure to give this away and I hope that the person who wins this book will enjoy it as much as I enjoy my copy. Finally the winner is.................................(drum roll please)................................Renee. Congratulations Renee I will send you an email with more information. Thank you everyone that entered, and if you didn't win I am very sorry, but don't be sad I have another giveaway coming up VERY soon.

Hyland Weights & Measures Review

Hyland is a Christian rock band that recently signed with Tooth and Nail records. I recently received a copy of Hyland's debut album Weights & Measures and it is now one of my favorites.

The album has a very catchy pop/rock sound, that to me sounds similar to Hawk Nelson or Capital Lights.  I love the sound of this whole album, the vocals, the drums, the guitar and the lyrics. The first song of twelve on the album is "Jumping The Gun", it is a perfect way to start the album with its upbeat and energetic sound. The second song is "The One That Got Away" and this song also has a great sound. After hearing this song I kept singing it because it has a catchy sound. This song is not like most catchy songs that are annoying an you wish that you would have never heard it, this song just has a good sound that makes you want to sing along. The third song on the album is "Taking The Scenic Route" this song is about a girl and it is just a little slower, but it still has a good sound. The fourth song is called "Crying Out" and as the name says it is about crying out to God, saying I need you. My favorite part of this song is towards the end when a bunch of people sing together like a choir. The fifth song on this album is "This Love Is Free", it has a nice slow sound. This song is a great worship song.

The sixth song and my favorite on the whole album is "Fireworks". I love everything about this song, the sound is more of a rock sound and the lyrics are just amazing. My favorite lines from this song are "I’ve had quite enough, Of this lust disguised as love, We light our hearts in hopes of, Oohs and aahs, Fireworks will never work baby, There’s nothing left when our, Innocence is all but lost, Fireworks will only burn baby." The seventh song on the album is "Coast To Coast" and this is a slower song but it has really good lyrics. The eighth song is "Heart To Life" this song has a good beat and just a great sound like most of the songs on this album. The ninth song on the album is "Til Death" and it has a good sound, with some cool guitar in it. The tenth song is "Downhill" and this song is not as upbeat as the other songs and it wasn't one of my favorites. The eleventh song is "Desperate Man" and it is about not giving up even when stuff goes wrong. Last but not least is the twelfth song "Never" and this song is another slow one that would be a good worship song. All in all I would give this album a 4.75 out of 5. It is a great album with an awesome sound and amazing lyrics.

I also have some great news.....I am giving away a brand new copy of this CD for FREE. You can enter to win Here.

I recieved this album for free to review on my blog, but all opions are 100% mine.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Autograph Shirt Week 3

I am a little behind on my stories so there will be two Autograph Shirt stories this week. Yay.....I can tell that your OVER joyed. So for week 3 I am going to feature a band called VOTA. If you haven't heard of VOTA boy are you missing out, they are and amazing band with a unique sound.

I have been able to see VOTA in concert more than once, so I decided to just pick one of the stories to share with you. If you want to read about the first time that I met VOTA when they were on tour with Barlow Girl and Superchick, you can go Here. I had convinced my parents to take me to a FREE concert (It's not hard to convince them when it's free). The concert was part of The Unity Christian Music Festival, they have a free day every year called Day Zero. There are normally a few bands that play on day zero and that year it was going to be Thousand Foot Krutch, Fireflight, VOTA and FM Static. After I convinced my parents and we had it planned I tweeted the bands and band members saying that I was going and that it was going to be awesome and so on. The only band that replied to me was VOTA. The lead singer Bryan and the Guitar player Case replied to me. I remember that I was SOOO excited because it was the first time that anyone had replied to me on twitter and it was a band. Anyway I had talked to Case on twitter before the concert and so I told him that since he had replied to me and actually talked to me that I was going to make him a sign that says "Case Rocks because he talks to me on twitter". He said that would be awesome but I don't think that he really believed that I would do it......but I did. Me and my friend sat in the baking sun making this sign.

When VOTA started playing I held up my sign but we were so far back that there was no way he could see it. My dad being the loving concerned father said come on we will go up front. So that is what we did. We walked all the way up there and pushed our way (nicely) up close enough so that Case could see it. Then we held it up and I wasn't tall enough (I can't believe I just called myself short) so my dad held it up as high as he could, and while Case was playing he seen it and smiled and waved quickly because he was still trying to play guitar. After he seen it we headed back to our seats so that we weren't blocking anybody's view. When VOTA was done playing we headed back to the merch tent where they would be signing and waited. Then  remembered that I hadn't written the "Because he talks to me on twitter" part on the sign so I ran back and grabbed a marker and quickly wrote it on the sign while the line was moving. When we made it up to them I put my sign on the table and Case said "Oh you are the one, It's nice to have a face with the name. You know you had an advantage because at least you have seen pictures of me."

 While he was signing the sign the other band members were checking out my sign and the other guitar player read it and said "Wow I need to start talking to more people on twitter". My message was received. LoL The other band members thought it was cool and Case definitely liked it. After we met and he was done signing autographs he tweeted me and said "Thanks so much for the sign". I didn't give him the sign I kept it, which now thinking back I should have gave it to him but oh late now. Sadly Case is no longer the guitar player for VOTA. I had an awesome time, I would have to say that as far as the experience of meeting bands it is tied between meeting Case and the last concert I went to where I met Addison Road. They were both great experiences that I will remember forever. Now if you haven't heard of VOTA check out this video, even though their live show is way better.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

No Lidders

I thought I would share this video that I found on YouTube with you guys. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Autograph T-Shirt Week Two

For this weeks autograph story I am going to feature a little band called Skillet.

I also met Skillet at Lifest with my grandma. Skillet was one of the bands that I was most excited to see play and to meet. They were going to be playing on one of the last days of the festival so I had to wait ALL weekend to see them. When Saturday rolled around a huge storm came through, and we were camping in tents like thousands of other people at the festival. I remember my grandma and I were in a merch tent when it started down pouring. It rained so much so fast that the water was running through the tent and my feet were getting drenched. Then some festival worker came into the tent and said that there was a tornado warning and we all had to go into the food court/merch building. We all took off running and when we made it to the building there were people everywhere. We had to squeeze into the building. There were people sitting on the floors, basically you couldn't move without touching someone and to make it worse the building smelled horrible because of all the people that were soaking wet. It was right around 4:00pm and still pouring raining and skillet was suppose to sign autographs at 5:00pm., I was worried to say the least. Finally around 4:30pm the rain started to die down and the tornado warning was gone. My grandma knowing that I really wanted to meet Skillet offered to stand in the line while it was RAINING, just so that I could meet them. Now don't think that just because it was raining that we were the only ones crazy enough to stand and wait in line, because we weren't there were quite a few other people standing with their umbrellas waiting.......and waiting.....and waiting. By 4:30 it was done raining and a bunch more people came to wait in line.

Then finally Skillet arrived in a van and went into the autograph tent and the line started moving.  The couple of minutes it took for me to make it up to the band seemed like hours. When we got closer a guy came through and said "We are sorry but do to all the people that want autograph's and the limited time slot there will be absolutely no pictures". I was a little bummed because I wanted a picture with them, but I thought "Hey at least I get to meet them". When it was my turn to meet the band I sat my poster down so that they could all sign it. Then John (the lead singer) fist pounded me (That is what I will call it). All of the rest of the band just shook my hand and said Hi . After I met them all, I grabbed my shirt & poster and headed back to the flooded tent. It wasn't a long time that I got to meet them, but to me it was worth standing in the rain. I was very excited/nervous to meet Skillet but it all went great and I must add that Korey (the guitar player) is WAY prettier in person, the posters don't do her a justice. Well I hope you guys enjoyed the story. Here is a little challenge for you can you tell me which autograph is which? Don't worry I know.........but do you?