Thursday, June 2, 2011

Autograph T-Shirt Week Two

For this weeks autograph story I am going to feature a little band called Skillet.

I also met Skillet at Lifest with my grandma. Skillet was one of the bands that I was most excited to see play and to meet. They were going to be playing on one of the last days of the festival so I had to wait ALL weekend to see them. When Saturday rolled around a huge storm came through, and we were camping in tents like thousands of other people at the festival. I remember my grandma and I were in a merch tent when it started down pouring. It rained so much so fast that the water was running through the tent and my feet were getting drenched. Then some festival worker came into the tent and said that there was a tornado warning and we all had to go into the food court/merch building. We all took off running and when we made it to the building there were people everywhere. We had to squeeze into the building. There were people sitting on the floors, basically you couldn't move without touching someone and to make it worse the building smelled horrible because of all the people that were soaking wet. It was right around 4:00pm and still pouring raining and skillet was suppose to sign autographs at 5:00pm., I was worried to say the least. Finally around 4:30pm the rain started to die down and the tornado warning was gone. My grandma knowing that I really wanted to meet Skillet offered to stand in the line while it was RAINING, just so that I could meet them. Now don't think that just because it was raining that we were the only ones crazy enough to stand and wait in line, because we weren't there were quite a few other people standing with their umbrellas waiting.......and waiting.....and waiting. By 4:30 it was done raining and a bunch more people came to wait in line.

Then finally Skillet arrived in a van and went into the autograph tent and the line started moving.  The couple of minutes it took for me to make it up to the band seemed like hours. When we got closer a guy came through and said "We are sorry but do to all the people that want autograph's and the limited time slot there will be absolutely no pictures". I was a little bummed because I wanted a picture with them, but I thought "Hey at least I get to meet them". When it was my turn to meet the band I sat my poster down so that they could all sign it. Then John (the lead singer) fist pounded me (That is what I will call it). All of the rest of the band just shook my hand and said Hi . After I met them all, I grabbed my shirt & poster and headed back to the flooded tent. It wasn't a long time that I got to meet them, but to me it was worth standing in the rain. I was very excited/nervous to meet Skillet but it all went great and I must add that Korey (the guitar player) is WAY prettier in person, the posters don't do her a justice. Well I hope you guys enjoyed the story. Here is a little challenge for you can you tell me which autograph is which? Don't worry I know.........but do you?


Lisa said...

Hmmm....I am going to say the one on the far left is John, to the top right is Ben's, bottom left is Korey's, and bottom right is Jen's!

That was a really cool post Courtney!

CoUrTnEy said...

Thanks and you are absolutely right! :D

Lisa said...

Well, I am used to reading chicken scratch, so a few autographs shouldn't be a problem! :P