Monday, June 27, 2011

Manafest Interview

I told you I would post an Interview with Manafest and here it is, 5 questions with Mr. Manafest (a.k.a. Chris Greenwood). My questions are in white and Manafest's answers are following them  in orange. Enjoy!

1. How did God call you into this ministry?

        I’ve always enjoy music as a kid but didn’t start performing it until I hurt myself skateboarding.  I didn’t a lot of soul searching then and that’s when God called me into the music.  It didn’t become a ministry until years later when we started to see people give their lives to Jesus at the shows

2. When you aren't playing a show or traveling, what do you enjoy doing?

        I enjoy skateboarding with my friends, watching movies, and reading inspirational books

3. Who have you always wanted to perform for, and why?

       I’ve always wanted to tour California because it always seemed like this fantasy type place to live and now I tour there all the time and love it!!!

4. If you had one day where you could do anything, anywhere, what would you do?

        Fly to Space, and do a concert on the moon televised to the world...

5. What are some things that you do to keep yourself humble, and focused on God?

    I do a devotion every day/morning, I pray and listening to a lot of messages whether at home or on the road.

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Mike said...

Awesome!! Great questions and answers! :)