Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hyland Weights & Measures Review

Hyland is a Christian rock band that recently signed with Tooth and Nail records. I recently received a copy of Hyland's debut album Weights & Measures and it is now one of my favorites.

The album has a very catchy pop/rock sound, that to me sounds similar to Hawk Nelson or Capital Lights.  I love the sound of this whole album, the vocals, the drums, the guitar and the lyrics. The first song of twelve on the album is "Jumping The Gun", it is a perfect way to start the album with its upbeat and energetic sound. The second song is "The One That Got Away" and this song also has a great sound. After hearing this song I kept singing it because it has a catchy sound. This song is not like most catchy songs that are annoying an you wish that you would have never heard it, this song just has a good sound that makes you want to sing along. The third song on the album is "Taking The Scenic Route" this song is about a girl and it is just a little slower, but it still has a good sound. The fourth song is called "Crying Out" and as the name says it is about crying out to God, saying I need you. My favorite part of this song is towards the end when a bunch of people sing together like a choir. The fifth song on this album is "This Love Is Free", it has a nice slow sound. This song is a great worship song.

The sixth song and my favorite on the whole album is "Fireworks". I love everything about this song, the sound is more of a rock sound and the lyrics are just amazing. My favorite lines from this song are "I’ve had quite enough, Of this lust disguised as love, We light our hearts in hopes of, Oohs and aahs, Fireworks will never work baby, There’s nothing left when our, Innocence is all but lost, Fireworks will only burn baby." The seventh song on the album is "Coast To Coast" and this is a slower song but it has really good lyrics. The eighth song is "Heart To Life" this song has a good beat and just a great sound like most of the songs on this album. The ninth song on the album is "Til Death" and it has a good sound, with some cool guitar in it. The tenth song is "Downhill" and this song is not as upbeat as the other songs and it wasn't one of my favorites. The eleventh song is "Desperate Man" and it is about not giving up even when stuff goes wrong. Last but not least is the twelfth song "Never" and this song is another slow one that would be a good worship song. All in all I would give this album a 4.75 out of 5. It is a great album with an awesome sound and amazing lyrics.

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I recieved this album for free to review on my blog, but all opions are 100% mine.


Rescued_By_God said...

Great review Courtney! Definitely will enter the giveaway.

Matt said...

Is it just me, or does Hyland seem pretty mature, lyrically, then most pop/rock bands? I've never picked up on much of teen angst/drama that usually marks the genre. But maybe it's just me.

Good review by the way!

Krystal said...

I LOVE Hyland!! Amazing Band!! This love is free is awesome:)