Monday, June 13, 2011

Autograph Shirt Week 3

I am a little behind on my stories so there will be two Autograph Shirt stories this week. Yay.....I can tell that your OVER joyed. So for week 3 I am going to feature a band called VOTA. If you haven't heard of VOTA boy are you missing out, they are and amazing band with a unique sound.

I have been able to see VOTA in concert more than once, so I decided to just pick one of the stories to share with you. If you want to read about the first time that I met VOTA when they were on tour with Barlow Girl and Superchick, you can go Here. I had convinced my parents to take me to a FREE concert (It's not hard to convince them when it's free). The concert was part of The Unity Christian Music Festival, they have a free day every year called Day Zero. There are normally a few bands that play on day zero and that year it was going to be Thousand Foot Krutch, Fireflight, VOTA and FM Static. After I convinced my parents and we had it planned I tweeted the bands and band members saying that I was going and that it was going to be awesome and so on. The only band that replied to me was VOTA. The lead singer Bryan and the Guitar player Case replied to me. I remember that I was SOOO excited because it was the first time that anyone had replied to me on twitter and it was a band. Anyway I had talked to Case on twitter before the concert and so I told him that since he had replied to me and actually talked to me that I was going to make him a sign that says "Case Rocks because he talks to me on twitter". He said that would be awesome but I don't think that he really believed that I would do it......but I did. Me and my friend sat in the baking sun making this sign.

When VOTA started playing I held up my sign but we were so far back that there was no way he could see it. My dad being the loving concerned father said come on we will go up front. So that is what we did. We walked all the way up there and pushed our way (nicely) up close enough so that Case could see it. Then we held it up and I wasn't tall enough (I can't believe I just called myself short) so my dad held it up as high as he could, and while Case was playing he seen it and smiled and waved quickly because he was still trying to play guitar. After he seen it we headed back to our seats so that we weren't blocking anybody's view. When VOTA was done playing we headed back to the merch tent where they would be signing and waited. Then  remembered that I hadn't written the "Because he talks to me on twitter" part on the sign so I ran back and grabbed a marker and quickly wrote it on the sign while the line was moving. When we made it up to them I put my sign on the table and Case said "Oh you are the one, It's nice to have a face with the name. You know you had an advantage because at least you have seen pictures of me."

 While he was signing the sign the other band members were checking out my sign and the other guitar player read it and said "Wow I need to start talking to more people on twitter". My message was received. LoL The other band members thought it was cool and Case definitely liked it. After we met and he was done signing autographs he tweeted me and said "Thanks so much for the sign". I didn't give him the sign I kept it, which now thinking back I should have gave it to him but oh late now. Sadly Case is no longer the guitar player for VOTA. I had an awesome time, I would have to say that as far as the experience of meeting bands it is tied between meeting Case and the last concert I went to where I met Addison Road. They were both great experiences that I will remember forever. Now if you haven't heard of VOTA check out this video, even though their live show is way better.

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That is so cool! Yeah, band members DO need to start talking to people on twitter more! I agree!!!! :D