Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where it all began......

I thought I would share with you when my Concert/Music Addiction first started! I had always liked music but in September of 2009 I fell in love with it! It all started because I went to a Barlow Girl concert with my mom. One of our friends paid for us to go, not only just to go but she got us V.I.P. tickets! Here is a picture of the V.I.P. pass!
We met up with our friend and we left early for the concert. We did a little shopping to kill time and then finally it was time for the V.I.P.'s to go and meet the bands! We got there waited in line for a little bit and then they opened the doors and let us go get our seats. We got seats in the second row! Then the bands came out for questions. First it was Superchick, I didn't really know who they were I was mainly going to see Barlow Girl. They answered some questions and the only one I remember was one girl asked if Matt (the guitar player) would be doing any screaming tonight. So he told her that he would scream just for her! I thought that was pretty cool! Then Barlow Girl came out for questions, I didn't ask them anything because I was to nervous but they got asked the basic questions that everyone asks. Then we got to get our picture taken with Barlow Girl and Superchick! As we were greeting the band and getting ready for the picture, My mom says to Barlow Girl "Hi this is my daughter Courtney and she is homeschooled." lets just say I was a little embarrassed! But then after she said that the Barlow Girl's said that they used to be homeschooled too! (My mom knew that they had been homeschooled and that's why she mentioned that I was) Then Matt from Superchick feeling left out, said "I'm homeschooled!". Then the lead singer Tricia was like "No Mattie your not"! It was funny and although I was a little embarrassed, I was kinda glad my mom said that. Then after pictures we went and looked at the bands merchandise tables. I got a Barlow Girl T-shirt and a VOTA hat! Here is a picture of the hat!


 I only got the hat because I thought it looked cool, I had never even heard of VOTA. After buying our stuff we went and sat down and waited. While we were waiting and talking, they let the rest of the people (who didn't buy V.I.P. tickets) come in. Then finally the concert started, VOTA was up first. While watching their concert I realized that I actually knew a couple of their songs and they were GREAT! After they played Superchick was up and I was kinda excited for them to play because I had heard good things about them from my friend, but the things that she said were no comparison to how GREAT they did! I loved it! Superchick was almost done and Matt hadn't screamed yet, I was getting worried. Then one of the last songs they played he did his scream for the girl in the audience! Although only the people who had been there early knew he was screaming just for her, but still it was awesome! That made me like Superchick WAY more! Then finally the moment I had been waiting for Barlow Girl took the stage! They did an awesome energetic show and we were right up front so it was even better! I was jumping almost the whole time they were playing! It was great! Then after the show we waited to get autographs! I had brought a T-shirt that I wanted all of the bands to sign.  We got VOTA's autograph first and that was the best! I had no clue who they were or what their names were but I wanted their autograph! I waited in line for like maybe five minutes and then they signed my shirt! The last guy to sign my shirt said "Hey I like your hat!" (if you remember from my long story I had bought their hat and I was wearing it!) I said thanks and then he said "You were standing on the left side of the audience weren't you?". I was so stunned, at first I was thinking "stalker" but then I was like yeah how did you know? He said "The hat gave you away!" I was like oh yeah that makes sense! Still to this day I don't know what that guys name was! He isn't in the band anymore either, but he made me a HUGE VOTA fan! Then I waited in line and got Superchick's autograph! They talked to everyone who went through the line and I thought that was pretty sweet! They even had their dogs out there while they were signing autographs! Then we waited in line for a while to meet Barlow Girl! I was so excited when I finally got to meet them! I was wearing the shirt that I had just bought and it has a drum set on it. So Lauren (the drummer) asked me if I was a drummer! I said I kinda am but I'm still learning. She said "That's great!" Me and my mom even made them a sign! (I was going to put a picture of the sign on here but it won't work) So I put the sign on the table for them to sign and they said "Wow this is awesome! Thanks so much!" (I don't know why they said thanks, they complimented my sign I should be the one saying thanks!) They signed it and I got my picture taken with them! It was AWESOME! That is how I fell in love with music! Now you know! :)
(if you read this WHOLE story then thank you!)


Mike said...

Of course I read the whole thing! That's a great story! So THAT'S why your a concert fan! :D

Lisa said...

Wow that's awesome! would love to see BarlowGirl!