Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#2 52 Television

#2 of my Top 5 CD's is 52 Television by KJ-52! This CD is one of my favorites because of the sound, I just LOVE the sound of this CD! On this CD KJ sings with Theory Hazit, Trevor McNevan, J.R., Braille, Rob Beckley, Da' T.R.U.T.H., Funky and Manwell & Blanca Reyes. 52 Television has 24 Channels (tracks) so I am not going to describe each one because that would just get boring! Instead I am going to highlight some of my favorites! I love the song "Adventures Of Tweezy Man" because it has a great sound and its just really funny! One of my favorite lines from this song is "Who's the man with a grasp of grammar, who writes songs on a pack of Pampers, The only rapper loved by yo grandma, Haircut like Adam Sandler". I also love the song "He Did That" because I just love the humor in it! I was telling my brother that it sounds like the Minions from "Despicable Me" are the back up singers! Another one of my favorites is Let's Go featuring Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch. I think that KJ and Trevor sound really good together and I love the rock/hip hop sound! I also love the song "Fuego", it has alot of Spanish in it and it has a pretty cool sound! Last but not least I love the song "Tweezy Dance" because it is just SO funny! These are some of my favorite lines from the song "I got a dance you can rock right upon ya block, Just take ya hands man then ya swing em round, Just like a fish out the water laying on the ground, Just be careful right when ya swing em now, You swing the wrong way you’re friend you gonna lay him out".


                Track List
1. Five-Two Television (Intro)
2. Adventures Of Tweezyman
3. End Of My Rope
4. The Chris Carlino Story: Day One
5. Headline News At 5 (with Theory Hazit)
6. He Did That
7. Let's Go (with Trevor McNevan from Thousand Foot Krutch)
8. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Two
9. Are You Online?
10. Calling You (with J.R.)
11. Headline News At 11 (with Braille)
12. Picture
13. Shake It Off
14. Gonna Be alright
15. Help Me Change (with Rob Beckley from Pillar)
16. Swagged Out With Tags Out (with Da' T.R.U.T.H.)
17. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Four
18. Fuego (with Funky)
19. Tweezy Dance
20. Let It Go
21. Firestarter (with Manwell & Blanca Reyes from Group 1 Crew)
22. Broken People
23. The Chris Carlino Story: Week Five
24. Dear God


Mike said...

I love that CD! My favorite is Let it Go. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Tweezy Dance was one of my favorites too! Also Swagged Out with Tags Out. =) I'm not usually a huge KJ-52 fan, but that CD rocked!