Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Rock and Worship Roadshow

Last weekend I had the privilege to attend the Rock and Worship Roadshow! It was really awesome, even though one of my favorite bands Thousand Foot Krutch wasn't able to go. I got to see Mercy Me, Jars Of Clay, Matt Maher, The Afters and Anthem Lights!


Starting off the Show was Anthem Lights, I had never heard of them before the concert  but they were amazing! They only did 3 songs but they were great! The band is made up of  Four male singers and they all have great voices and dance moves! The one thing that I really loved about their show was when two of the guys bent down like they were really into their singing, and then all of a sudden the other two guys come and jump off of those guys backs! They even did a high five as they were jumping through the air! They had the most energetic show of all and it was really cool seeing them all do dance moves at the same time! The next band to play was "The Afters" and they were really cool! They put on a great upbeat show filled with all of their hit songs, they even played part of the mainstream song "Dynamite"! I don't listen to much mainstream music, but I have heard "Dynamite" and I LOVE it, I sing it ALOT! Another thing I enjoyed about "The Afters performance was that the lead singer really interacted with the crowd! He was in the audience for almost half of the show! He was having people sing into the microphone and he was jumping across peoples chairs! They put on a great show!

       The next band was "Matt Maher" and he did a good job too! Personally I'm not as much into the worship type music at a concert, but still he did great! He was having the whole audience waving the arms and clapping along! The next band was "Jars Of Clay", they did great! They played alot of their big songs and did great! One thing that they did that I really enjoyed was when the lead singer started playing this giant drum, and then one of the guitar players grabbed a drum! I LOVE drums so it was Great! Then finally the last band to play was Mercy Me! Since they were the head liners of the show they had everything from lighted drums to confetti cannons! They put on an amazing show and I still have their songs stuck in my head! The lead singer Bart even did some talking, he was talking about how we should love God because "He Is" not just because of what he has done! He said that if you love God just for what he has done, then when he doesn't do something (or he doesn't do it in your time) then you start resenting God. But if you love Him just because he is God then it changes everything! He used the example of his son, he said that if you were to ask his son why he loves his mom he would say "because she makes me sandwich's". Bart said thats the immaturity that we show with God. He said if someone asks us why we love God we would say "because he did this for me". Bart was saying that when his son is older if you were to ask him why he loves his mom he would hopefully say "I love her just because she is mom". He was saying that as you mature in your relationship with God that you should love God just because "He is". I really enjoyed Bart's talk because it makes you think about it "Why do you love God?". All in all the concert was great, it was loud, there were tons of lights and alot of singing! If I were to pick my favorite band out of the whole concert I would have to say it was Anthem Lights!


They just totally blew me away! I had never heard of them and now I'm a huge fan! If you to check out the song by them that has been stuck in my head since last weekend click Here  Another thing I loved about Anthem Lights was that they responded to me on Twitter! For me a band gets SO much better when they reply to me on twitter!  You can follow Anthem Lights on twitter too!  @anthemlights


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :) And Anthem Lights is AWESOME! Thanks for passing along the information on this band!

CoUrTnEy said...
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Selena said...

I saw the Rock and Worship Roadshow as well, but lucky for me I got to see TFK. Matt Maher was way better than you made him out to be.