Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Robbie Oster - My King Review

Independent artist Robbie Oster released his first album "My King", at the end of 2011. Robbie's passion for music started at an early age, playing the drums. He then went on to lead worship in different churches, which helped to develop his musical passion. Robbie is "very excited to share the album with the public and hope that the music serves as inspiration that no matter what, there's always hope."

After listening to the entire album, I thought that it was pretty good. There were parts that were a little rough around the edges for example, in some parts you can tell it is an independent release, just because the quality doesn't sound quite as good. Although for the most part the music was good, there were some parts that I thought didn't quite fit, but then there were others that I thought how did they come up with that! I would say that I enjoyed the album the most towards the end.

Robbie's vocals on the first couple songs didn't work as well for me, because it kind of seemed like he was trying too hard to hit some of the notes. The songs towards the middle and at the end of "My King" were really good though! All throughout the album I loved the hopeful lyrics, and to me lyrics are a HUGE part of the music. So with that being said I would give this album a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Track List

1. One Chance
2. My King
3. If It Wasn't For You
4. In Your Hands
5. Heaven
6. Lead Me
7. One True Love
8. Faithful One
9. You're Beautiful
10. Freedom
11. Broken Melody
12. Reflection

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