Monday, March 19, 2012

Jimmy Needham - Clear The Stage Album Review

Jimmy Needham is going to be releasing his fourth studio album "Clear The Stage" under Inpop Records, on March 27th. Below is my review of the album.

The album starts off with the catchy pop song "I Will Find You". This song has a fun groove that I really enjoyed. "I Will Find You" also features some rapping by Lecrae! The addition of Lecrae adds a lot to this song in my opinion. Things slow down a bit with the first single of the album "If I Ever Needed Grace". This song is a very powerful song that basically is about crying out to God and admitting that You are weak and you need God's grace. Then comes a song written for Jimmy's daughter, "Daddy's Baby Girl". This song is one of the sweetest songs I have ever heard. I love the the part where he says "Now you've got me doing these silly dance moves, I hope this don't make it on to YouTube".

The next song "Rock Bottom" definitely has a pop sound with some other cool effects and piano. Lizi Bailey sings with Jimmy on the fifth song "Stay". Jimmy's voice accompanied with Lizi's sounds really good. I would describe this song as simple yet elegant. The next song "In The Middle" is a really hopeful and sweet song that talks about being there for someone. Part of the chorus says "If pain is the ocean you are swimming in / If I can't pull you out / I'm diving in". I just loved those lyrics! Next is my favorite song on the album, "Arrows". This song has nice groove that just seems relaxing to me. I love listening to this song because it just makes you happy and you just want to groove along with it! Haha Actually while listening to this song I found myself swaying along with it! :D

The next song "My Victory" Jimmy talks again about admitting that you need Gods mercy and grace. With the next song "The Only One" the music has an interesting sound with what sounds like an organ and a church choir, mixed with the pop sound. I thought that this song was pretty cool! The last song on the album is the self titled song "Clear The Stage". This song talks about putting God first. The chorus of the song says "You can sing all you want to / But you will still get it wrong / Because worship is more than a song". I thought that this song was a really great way to end the album, putting the focus where it needs to be, on God.

I thought that this album was pretty good musically and lyrically. Although I didn't love all of the songs, I enjoyed them all. There were a few songs though that I really loved... "I Will Find You", "Daddy's Baby Girl" and "Arrows". I would give this album a 4/5 stars for creativity and groove! :D
    1. If I Ever Needed Grace
    2. Arrows
    3. Rock Bottom
    4. Daddy's Baby Girl
    5. I Will Find You
    6. Stay
    7. In The Middle
    8. My Victory
    9. The Only One
    10. Clear The Stage

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