Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Independent Artist Of The Week: 737

For this weeks "Independent Artist Of The Week" I chose "737". Although I am not 100% sure that "737" is an independent artist I still thought I would feature him!

Below is a little bit about "737" from his Facebook page.

"A fresh young talent with a profound message for students, 737 (pronounced seven-three-seven), is a rapper with a message. As a high school student, 737 lived for the limelight of fame on the basketball court—and the benefits of his earned reputation when he stepped off the court. After graduating from high school, 737 encountered God in such a powerful way that he waved goodbye to his personal and instead began a relentless pursuit to represent the Famous One.

Despite the absence of a musical background, 737 found himself filled with a message that poured out of his soul through rap music. Remembering the influence that secular rap artists had on his teenage years, 737 knew that there was no better way for him to reach students with a positive message. 737 delivers an authentic message about life—and adds to it the hope that is only found through the Gospel.

737 has shared platforms with bands such as Pillar, Britt Nicole, and Brooke Barrettsmith, as well as other Christian rappers such as Flame, k-Drama, Viktory, Eric Cross, D-M.A.U.B, and many others. 737 has also been blessed to work a long side of many well-known national speakers with organizations such as FCA, Student Venture, Wyld Life, Young Life, and has ministered at a variety of churches, camps, and youth groups across the United States. He has released one full album and an EP under his former name, “J-Mack.” Also, he released the first LP under his name "737" entitled, "Get You Some." The album featured artists such as R-Swift, D-Maub, Eric Cross,and k-Drama, and was co-produced by himself and k-Drama. He just finished his sophomore album, which is called “Convinced.” Teaming up with Tony Stone for post edit work, the album features quality production from Geeda, G.Roc, Alex Medina, Tony Stone, Marv4mobeats, D-Flow and more. It also features artist such as J'son, Dillon Chase, Level 3:16, D-Maub, and more. The album is set to release Tuesday, April 24th."

Okay now the best part, the music! Below is the song "King Of All Kings" and after you listen to this song you will know why I chose to feature "737" this week. This song is going to be on 737's new album "Convinced". "King Of All Kings" also features guest vocals from "J'son" and "Dillon Chase".

If you liked that song you will want to check out the album when it comes out April 24th. You can buy it on iTunes and Amazon.

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