Thursday, March 1, 2012

Independent Artist Of The Week: Reilly

For this weeks Independent Artist Of The Week I chose Reilly. I have seen Reilly live and I must say they put on a great show! Why they aren't signed to a record label, I don't know! Below is their bio from their website.

"Based in Philadelphia (PA), Reilly is known for their unique blend of rock and dueling violins. Their energetic live show and spiritual depth has landed them attention by the music industry and a growing number of loyal fans throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. Chris Strayer of Purple Door Festival says "If Reilly's hearts, music and lyrics are not enough the dueling violins will blow you out of your seat! This is my new favorite live band."

The band was formed during their college years through the group Campus Crusade for Christ, where they discovered a mutual love for music and ministry at regional conferences, jam sessions and local shows. Years later you can find Reilly rocking the main stage at major festivals across the U.S. and Europe including Creation, Flevo Xnoizz, LifeLight, Cornerstone, Alive and many others.

Reilly has performed with well known artists like Switchfoot, Lecrae, Newsboys, and Jars of Clay. In 2010, Reilly toured with Barlow Girl, who said "night after night we got to see Reilly quickly connect with the audience and the audience in turn fell in love with them. They are an amazing band with amazing hearts."
In 2009, frontman John Reilly was nominated for a Dove Award for his collaboration with Flame and Lecrae on Joyful Noise (from Grammy nominated, Our World Redeemed). That same year Reilly's music video, Sunlight, was awarded "Best Music Video" at the San Diego Film Festival.

The band released their third album, Around the World, in June 2010, and has two other albums, Let June Decide (2007) and While I Was on Earth (2005). The heart of Reilly is to love God and serve others through music and lyrics that illuminate His promises. With their newest album, $1 from each copy sold goes to ministries around the world that help the poor or share the gospel. Learn more at One Love to Give Us Life."

Now its time to let the music do the talking, below is Reilly's music video for their song "Sunlight".

You can find Reilly on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

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