Monday, March 5, 2012

From Blah To Awe - Book Review

Written by Jenna Lucado Bishop (Max Lucado's daughter) comes the book "From Blah To Awe: Shaking Up Boring Faith".

Doesn't the title "From Blah To Awe" intrigue you? Everyone goes through times in their life or in their faith that are just kind of Blah. The mundane days that turn into weeks and months. Well believe it or not you can actually change your faith from blah to awe! This book helps you to start identifying why your life and relationship with God is boring. Some of the reasons addressed in this book are that we are too comfortable in our faith, or we don't want to keep growing and stretching because that can mean that things get uncomfortable and hard. Another reason could be that we have this idea in our head of who God is and in some ways that can limit him, because we can't even fathom how awesome and powerful He is.

This book is very insightful, yet interesting. The thing that I loved most about this book was the stories! This book is full of stories about teenage girls who have been through the things us teenagers are going through. Jenna also has stories is "From Blah To Awe" that are her take on different bible stories. I really enjoyed these storied because although I have heard the story of Adam and Eve and the Samaritan woman I had never heard it like Jenna described it. The way she illustrated it made it easier to grasp and to enjoy reading. It went from being a typical Bible story to something that was relevant now.

I would most definitely recommend this book to teen girls out there that are struggling with the "Blah's". This book will help you understand why you feel bored with your relationship with God and it will help you to change things so that you can have the relationship with God that he wants us to have! This book definitely helped me and I hope and pray it will do the same for you!

If you want to pick up your own copy of "From Blah To Awe" you can go here.

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