Saturday, March 24, 2012

FREE Album From A Beautiful Oblivion

There is a small hardcore Christian rock band called "A Beautiful Oblivion" that is giving away brand new copies of their album "Secrets She Wrote". Below is what they posted on their Facebook page.

"You want OUR ALBUM FOR FREE!!!???

Okay so here is the deal!:

1. get one friend to "LIKE" our Facebook page
2. send us your email
3. send us your zip code
4. Tell us what state you live in.
Do all that, and we will send your our album "secrets she wrote" for FREE!!!! Do it all! and FREE ALBUM FOR YOU!!!!

... Please send us a email letting us know you did the above -

Love you!!!
Keep rocking!!!"
I am not a huge fan of the hardcore metal sounding music, but I listened to a couple of their songs and liked what I heard so I am going to be getting a copy of their new album! To get your copy, follow the steps! Step 1..... get a friend to "like" their Facebook page.

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