Saturday, March 24, 2012

Independent Artist Of The Week: A Beautiful Oblivion

For this weeks Independent Artist Of The Week I decided to try a different style of music, so I present "A Beautiful Oblivion". They are a Christian Symphonic MetalCore band.
"A Beautiful Oblivion, (ABO) is a group of 5 Guys who have a passion for music and strong desire to share the hope they have found in Jesus Christ. Their faith is shown very strongly in the name of the band. The definition of Oblivion is this: The official overlooking of offenses, or pardon. In the bands name, this is referring to the beauty of Jesus’ sacrifice for us through the pardoning of all o...ur past offenses. He knows who we are, and everything we have done, good and bad. While knowing this, He still loves us and died for our sins. This act is truly , “A Beautiful Oblivion”!

ABO started 4 years ago and since then has gone through changes to make it the band it is today. The band consists of Cody DeGraff on keys, synth, and clean vocals / John Edwards on lead vocals/ Justin Hausman on lead guitar and clean vocals vocals / Jameson Trudel on Bass / and Gabe Klingman on drums. As a band, they are always writing new music and pushing their musical talents to the limits and are not happy to just stay the same. In their live performances this shines through with the level of energy and passion that is displayed. The band also has a mission with the lyrics written to sing of God’s grace and how they constantly fall short of His glory; but though His love it empowers them with the motivation to be good and faithful servants to Him. While at the same time showing His love to everyone whom they come in contact with. This is the core of who they are as a band, and what they hope to represent to others. They live this mission out, at shows or anywhere else you might see the guys, taking time to just chat and get to know different people and stories they may have. This is how they connect and stay grounded. The guys’ mission as a band is to reach out to listeners using their music as a tool to minister the teaching and love of Jesus Christ.

Just recently they recorded and released an EP “Secrets She Wrote” which tells of the story of a girl who goes through many trials in life. She struggles with various circumstances and tragedy, she even contemplates suicide. In the end though, after all she thought she had is completely stripped away, she hears God call her name. She listens to the voice of Grace, and in the end finds she has been given more than she could ever dream." - A Beautiful Oblivion's Facebook page
Below is A Beautiful Oblivion's song "Silence Screams So Loud". Let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions of Indie bands I should feature, or even just a style of music, let me know in a comment or send me an email at

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H45 said...

Hey, thanks! Also, anyone interested in ABO should check out their songs 'A Story I Wrote' and 'Alone' and 'Emotion of Regret' :)