Friday, March 23, 2012

Proclaim Church Software Review

Proclaim is a computer software for churches. This software enables churches to organize their service and it gives them the tools to make it even better. I got to try out this software and now I am letting you know what I thought.

I don't have a lot of experience with church presentation software, but I love to design things on the computer and put together video slide shows, so I thought I would give this a shot! I was a little overwhelmed at first with all of the different options that Proclaim has, but I quickly picked it up and started to design my own church presentation.

One thing I noticed as soon as I started was that the software does a lot of the thinking for you. When you put something in your presentation Proclaim makes sure that it fits the best it can, and that it is the right size. You can customize and adjust the stuff if you want something different, but you shouldn't need to. Another helpful thing is that when you enter something in once, like you church name, or song name, you don't have to keep typing it in; the software puts it where it thinks it should go....and its usually right!

Another great feature Proclaim has, is that your tech team or worship team can all collaborate on the same project, yet they can be on different computers. I think that would be really helpful when it comes to getting every ones opinions and input without having to having to go to a lot of meetings.

You can add almost anything to your presentation including a countdown to the beginning of the service, a welcome message, song lyrics, pictures, videos, event reminders, bible verses and more. One thing that I thought was really awesome was that Proclaim can send information out to the smart phones in your congregation. With each slide you get the option to set a quote or scripture to send out to phones in the audience! Isn't that awesome!

I would recommend Proclaim to almost all churches and definitely don't forget that you could use it for your youth groups, events, children's ministry and much more! To find out even more about Proclaim and to buy your own software, visit their website.

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