Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Independent Artist Of The Week: Nate Marialke

This weeks Independent Artist Of The Week is Nate Marialke. I have reviewed his CD but I figured I should still post about him.

I first heard Nate at The Big Ticket Festival, he was playing on the indie band stage. I loved his music and I especially loved his message, so I bought his CD. I don't know that much about him other than he is a very talented musician from Michigan. This is what his facebook page had to say about him.

"Nate can be described as a singer/ songwriter with an edge. Nate has always enjoyed passionate and emotional music, add that to his love for the presence of God and you get a brand of infectious worship music that crosses genres and age barriers and reaches to the heart. From a young age Nate has carried a desire to experience God within the arts and began writing songs to that end. After completing 2 Rock albums as the front man in the band Core. Nate ventured into a solo career in 2006 releasing "Heaven's Hero" a live album featuring several styles of music. In his latest project "Your Kingdom Come", released in the summer of 2010 Nate teamed up with Producer Steve Hindalong (City on a Hill, The Choir, The Lost Dogs) in Nashville. In this much anticipated release Nate grows musically and lyrically venturing further into the modern rock genre while keeping the authentic worshipful edge he is known for."

I also wanted to share with you guys my favorite song by Nate Marialke "Your Name Is Higher".

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