Monday, February 6, 2012

Rock And Worship Roadshow 2012 Concert Review

I had the the privelage to go to The Rock And Worship Roadshow as a VIP. The difference between general admission and VIP is #1 you get into the show early which means really good seats. #2 which is another part of #1 it is guaranteed that you will get in, plus you don't have to wait in line. #3 You get a free Rock And Worship Roadshow t-shirt. #4 You get a discount on The Rock And Worship Roadshow merchandise. #5 You are helping support the tour and making it possible for them to keep their prices low. Now the difference in price is $10 at the door for general admission compared to $50 for VIP.

Okay now that you all know what a VIP is, we can move on! In some states they do a talent search for the opening band that will play. Here in Michigan they did a talent search and so the first artist to play was a teenage girl from a small town in Michigan, her name was Christy Davis. She only played two songs and I didn't know either of them, but she had a really beautiful voice. It was only her and her guitar on the stage so I am sure it must have been quite nerve racking for her, but she did very well. The next band that played was a band called The Rend Collective Experiment and they are from Ireland! You gotta love an Irish accent! Anyway they only got to play a few songs which was a bummer but each song they played got better and better. Their energy was infectious and by the end of their set the whole crowd was jumping and claping. I was actually really suprised by how much I enjoyed their music. I am deffinately a fan now, although I don't know if there music would be the same with all the energy of the crowd.

The next band to play was Sidewalk Prophets. They played a lot of their more popular songs that you can hear on the radio, like "You Love Me Anyway". They also played a new song called "Live Like That", which was actually my favorite song they played! I really loved how Sidewalk Prophets didn't seem to concered with entertaining the crowd, they were more concerned with worshiping God. The next band that played was the hard core rock band Disciple. Although I couldn't understand most of the lyrics I actually really enjoyed their performance, I couldn't help but smile the whole time. The guys in Disciple were so crazy and energetic, it was nuts. My favorite part of their set was when the guitar player (I believe it was Micah) did an awesome back flip off the speakers. Also at the very end the other guitar player apparently smashed his guitar! I'm not sure how because I missed it, but he went running carrying two separate guitar parts and threw them into the audience.

The next band to play was Hawk Nelson. Their performance was bitter sweet for me because Hawk Nelson announced a couple days before the concert that Jason will be leaving the band to pursue a solo career. I have been a fan of Hawk Nelson from the beginning, I have all of their Cd's. So to know that this would most likely be the last time I would see Hawk Nelson with Jason as the lead singer was a little sad. Hawk Nelson rocked it out like they normally do and they played my all time favorite song "Bring Em Out". The next band to play was my most anticipated band on this tour, Lecrae. It was my first time seeing Lecrae live and he didn't disappoint. He put on a great hip hop show, but even more than that he made sure that everyone knew that God was the one we were here to praise. To me Lecrae put on the best show, but I was the most excited to see him in the first place!

The next band to play was Tenth Avenue North. They played a lot of their classic songs like "Healing Begins", "By Your Side" and my favorite "You Are More". Their performance was very powerful and worship focused. Part way through their set Mike (the lead singer) came down into the audience and went part way up the stairs, then he stood on a chair just singing praises to God. It was a very powerful moment with all the audience singing along. The next band to play was the headliner Mercy Me. They of course did not disappoint delivering upbeat and fun music like their song "Move" and then powerful worship with the audience all singing along.

All in all it was a great show with something for everyone. Whether you like Rock, Rap, or Worship you can find it at The Rock And Worship Roadshow. Even better than all the music was the message and although there wasn't a big hour sermon, each band shared from their heart and it made it an even more powerful experience in my opinion. So be sure to catch The Rock And Worship Roadshow in a city near you!

Hear is what some of the artists say their favorite part about being on The Rock And Worship Roadshow tour is...

 @jonsteingard from Hawk Nelson said: probably all the other amazing artists and friends that are being so loving and supportive of us right now. :)

@nathancochran from Mercy Me said: The Christ centered community that we get to be a part of with all the other bands.

@mikescheuchzer from Mercy Me said: making new friends, catching up with old friends, watching thousands worship God.

@barrygraul from Mercy Me said:  leaving knowing that the audience hears a lasting message an not just music.

@robbyshaffer from Mercy Me said: the big crowds.

Note: I didn't take these pictures at the concert, my camera wasn't working well so I got the pictures from The Rock and Worship Roadshow's Facebook and from the different band's Facebook pages.

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