Sunday, February 26, 2012

Independent Artist Of The Week: About A Mile

For this weeks Independent Artist Of The Week I chose About A Mile.

I haven't had a lot of free time this week to research a Independent band that I could feature, so I started looking today. I was having trouble finding a band I wanted to feature, then my friend Haylee posted on Facebook about a band called About A Mile. I checked out their music and really liked it and I loved the meaning behind the band name, so that is who I picked. Below is a little bit about them that I found from their facebook page.

We're three brothers that love making music and sharing our faith and hearts using lyrics and melodies. We just moved to Nashville and have big things planned for 2012 thank you for enjoying the songs we write for you!!

The name About A Mile comes from a study that Jesus carried His cross "About A Mile". How far will you carry yours?
Now before you go, take a second and listen to About A Mile's song "He Won't Stop Loving You".

Also make sure you check out About A Mile's  website for more info, plus the site design is really cool.

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