Friday, February 10, 2012

Nine Lashes - World We View Review

Nine Lashes is somewhat of a new band to the Christian music scene, but this album didn't sound like it was from a new band it sounded like a classic album.

The album starts off with the rock single "Anthem Of The Lonely". This song encourages people who feel alone to stand up! This song is just the teaser for the rest of the album. The next song on the album is "The Intervention". This songs starts off with a cool piano intro and the it starts rocking! My favorite part of this song is the guitar riffs! The guitar is one of the big things to me on a rock album, this one nailed it! The next song "Get Back" is one of my favorites on the album. The lyrics talk about I love the beat as well as the "Oh's", it is a great song to sing along with. The song gives us hope when this world tries to knock you down, the lyrics in the chorus say "Get back to where you once believed, Get back, Get back, You want so bad to bury me, Get back, Get back!".

Then things slow down a little with the emotional track "Afterglow". The song deals with the sadness after a family member dies. Although this song is a little sad it is still enjoyable to listen to. The next song is appropriately named "Adrenaline". This song is probably my favorite on the album for three reasons. Number one I am a HUGE fan of Thousand Foot Krutch and this song sounds alot like TFK because Trevor McNevan (lead singer of Thousand Foot Krutch) sings on this song. Number two this song not just sounds great it has a message that challenges listeners to chase their dreams. Number three this song has an energetic and fun sound that would be a blast in concert!

The next song "Believe Your Eyes" is slightly slower than the previous song but it still rocks out. The next song "Our Darkest Day" has the kind of screaming I like, some screaming but mostly singing! Haha This song reminds me a little of RED because of the sound and the screaming. The next song on the album is "Memo". This song is quite a bit lighter than the previous song, with higher vocals and more of a rock sound. I really appreciate the changes in sound on this album, you can't get bored! This song talks again about not giving up on your dreams. The next song "Write It Down" starts off with some techno effects, but it is not a techno song, it is ROCK!!! This song is another one of my favorite songs from "World We View".

The next song on the album is "The Void". I really like build up to the chorus with the beat and "Oh's", but I was almost expecting the start of the chorus to be more of a BANG!!! The last song on the album is an Acoustic song called "My Friend". I really liked the change from the hard rock to acoustic and I think it was a really good way to end the album. It reminds me of how at a concert the band will be done playing and the crowd will start chanting "One More Song!!!". This would be a great "One More Song"!

This album is exactly what I was looking for! I was hoping it would be a harder rock album, and it is but its not just that it is a hopeful rock album! There wasn't one song on this album that I didn't enjoy listening to! This album is my favorite album of 2012, so far! ;) Nine Lashes is definitely a band you are going to want to keep an eye on, because they are just getting started and this album is great! I would easily give this album a 5/5 stars!

  1. Anthem Of The Lonely
  2. The Intervention
  3. Get Back
  4. Afterglow
  5. Adrenaline (feat. Trevor McNevan of Thousand Foot Krutch)
  6. Believe Your Eyes
  7. Our Darkest Day (feat. Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter)
  8. Memo
  9. Write It Down
  10. The Void
  11. My Friend

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