Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Thomas Confession - Convolutions Album Review

The Thomas Confession released their debut album "Convolutions" on December 5th. Before I get to the review I thought you should know a little bit about The Thomas Confession. The band is made up of Mike Borisov (lead singer / guitar), Stephen Chesnokov (lead guitar / vocals), Roman Baransky (bass / vocals) and Jacob Donovan (drums). They describe their music as similar to Shiny Toy Guns “We Are Pilots” and “Killers”, the vocals could sound like Matthew Bellamy from “Muse” at times, and it also has some indie dance influence, bands like Two Door Cinema Club.

The first song on the album is "Love Like Fire". This song has a cool futuristic/techno sound to it. I also really love the beat in this song, the energy is just infectious! The second song on the album "Put Your Mind To It" continues with the techno sound and also has some higher vocal parts during the chorus. Different parts of this song, especially the guitar towards the end, reminded me of the song "The Final Countdown" by Europe. After "Put Your Mind To It" there is an intro with some cool marching band sounding drums. Then it flows into the next song "It's Not So Simple Anymore". This song is probably my favorite on the album, because it is catchy and well rounded. After hearing this song only a couple times it started to grow on me, and it was stuck in my head. The next song "When Angels Fly Home" starts off slow and then builds up to the chorus. I personally love when a song has a good anticipation builder that leads up to the chorus.

The Next song on the album is "Heartbreaking Sight". This song has a bit more of a rock sound that has a lot of energy. In my opinion this song would be a blast in concert! Then there is another intro with a futuristic sound that leads into the song "When Everyone's Dancing". This song has a good sound that reminds me a lot of the "Killers". The thing that I don't like as much about this song is how repetitive the chorus is, the song tends to blur together. The next song on the album is "You're Asking Me". This song also has the build up to the chorus at the beginning. My favorite lyrics in this song are "Now in your eyes I realize / The wreck I am / All that I need is time to bleed / And heal again". The next song on the album is "Oh, If You Could See". This song starts off soft with acoustic guitars and then there are more things added as the song progresses. Things pick back up with the next song "My Perfect World". Listening to this song you can tell it has an attitude, but once again the drums were the best part in my opinion. Last but not least is the song "Still Standing Alone". This song has a similar sound to the previous songs, but towards the end there is some awesome guitar that I thought was cool.

All in all this album was a pretty good album with unique vocals and catchy songs, but to me the best part was the beat! I love a good beat and this album was full of them! Although I was having trouble finding the message behind this album. Also different songs seemed to blur together a little, but for a debut record this was pretty good! I would give this album a 3/5 stars.

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