Monday, February 20, 2012

Icon For Hire - Scripted Review

In Christian music it can be hard to find a good rock band that has a lead female vocalist, well let me introduce you to Icon For Hire. They released their first album under the record label Tooth and Nail called "Scripted", on August 23rd 2011.

The album starts off with the intro "Overture", which just builds suspense, then it flows right into the song "Theatre". This song introduces listeners to the edgy rock sound that you will hear throughout the album. The chorus of "Theatre" says "What happened to the girl who could overlook the world, She never gave a second thought to what the other people thought, what happened to the dream of rejecting the routine, Cause it never worked for me, I'm gonna burn this theatre down, I pray to God for the strength to help me face the crowd, I'm gonna live like I lost the script and scream every line like this is it". The next song is one of my favorites and also the first single "Make A Move". This song is an energetic rock that has some killer guitar! The chorus of this song asks someone to make a move, and my favorite lines in the song are, "And if I had the answers I'd have written them out, so I could tell you what to do and what this thing is about, But all I've ever learned has come second hand, And I dare not preach what I don't understand".

The next song on the album is "Get Well". This song starts off with an electronic sound and continues into more of a rock sound. There is always one song on an album that always seems to get stuck in my head on this album it would be "Get Well". Things slow down with the next song "The Grey". This song starts off with just piano and vocals, then halfway through they add the guitars and drums. I enjoyed the last half of this song, but to be honest I didn't really like the first half. The next song "Off With Her Head" picks up the pace with a rock sound and more sweet guitars. The name of the song is a little odd and reminds me of Alice In Wonderland, but the song is still good. Up next is the song "Fight". The lyrics of the song say "I will fight (fight), or be taken out alive". The really loved the echo in this song and I think it would be a lot of fun in concert. The next song "Up I Flames" has a great beat, and you just want to tap your feet along with it. This song is another one of my favorites on the album, because it is just fun to listen to.

The next song on the album is "Iodine". This song a great sound that is enjoyable to listen to but my favorite part of this song is the lyrics. My favorite lyrics are at the end and they say "I don't like pain but I bring it to life, I don't like scars but I'm good with a knife, I don't like tears but I'm starting to cry when I realize I'm destroying my life, I do this to myself, I do this to myself, Stop blaming someone else, we do this to ourselves". Things slow back down with the next song "Only A Memory". I really like the meaning behind this song it basically says that your are not your past. What you have been through an what you have done, doesn't make you who you are.Things pick back up with last song on the album "Pieces". The lyrics in this song talk about pretending that everything is okay and there is nothing wrong, when in reality we aren't always good or okay.

It is rare for me to find a band with a female vocalist that I really like, but I found one! Ariel's voice mixed with the awesome rock music makes this album enjoyable to listen to. Although I really enjoyed the music I would say the lyrics of this album are my favorite. I really liked how the lyrics were just real. Some people think that because a band is a Christian band that they have to have everything figured out or at least pretend that they do. Icon Fire Hire basically said we don't have it all figured out but we can be clueless together, at least that is what I got from it. I would give this album a 4.5/5 stars.

Bonus Info: The album booklet that you get with the album is like reading a script with the songs being different acts, I thought that was cool and unique.

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