Monday, February 27, 2012

Sent By Ravens - Mean What You Say Album Review

Sent By Ravens is releasing their second studio album "Mean What You Say" tomorrow (February 28th).

The album starts off with the hard hitting rock song "Prudence". This song is enjoyable to listen to with its catchy chorus and infectious beat. The next song "Listen" is good, but it does repeat itself a lot which can get tiresome. Things improve with the next song on the album "Rebuild, Release". I really loved the drums in this song, but I am a BIG fan of a good beat, so it doesn't take a whole lot to interest me! Things slow down with a bit with the next song "Learn From The Night". I really love the vocals on this song. Although the vocals aren't much different than the of the previous songs, they just seem to shine in this song.

Right from the start of the title track "Mean What You Say", I knew it would be my favorite on the album. The song starts with an electronic sound and slowly builds up to the chorus. This song talks about the power that your words have. The only negative I have to say about this song is that it seems to end too soon! I wish it was just a little bit longer, although it is better to leave the fans wanting more than to over do it. The next song on the album is "However Long It Takes". This song is more of a calm song with some piano however it is still very much a rock song. After listening to this song a couple times it was stuck on my head and it just started to grow on me.

The next song on the album is "Need It Today". This song has a good sound but the best part to me was the lyrics. Some of my favorite lines are "I had to fall to make it through / I'm taking steps to find the man you knew / Cause no one cares the way you do". The next song "Never Be Enough" starts off with just piano and vocals. This song is different from all the other songs on the album, but I love it! This song is powerful without all the drums and guitar that I normally love. Things pick back up with the next song "We're All Liars". This song is the only track on the album that has a taste of the full blown screaming and I actually love it! I am just beginning to become a fan of that style of music, but I loved this song. The last song on the album is "Best In Me". This song has perfect blend of rock with great lyrics, it is good way to end the album. It is a bit of a bummer that this is the last song though, I was really starting to love these guys!

All in all this is a solid rock album that just sounds strong. This album is the kind that just sort of grows on you. Starting this review I liked the album and I thought this is probably a 3.5 to 4 stars. Then I listened to it some more and really fell in love with it. Although there were parts of the album that weren't perfect it was still a great album. I would have to give this album a 5/5 stars.
    1. Prudence (2:24)
    2. Listen (3:06)
    3. Rebuild, Release (2:52)
    4. Learn From The Night (3:52)
    5. Mean What You Say (3:08)
    6. However Long It Takes (3:06)
    7. Need It Today (3:58)
    8. Never Be Enough (3:02)
    9. We're All Liars (3:04)
    10. Best In Me (4:20)

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