Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nate Marialke - Your Kingdom Come Review

If you like worship music I think you will definitely like Nate Marialke. This album is full of amazing lyrics, great vocals and really good acoustic guitars.

The first song on the album is "Your Name Is Higher" and it is a great way to start off.  It is a great worship song, it is upbeat and just plain good! The second song "Sovereign God" would definitely be a song you would worship with in church. I love the mix of the piano and guitar. The third song "Rest" is one of my favorites on the album. I just love the sound of the music with the vocals. It is also upbeat with good sounding drums, I'm a sucker for the drums! The fourth song "Your Word" has a good sound like the other songs on this album. The fifth song is "To You Be The Glory" I like the somewhat simple beat in this song, not quite sure why, I just do. The sixth song is a live version of the first track "Your Name Is Higher". I really liked how they added a live song to the album, it gives it a little something extra. The seventh song is "Jesus Emmanuel" is another one of my favorites. The guitar sounds a little different than the other songs and I like the lyrics. The eighth song "Intimacy" sounds a little different but wow it sounds amazing! I absolutely love the piano with the vocals! The ninth song "He Lives" is an amazing song! Really a great worship song with great lyrics!

I would give "Your Kingdom Come" a 5/5 for a worship album. So if you like worship music this is a must own album!!!  I enjoy listening to worship music sometimes but to me the songs always seem to need something else. With this album I don't feel that because Nate Marialke has a very good yet unique voice that I really enjoy listening to. I love the mix of the guitars with Nate's voice and the gentle drums. The only thing is, the songs all have the same kind of sound to me as far as music, but with a worship album that is what you can expect, it isn't bad I just like a diverse range of music. This album doesn't necessarily sound like Tenth Avenue North but I would say that if you like Tenth Avenue North you would like this album. To find out more about Nate Marialke and to listen to some of his music check out his Facebook Page and give it a "Like". You can also check out his website for even more info and you can go pick up your own copy of "Your Kingdom Come".

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