Friday, September 16, 2011

The Afters - Light Up The Sky Review

The Afters newest album "Light Up The Sky" is what I would call a rock worship album. Maybe that is why The Afters went on tour with "The Rock And Worship Roadshow" in the spring of 2011. But I would say that if you enjoy worship music you will like this album or if you like light rock music you will like it. Maybe not love it but you will like it and depending on what kind of music you like you will find at least 3 songs you love.

The first song on the album is the self-titled song "Light Up The Sky" and sets the tone for the rest of the album. It is a catchy song with a good beat. The song talks about God always being there for you. The second song on the album is "Lift Me Up" and it is one of my favorites on the album. It has a somewhat similar sound to the previous song "Light Up The Sky" but it is still really good. The song talks about even if you mess up, God still loves you. The third song is "Start Over" and I love the meaning and lyrics that this song has. The song says that you can always start over. Some of my favorite lyrics in the song are "You only fail if never try, you'll never live trying not to die". "Start Over" has a sound that reminds me of an old Newsboys song, not the voice just the sound. The fourth song is "Runaway" and it is a slower but encouraging song about a runaway.

The fifth song is "I Am Yours" it is a song about belonging to God. It is a good worship song. The sixth song is "Life Is Sweeter" and it is about being very excited to get to heaven to see God. The seventh song "Say It Now" and this is another one of my favorites. It is slower, so I am not sure why I like the sound of it. Normally I'm draw to the more upbeat songs, this is an exception though. It has a good meaning and a good sound. The eighth song "We Won't Give Up" is my favorite on this entire album. This song is more rock than the other songs on the album and it has a great beat! It talks about giving it your best shot and not giving up. I could see this song in a movie, commercial or something along those lines. The ninth song is "Saving Grace" it a slower compared to the previous song "We Won't Give Up" but not super slow. It is about God being there to help you and take care of you. The last song, number ten is "For The First Time" it is a little slower but still has a really good sound. This song talks about having another chance and God setting you free from the past.

"Light Up The Sky" is a pleasant album, that is how I would describe it. To me it wasn't an amazing album but it wasn't bad, it was pleasant to listen to. The only thing that I didn't enjoy as much was that to me a lot of the songs sounded the same, that could just be me though. I would give this album a solid 3.5 stars.

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