Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rapture Ruckus - Open Your Eyes Album Review

"Open Your Eyes" by Rapture Ruckus has a mainstream sound without the lyrics. Instead they put encouraging and challenging lyrics that glorify God.

The first song "This Little Light" is a very energetic song. It has a very fun rap/techno/hip hop sound that I absolutely love. This song talks about letting your light shine out into this world. The second song "Going Home" is one of my favorites. I love the hip hop/rap/techno sound. You can't sit still while listening to this song, now you may disguise your movement in just tapping your foot but it still counts as movement! ;) I also really like the lyrics in this song they talk about going home to heaven and how great it is going to be when we get there. The third song is "Air That I Breathe". This song is a little slower but it is a worship song. Now that might sound weird a hip hop/rap/techno worship song, but worship comes in many styles of music. Here is an example of some of the lyrics "What's going on in the world today, It's like we're falling apart, Got to rewind it back sometimes and right back to the start, Got to remind ourselves we're living for so much more,Than what this world has to offer, It's you that I'm living for, And I know that you're here, And I know that you are aware, That I need you more than yesterday, Cause my heart is aching, The whole world is shaking, I can't make it without you". The fourth song "Tonight" was actually on the EP that Rapture Ruckus released before this album. You can read my review of the EP Here. "Tonight" has a fun sound that reminds me of a video game. The fifth song is "Open Your Eyes". This song is amazing! The lyrics help you appreciate what you have. The lyrics tell you two different stories, one of a teenage girl and one of a nine year old boy.

The sixth song "All Things New" was also on the EP. This song talks about how great God is. This song could also be considered a Worship song depending on how you look at it. Any way it is a very good song. The seventh song "Break The Line" talks about breaking the line of fear. There are two really great lines from this song that I love the first one is "Transform and optimus prime it". If your a fan of "Transformers" the movie you will understand that line. The second line is "The voice inside your heart is stronger than the voice inside your head". I just love that line! The eighth song is "Back To Earth". This has more of techno sound that I think is cool. The ninth song "Hold On" is another one that is also on the EP. This song is very encouraging. Saying that God is bigger than your problems so hold on because help is coming. The final song is "Still Climbing". This song talks about trying to be good and having a good relationship with God, but then you mess up and slip but God is right there to catch you.  Some of my favorite lyrics are "I got to push past and emerge the winner, But I'm a dirty sinner, I'm back on my knees, God can you forgive me please, It seems every time I get back up on my feet, Something is trying to pull me down and put me back in my seat, Man I deny defeat in the fire furnace of heat, I know your by my side and you're guiding my feet back home".

I would give this album a 4/5 stars. I love the sound, although alot of the songs sound alike. But the lyrics on the album are really, really good. I would recommend it to fans of Group 1 Crew. So make sure you guys check it out! Also check out the Rapture Ruckus Facebook page and give it a "Like".

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