Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rapture Ruckus Review

The other day I went shopping at a Christian book store. I was browsing through the CD's when one caught my eye, Rapture Ruckus! I had never heard of them but the CD looked cool, it was cheap and it came with a free sampler, so I bought it! 

The CD has six rap/rock/hip hop tracks on it. The first one is "No Matter What" this song has a cool sound and really catchy lyrics. My favorite lyrics in the song are "So at the end of the day, If they download and don't pay, Well hey I'll make a bed out of hay, Praise his name anyway, Anyway this is now the moral of the story, We do this for the love of it, don't do it for the glory." I also love the beat in this song! The second song on the CD is "Tonight" and it is a little bit slower, but still really good. The song has a really cool, sort of a Techno sound to it. The third song is "Hold On" and it is encouraging people to hold on because help is coming. This song is also a little bit slower but it has really good lyrics. The one thing that I don't like about this song is that it seems to keep repeating the same lines alot through the song.

The fourth song on the CD is "All Things New" and it has a good sound, its not my favorite on the CD but its still good. The song is saying that even though bad things happen, we know that God is there for us and he will never let us go. The fifth song is "I Believe" and this is one of my favorites. This song has a cool sound but the lyrics are why I really like it! One line that I love is "And even if I don't believe in God, God believes in me". That line is one of my favorite song lines EVER! Last but certainly not least the sixth song is "All We Got" and it has a great beat and it gets stuck in your head VERY fast! This song would be really fun in concert! This would be my favorite song on the CD if I was just judging by sound. This song repeats the chorus alot so by the end of the song you will be singing along! Here is a deal for YOU!!!! If you go to Rapture Ruckus's Facebook Page and "Like" it you can get their song "Hold On" for FREE!!!!! To find out more about Rapture Ruckus check out their MySpace.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's pretty cool! I have heard of the band, but never heard any of their music. I am going to go snatch the free download right away! :)

Mike said...

Awesome! I love rap and to hear of new bands out there! :) Good review!