Friday, September 20, 2013

The Latest FREE Music Downloads

Lately I have been a little obsessed with finding new music on NoiseTrade. So I thought I would share my recent findings with you!

To go to the artists free NoiseTrade downloads simply click on their name above the picture.

Beacon Light is a rapper from Grand Rapids, MI. I really like Beacon's style of rap. I have had his Freedom Music album that I downloaded from NoiseTrade on repeat a lot lately!

Southern Roots - Ike Ndolo
I have been searching for a good Christian band that plays southern roots music. I have been listening to a lot of the mainstream stuff lately, but I wanted to find something else. So I was stoked when I found Ike Ndolo! I just love the vibe of his music!

Folk/Acoustic Worship - David Olinger
David's music has simple but powerful sound, that you easily get hooked on. I love the heartfelt lyrics through out his music as well. 

Rap/Rock - Manafest
If you are a consistent reader of this blog than you have probably heard of Manafest. However if you haven't heard of him, he is a Canadian rapper with rock influences in his music. He is one of my favorite rappers and I love almost all of his music!

While looking for Christian rock bands on NoiseTrade, you will find a lot of different bands that call themselves "rock" bands and they will even compare themselves to band s such as Skillet, Red or TFK. Sadly not all of the bands are quite what they claim to be. However, when I came across Love Like Gravity I was presently surprised. They have an actual rock sound, and they are pretty good!

Rap - Andy Mineo
I have been hearing a lot about Andy Mineo recently, but until now I hadn't really listened to his music. I was missing out! Andy is another really good rapper. If the name sounds familiar to you too it is probably because he raps with Lecrae a lot.

Rap - Propaganda
Propaganda is another great surprise that I came across while searching NoiseTrade. This time I was searching for rappers and I found this really unique rapper called Propaganda. I love his voice and style of rapping, at times it sounds similar to Eminem. However by far the best part of Propaganda's rap the raw honest lyrics that challenge you. I am definitely a big fan of Propaganda now!

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