Friday, September 13, 2013

Shuree - One Girl Can Change The World Album Review

Hailing from Chicago, Shuree is a Christian pop/rock/dance musician with a message! Shuree is encouraging girls to live with passion and purpose with the message that "One girl can change the world".

Right from the start you get pulled into the album with the self-titled track "One Girl Can Change The World". The entire album has a fun upbeat dance style music just makes you want to move! The energy is so infectious that you can't sit still (I can't at least! haha).

I think that there is a HUGE need for music like Shuree's in the world right now. Her songs have the musical appeal of a lot of the current mainstream music, but with a real message that is inspiring and empowering women! We need more role models like Shuree in the music industry!

I was able to see Shuree perform live at Lifest this summer, and she blew me away! The show was so energetic and inspiring all-in-one. I wasn't expecting her to be as good as she was, it was fantastic! Shuree also brought some back up dancers that just added to the excitement! I will also note that the back up dancers were girls, and with girls dancing it can go the wrong way quick. However, these girls were modestly dressed and danced in a fun but non-suggestive way.

I really enjoyed listening to this album. I am a huge fan of the hip hop/dance style music anyway, but having a girl as the front man (or in this case women) just makes it better. I would highly recommend this album to everyone! So go grab a copy of the album! Even better get 2 copies and give one to the neighbor girl down the street, or give it to a friend or perhaps you could donate it to your church youth group.

The stand out tracks for me on the album are: "One Girl Can Change The World" & "Dancin' 2 Eternity".

1. One Girl Can Change The World
2. Broken Is Beautiful 
3. Dancin' 2 Eternity
4. Nothing In This World
5. Throw It Away
6. Where I Am 
7. Undeniable
8. Love Believes (In Me)
9. Mine
10. One Girl Interlude (Feat. Katy, Ama and Destinty)
11. One Girl Dubstep Magic Remix (Remix by Vocks Magic)

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Shuree Music said...

GREAT REVIEW!! THANK YOU!! Let's dance again this summer!