Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Darrell Evans - Awesome God Is He Album Review

Darrel Evans mastermind of the popular worship song "Trading My Sorrows", released a brand new album today titled "Awesome God Is He".

 "Awesome God Is He" is Darrell's 9th studio album, but it is his first album with DREAM Records. The album starts off with the song "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" and from then on you are in for a treat. This album has the best of both worlds, a fantastic sound that is very unique and lyrics that are all about praising God.

Darrell has a really unique voice that, partnered with his Americana style music, makes for a delightful listen. Most of the songs on the album are a more mellow worship type of music, not boring... just more relazed. However, some of the songs on the album are really upbeat and lively like "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God", "Alive" and my favorite "Freedom Is Our Song". I think I like "Freedom Is Our Song" so much because it has a real southern country twang that makes it different than all of the rest of the song on the album. Plus is has a driving beat that makes you want to tap your feet!

Lyrically this entire album is packed full of songs that are ALL praising God. All of the songs in some way or another are honoring and glorifying our God, and to me that is the best part of this album.  Darrell seems to have a real heart for God and you can see it through songs like "You Are Good" where he says:

"Jesus, You’re the passion of my heart,
I am fashioned for Your glory and amazed by Who You are...

Jesus, You’re my Savior, You’re my Truth,
You’re a faithful God forever and I rely on You"

This album keeps you guessing, you never really know what Darrell is going to do next, and I really appreciate that. Plus not only are the songs all different, they just seem to get better and better as you go along. For example the very last song "Oh What A Wonder" is one of my favorites on the entire album. The song is lead by an acoustic guitar, and it is somewhat simple but the result is a sound the is simply beautiful.

Awesome God Is He is a very solid worship album. To me this album seemed very authentic and more about praising God than making a hit song or album. That is how worship songs should be, less about us and more about Him. Darrell Evans is a very talented musician and his new album just continues to show that. I would highly recommend this album!

1. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
2. Alive
3. Awesome God Is He
4. You Could Never Be Praised Enough
5. Clean
6. Freedom Is Our Song
7. Nothing Else Matters
8. Unto The King
9. You Are Good
10. So Close To Me
11. Oh What A Wonder

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