Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rob Vischer - Meant To Love Album Review

Rob Vischer has taken a very unique approach to becoming a full-time musician. He started off selling his CD's door to door, and has since moved on to playing in hair salons. Yes you read right...HAIR SALONS! In his bio Rob states, "Turns out, lots of women love a tall guy with a guitar and a decent voice".

Meant To Love starts off with the upbeat song "Love for a Lifetime" which right from the start reminded me of a lot of the popular "pop/folk" songs that you might hear on the radio. This song is definitely one of my favorites on the album, it is very catchy and has a great beat that you can't help but tap your foot along with.

This album has a good mix of upbeat fun songs and slower more heartfelt songs. I prefer the upbeat sound more myself, but if you know me then you could have already guessed that! I am always a sucker for a song with a toe tapping beat! Therefor songs like "Love For A Lifetime" and "Never Not Love You" were stand out tracks for me.

For being an independent album "Meant To Love" has a very solid sound. It is not often that you can find an indie band that has an established sound that is as tight and put together as this album. So for that reason I was very impressed by Meant To Love. I was also impressed by all of the creativity and passion that was showcased throughout the album.

Lyrically this album is very love and relationship focused. Now when I say that I mean that most of the songs are aimed to towards or talking about a girl. Overall the albums message isn't as thought provoking and inspirational as I had hoped it would be. However the album definitely tells a story that listeners can connect to and that is crucial for making good music.

All in all I really enjoyed Meant To Love and I would recommend it. When I first listened to the album I thought that it was pretty good, but after listening again it just continued to grow on me. Although I wouldn't say that the album is perfect, there are some really good songs! Meant To Love will definitely be on my playlist for a while! So make sure that you check out this album, especially if you are a fan of pop music!

1. Love for a Lifetime
2. Once Again
3. Meant To Love
4. Hourglass
5. DNA
6. Without Love
7. Airwaves & Envelopes
8. Like This
9. Never Not Love
10. Neon Mistletoe
11. Evening News

You can connect with Rob on: his website, Facebook & Twitter.

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