Saturday, October 19, 2013

Manafest Fighter Book Review

Manafest just recently released his very first book titled "Fighter: Five Keys to Conquering Your Fear and Reaching Your Dreams". I got a chance to read and review the book, my thoughts are below!

I was very anxious to dive into Fighter, since I have been a fan of Manafest and his music for a while now. For a band that you love to write a book about their story, and how they got started in music, is one of the coolest things ever. In just 7 short chapters (or 166 pages to be exact) Chris Greenwood aka Manafest does just that. He takes you on a journey through his life and music career, and along the way you learn how to become a "Fighter".

The title of the book suggests what the book will be about, becoming a fighter. However this book is not a how-to manual for becoming the best boxer or UFC fighter. This book is about equipping yourself to become a fighter for your faith and for your future. In this book Manafest talks about all of the different things that you will need to become a fighter and reach your dreams, like: courage, will power, discipline, perseverance and more.

Another thing that I myself really enjoyed about this book was that you get an inside look at some of the Christian music industry. Just in reading Manafest's story I learned a lot of things that I didn't know about the industry. For example one thing I learned was that small bands will buy on to the big tours just so that they can get some new fans. There were a lot of other little things like that in the book that made it an even better read (at least for me).

This book is a fantastic example and tool for the younger generation. All of these teens that look up to Manafest and want to become a rapper just like him, will learn in this book that it isn't easy. Reaching your dreams isn't easy and it won't always be fun, but it is worth it. In Manafest's journey of becoming the man and artist he is today, there were quite a few bumps in the road. In this book he is honest with readers and shares his struggles and his victories.

If you are a fan of Manafest I definitely think you will like this book! You get to know Manafest's story, and you also learn how you can conquer your fear so that you can achieve your dreams. Even if you haven't ever heard of Manafest, I think that you will probably like this book! It is very inspirational, and you walk away from it ready to take on the world!

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