Thursday, February 21, 2013

Independent Artist Of The Month: Nevahurd

This month for the independent artist of the month I chose a rapper by the name of NevaHurd. He is very talented with a passionate message, and I think you guys will enjoy his music.

"NevaHurd, born Ryan Daley was born and raised by his single mother in Toronto. NevaHurd recognized his ability to entertain from a very young age and discovered his love for Hip-hop music during his adolescence. 

While in his late teens, NevaHurd formed a group with some of his childhood friends and started performing locally in Toronto. After wondering away from God, his youth was plagued with drug-use and promiscuity, which was also the inspiration behind many the secular music he once performed.

After a series of signs from God, NevaHurd realized that "God had blessed me with this talent, but I was not using it to glorify Him".

Following this epiphany, NevaHurd decided to stop writing and performing secular music. Today, NevaHurd uses his talent to praise our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, while inspiring youth to overcome sinful lifestyles. 

Since dedicating his craft to Glorifying God, Nevahurd has had the privilege of sharing the stage with Gospel heavyweights such as fellow rapper Lecrae, contemporary singer Don Moen, reggae artist Jason Mighty and urban gospel singer Canton Jones.

Through his God-given talent, and dedication to helping troubled youth, NevaHurd is not just another rapper----but a man on mission to spread the good news about the love of Jesus Christ. " - Morning Star Music Group

Above is a teaser video so you can get an idea of what NevaHurd's music sounds like. Below is a video of NevaHurd opening up for Lecrae in Toronto, Canada. Check it out! 

You can find NevaHurd on FacebookTwitterYouTube and of course his website.

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